Washington said, As you were! Moscow replied: Yes!

Anti-aircraft missile system S-300 © RIA Novosti, Dmitry Korobeinikov

It is clear why Germany sells weapons to the U.S. resolution. And why is Russia doing?

After last year, Russia refused to sell Iran anti-aircraft S-300, unilaterally terminating contracts are signed, the story became not only scandalous, but detective shade. The conflict, recall, is that in 2007, Russia and Iran signed a contract worth about $ 800 million, providing supply Iran with five battalions of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 can effectively protect the air space from almost any attack. Conclusion of the contract was a secret about him for a long time no one really did not know until the end of December 2007 was not the first reports on this subject. A year later, on December 21, 2008, Iranian media reported the immediate availability of Russian S-300 systems to Iran.

After signing to Iran made a prepayment of $ 167 million, but to Moscow immediately pulled high level representatives from the U.S. and Israel, which have been seriously concerned about the emergence of Iran's Russian air defense systems. The reason is clear: in the case of an armed conflict with Iran, NATO aircraft could not feel in the Iranian sky just as surely as it was the case in Libya. And the Israeli air force, too. As a result, in 2010, Moscow announced that it will not supply Iran with S-300 — on the grounds that these weapons, they say, falls under UN Security Council sanctions against Tehran. The relevant decree was signed by President Dmitry Medvedev.

As reported, the Russian side has returned a prepayment, but Tehran has simultaneously filed a lawsuit in the International Court of Arbitration, demanding payment of the penalty. January 20 this year, the Iranian Ambassador to Russia Mahmoud Reza Sajjadi said that the Russian side has paid the penalty. According to unconfirmed information, it can reach almost $ 1 billion, however, the head of the corporation "Russian Technologies" (owner of "Rosoboronexport") Chemezov in the day said that Russia did not pay any penalty, and returned to Iran only received after signing contract prepayment. Which of the two officials, to say wrong is unknown. So far, only one thing is clear: Iran, as one's attitude to it, corny "threw". And "threw" very ugly, even "twisting" some time $ 167 million payment. In this connection, Iran demands compensation look like, in general, is not devoid of logic and justice.

The question is, what is the impact of U.S. and Israeli leaders on the Russian authorities, to please them when she puts Russia in such a stupid situation? Indeed, in the story of Iran and the S-300 Russian side proved unnecessary partner, failed in clearly specified articles of the contract. And it is highly probable that in the end Russia will still have to pay a substantial penalty Iran persists. If it is not paid … The question is, for what Russia needs all this headache?

Why, when the same U.S. is going to sell the same Israeli air defense systems "Patriot", they do not listen to the opinions of countries — Israel's neighbors, and in general to someone else's opinion? Why are there anti-aircraft system, which is a wholly defensive weapon! Americans sell Israel in general, any type of weapons and possibly played a significant role in the implementation of the Israeli nuclear program. The fact that Israel has nuclear weapons, although they are not officially recognized, the secret to the world for a long time is no longer. And somehow progressive and democratic world community never condemned him for it. But Iran's nuclear program is officially recognized as casus belli — cause of the war, although he still had not proven the fact of Iran's development of nuclear weapons. However, there is no doubt that plans for military action against Iran are written and waiting in the wings.

As for Russia, it is (or rather, its leadership) is again supported their U.S. and Israeli "partners", and again this was done at the expense of their own interests. A similar situation was in Libya, where Russia, referring to the person of the late years of Gaddafi and loyal customer, went on about the U.S. and NATO, supporting their actions in the Libyan civil war, and as a result lost several sverhvygodnyh contracts for themselves. In this regard, we can mention the contract, signed in 2008, JSC "Russian Railways" with the Office for the implementation of railway projects Libya to build a railroad Sirt — Benghazi cost € 2,2 billion Once approval for Russia NATO helped overthrow Gaddafi, remember about this and other similar contracts no longer necessary. As a result, Russia has direct and indirect losses in the billions of dollars. In particular, according to the former Soviet ambassador to Libya Oleg Peresypkina, Russia's losses could reach more than $ 10 billion: $ 3.5 billion nedopoluchat Russian oil and gas company "Gazprom", "Gazprom Neft" and "Tatneft", $ 3.2 billion would wipe OAO "RZD" who has suffered direct losses only have more than 10 billion rubles., and $ 4 billion would wipe the Russian defense industry.

For example, Libya wanted to buy Russian trainer aircraft Yak-130 is priced at $ 15 million apiece. The Yak-130 has only recently gone into production, and in the chaos with the Russian defense contracts Corporation "Irkut" producing the Yak-130, I think, just like the air needed foreign contracts. This would allow to build the Yak-130 is much larger series, hence, the price of the aircraft, for example, the Russian Air Force would have been less. But now, after the triumph in Libya, "democracy", Russia is unlikely to rely on Libyan orders, since coming to power "freedom fighters" immediately strongly stated that Russian weapons will no longer buy, and the market Russia's actually lost. "We have lost Libya completely. We were not given the green light, and if anyone thinks differently, it is — fraud, "- said, in particular, the head of the Russian-Libyan Business Union Aram Shegunts.

Another long-term partner in Russia is Syria, events in which to develop the well-known and developed scenario. There is no doubt that in the near future, Russia will lose and that partner. At least, all this goes. And after refusing to sell Iran S-300 and break the contract unilaterally, it seems, many of our partners themselves can refuse to cooperate with Russia. Similar numbers — "I want — I sell, I want — I do not sell '- regardless of the terms of the contract, and even to please the Americans and Israelis (ie, their specific interests), causing enormous damage to Russia's reputation. Especially since we are talking about the arms market with its very strict rules of the game, where competitors and so come on the heels of Russia. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Russia of any treason, saying that some Russian politicians have come under the influence of Satan (USA) and harm the Iranian nation. To say that the failure of the contract Ahmadinejad angered the Russians, — to say nothing.

There is no doubt that this is not cheering for a lesson Ahmadinejad will make appropriate conclusions. Reason to continue to view Russia as an honest and reliable partner, it will be much less. If any remain. And not just him. But otherwise, if Russia would continue to "sag" under its so-called. "Partners," which, by the way, openly arming Georgia and as openly supplied her intelligence in a five-day war in 2008? And now dictate Russia to sell arms to Iran or she does not care about contracts. If Russia takes these "guidelines", so there is reason to talk about the loss of independence of the Russian authorities to take certain decisions. After all, what do we care about the problems the U.S. and Israel?

It is important to get the contracts to develop the production and feed their workers. And the Russian budget is not bottomless, to pay various penalties for unfulfilled multimillion contracts. Despite the fact that the winners in the end are such ambiguous Moscow's partners like the U.S. and Israel. Recall, Germany at the time, before you sell tanks "Leopard 2" of Saudi Arabia, also previously received permission for the contract from the U.S. and Israel. But this — Germany, defeated, including the United States during World War II, Germany, in which the post-war era are U.S. military bases in Germany, in which the United States have invested billions of dollars! Why Germany, despite its economic and political weight, in most cases, is an obedient executor of the will of Washington. Russia And why? ..

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