We all live on Earth today may be a common ancestor




Rodi Douglas (Douglas Rohde) and his colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created a computer model of our family tree and came to the conclusion that the "new" common ancestor of all mankind lived just a few thousand years ago.

Perhaps this mysterious relative of all living on earth lived about 3.5 thousand years ago — a 1.5 thousand years before Christ.

It's hard to believe, but the computer model of Rodi, like, calculated the possible routes of displacement and resettlement every earthling.

As a result, the researchers were able to name the time and place in which our common ancestor lived. "Maybe it was the father of 40 children or more — said Rodi. — Most likely, it was someone endowed with exceptional performance for several generations."

Evidence that this ancestor probably lived in Asia, are the routes of migration. "East Asia — a crossroads, because of the proximity to the Bering Strait and the Pacific" — said Rodi.

According to him, 5.4 thousand years before our era everyone living on the planet was either an ancestor of all mankind, or any of us. Anyway, later on, a new common ancestor.

"Regardless of the languages in which we speak, or color, we — one big family" — the researchers said.


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