What are broadcasting dreams?

Very often people dream prophetic dreams that come true then. What is it coincidence, or a dream we suddenly comes a message from the future? Prophetic dreams often dream of a tired and prone to the experiences of the people they reflect real-life problems and the way out.

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There are more psychological than mysticism — wondering about how to get out of a situation, a person is fully immersed in it in the dream, on an unconscious level, finds a way out.

However, sometimes we dream symbolic dreams that can not be called a response to real experiences. These dreams allow us to look into the future to see what awaits us.

The very notion of prophetic dreams comes from the ancient times. Previously, priests often drugged himself potions to see the future in a dream. It was believed that during sleep the soul leaves the body and gets access to the forbidden knowledge. Ancient rulers frequently asked priests to interpret their dreams, including their prophetic. Sam had a dream a certain value, which is used even today in many dream books.

Prophetic dreams dream for those who is sensitive to the phenomena of the other world, they can perceive light, has a predisposition to clairvoyance. Ordinary people prophetic dreams are also available, but can not be taken seriously.

Seeing a dream that seemed prophetic, do not immediately run to the dream book and look for its interpretation. It is to listen to yourself, your emotions and feelings and think that it opened a dream. Most prophetic dreams help avoid serious mistakes in life, so treat it carefully.

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