What is a poltergeist?

Perhaps there is no such person who has not heard about the existence of a poltergeist. Indeed, the poltergeist has been known since the days of ancient Rome. Many scholars since the Age of Enlightenment to the present day have tried and are trying to explain the existence of this phenomenon in our lives.

As a rule, most people hear different noises, tapping, see the movement of various objects, opening and closing windows and doors. There are cases when a poltergeist comes to human contact. In the history of many cases in which people communicate with the poltergeist, asking questions and giving him to answer affirmatively or negatively certain number of taps. In addition, at the approach of the poltergeist people to notice a sharp cooling air, the same as if the room started to work a split system Mitsubishi. It is a split system Mitsubishi have enough power to dramatically lower the room temperature.

Most poltergeist is not the spirits that inhabit the house, and which came out or coming out portions of human energy, but this energy is not dispersed state, and in bunches. These bundles of energy and move objects, causing a knock. Often, these bundles of energy out of a person during high stress and turmoil. In the same way due to the presence of a poltergeist in the house of the deceased person. Released energy is not always find a place to get away and so rushes around the house or apartment.

Each room has its own energy and energoprovodnostyu. Places that are blocking that energy, the people have always called a cursed place. Poltergeist can not get out of this place, and with the arrival of people takes in all of their energy, most often negative.

The only way to get rid of the poltergeist, or move it, or call a specialist psychic. There are times when the poltergeist can leave the premises on their own, but it happens rarely. The only exception is if a person, being a medium, he creates in his house poltergeist.

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