What is behind the word ancient

You can fill a number of books, based on the known texts and grimoires and put humanity into even more confusing than the original grimoires that carry a faint grain of truth, which is most likely and is not found and nurtured. Else is distracting and takes away from the grain to the side to zamorochit lazy mind — only wishes to receive. It makes no sense to comment on the scriptures, and it will be useful to remove the grain itself, and show it — to enable the emergence in the minds of people who are able to nurture it.

The Return of the Ancients as a return of human consciousness to its pristine state, to its pervosuti with complete rejection of the monstrous piles which connect human consciousness its disasters.

A man came up with the names of all that he knew and did not know what just guessed, and that gives your imagination, images. Similarly, having a very distorted idea, or rather did it without, of the Ancients — was generated by the images of the whole empire, strength, names, hierarchies, that overgrown at times even more monstrous distortions, while the true value of a pure and simple, has not been definitively erased and lost among the layers of images.

Humanity is experiencing a very painful and is experiencing the collapse of their own fears, beliefs, and is easier to destroy the one who holds a mirror in front of him, saying, "look — in the mirror only mirrors" than to look in the mirror and did not see anything there but himself . No! Mankind will break the mirror and continue to live in that spawned and created by maintaining faith in your generation. It will never dare to lose neither God nor the devil in those images, which are already used to worship. But just as there will always brave and inquisitive minds, who know not only what gives him the society, which will attempt to go beyond the limits in order to discover what all does not exist.

Man can not live, not to believe in something or someone and fall of faith, sometimes tantamount to death. But can we call life is that it is only an illusion? -Are you sure that you live?

The Return of the Ancients will not happen in a global cataclysm or war of the worlds, with disastrous consequences. And will return there in the inner universe of every individual, in his mind. In other words, I would call this period the full release of consciousness and its return to 100% of the operation, to the original state, as it was at its source, initially.

Old — neither more nor less than pristine condition of the human mind with a complete lack of what people had to procreate for the centuries of its "sleep" of existence. A bred more than capable to capture the mind. Hundreds of thousands of creatures, absurd beliefs, ministries, hundreds egregors warring who are fanatical people, hundreds of religions, images, myths, stories, superstitions, fears — and each of these creatures generates new.

Fear creates rejection, intolerance, rejection and anger, hatred and all that leads to wars and revenge. Thousands of creatures braided web of consciousness that do not try to break those chains. But even a free mind, one consciousness has come back to its roots and has become the gateway to his Outland flash over the new star in the empire of sleep, and can include hundreds of thousands of minds and help them to return to their source.

Picture this. Here is a vast field, which languished in the land hundreds of thousands of volcanoes, geysers of different strengths, but none of them can escape to the surface. Release point force geyser tightly pinned down and littered with centuries-old blocks and huge stones. All these boulders crushed sources of strength, and only occasionally at some of the thin stream breaks faint sound geyser. Weight of stones so large that trickle and remains a trickle, and not being able to move multi-ton stone. Valley of Geysers sleeping. So looks and human consciousness, and that that is languishing under rocks and is Outland, which languished Great "old" (the primary source of humanity and all of its real strengths and opportunities). The surface of the earth empty, and the strength of buried.

Under one of them buried Power Health (the body's ability to heal and regenerate, complete control of the physical and mental state). This source does not use or awake, and to preserve its existence, always ailing man had to create a lot of medicine and medical sciences and directions, fills this gap. Now it is part of life, whether it is necessary to be when the geyser is responsible for good health will be released and demand, will need in this case medicine? Organism capable of self-recovery from any damage that can immediately detect failures and prevent them — was once a man.

Let's look at another stone and see another "Power-packed and bound" (Ancient stiff chains of chaos and sleep in Outland). Force enabling build any architectural structure, shift the mountains and crush stones. Atlanta's first possession of the extra power and once inadvertently using it, destroyed themselves. A similar force, presumably ancient pyramids were built. Perhaps people several alternatives, including the Pharaoh had this secret force. Remains a mystery how these buildings were erected.

The imprisonment of this source, the lack of this feature of consciousness has forced humanity to compensate her next Sciences — architecture, construction, engineering, technology, stroy.materialy, factories, industries. So there was a technologically advanced civilization. But all that humanity was forced to create his own hands and good physical work reflects what is endowed with consciousness in its original condition. Closed and hidden from himself man compelled to live and survive in their world.

