We are threatened permafrost

 U.S. Geological Survey scientists, the Joint Institute for Genome Ministry of Energy and the University of California warned of the dangers that can lurk in frozen soils for centuries Arctic regions of Earth. The fact is that they contain a lot of bacteria, mostly little-known to modern science. Since each gram of soil in central Alaska, there are several thousand of these microorganisms. They have never been grown in a nutrient medium, so do not really know what they are. Despite the cold, they are still active, and its activity is increased by heating associated with global warming.

The researchers compared samples of the upper layers of permafrost, melting and freezing again within a year, with those who had never thawed in which bacteria are "dormant" for many millennia. They hope that the understanding of the mechanisms of life of these creatures will help them to improve current models of climate change.

Yu Kolesnikov

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