That is why the return of the Ancients, and in other words, a return man to his original sources will lead to the collapse of the entire system constructed by mankind existence, which is attached to the money egregor. The collapse of the currency will lead to the collapse of the empire of clutter, which is driven by cash flow. Undoubtedly, it is comparable to the global catastrophe and it is feared that all the powers that hold authority over the entire nations working for them.

That's why self-development, knowledge of their depth and capacity, access to the super-strength and its primary source pursued in all ages. Religion is firmly held and are still being held in the minds of the humble subservience and obedience, piety, fear, allowing to keep society under control and in check. However, people unconsciously drawn to these sources, and though quite distorted imagined them, they look for them. So spirits were generated and all-powerful gods, sometimes carrying people's desires. People referred to them in his prayers, not realizing that apply to their own roots. Seeing the manifestation of the source (stream geyser from under a stone), a man fell down, believing that the deity descended to him, and were shaken by his own power, not recognizing it and considering it a manifestation of a supernatural force. Sometimes the Spirit is a person who has no idea that the Spirit, he meets and helps, spontaneous and unconscious release of one of the internal sources (Geyser) Spirit begins to work miracles, but mutilated enlightened consciousness perceives it as a third-party power, the energy, but not his own.

Spirit is able to lift the object and move it, put out the fire and spark caused by hail and rain hit on zem man and kill him, then revive, relieve pain, to draw a success, but it was able to do initially is man with his consciousness. When that long ago it was. Very long time. Now modern and progressive people call it — the Spirit, deity, demon, angel — it all depends on the particular energy "geyser", which is a soft, tough, prickly, high and low frequency. Unfortunately, people have no control over it for lack of knowledge, and a spontaneous manifestation of this power leads him to believe that "what that is!"

The Return of the Ancients — the ability to remove from the heel of the geysers all boulders. And to form a purified from images generated by the concept of the Ancients, you've already made the first step on the way to this awakening, and we can assume that the first stone was removed and released the first geyser finally making his idea of them pure and undistorted monstrous myths about the terrible and cruel gods . Old — is ourselves. And we are afraid of ourselves. Incidentally, the most insidious of Cthulhu, promised after his awakening to destroy the earth, and is what you see in the picture.

Unlocked consciousness.
Sure, even if it's only happened to hundreds of people — the destruction of the existing system will be inevitable. And if a million? Do we need to be people money, which will cease to be relevant to them? Too much has changed, that would give up those treasures that are many times more valuable than the far-fetched values.

And the doctors? A teacher? Knowledge will be overflowing, and all he had been taught the "sleeping" teachers will be unused. These people will be able to create more masterpieces than the most sophisticated equipment, and the artificial generation will no longer need, because back all that has been replaced by the creatures ..

Mankind will end in the form in which it has existed for centuries, but threw off his vestments stale, it will come to its prosperity, remembering his divinity. No religion, no money, no convictions would not be able to stop to break loose the true power of people. This is ancient — the return of which feared that ruthlessly distorted and that the core has been removed and hidden under layers of dark images.

This inspiring news is that most of the "terrible news" the imminent destruction of mankind. It is the essence — Armaggedon, which also was distorted beliefs and religions, to the chilling fear not give to get into the mind of any one source of power.

All will take place only in the mind. In some people it will remain at the stage of "off", and the other will go to the stage at last "on".

This information is only a first step on the way to the "on" and release his valley of geysers of rocks and boulders, the source of a source, the spirit of the spirit — hard work of everyone in which to find your keys to yourself and be able to open their many internal locks . Search for these keys and dedicated teaching of the Ancients, called for a return to each state "on". With each new open lock is released and finds Spirit Power and Knowledge. Rzve life is not worth it to make it out of the embers into a blossoming garden in which you — the Master. CAUTERETS no enemies, like the concept of them, there is no death as such, and which controls the one who created himself.

Our task — to find these sources, open them, to gain as much wisdom to find the interior of their teachers. As long as the teacher did not say a neighbor or an authoritative voice of the writer or the dean. Go only for Him, learning and achieving!

Perhaps the perception of such news is not unconscionable, which is not yet ready to handle this kind of information. And opposed to what is not understandable to the mind, is not known, it is feared, is alarming, doubt and disbelief, raises consciousness in self-defense a number of issues. But what humanity can do without technology? Is it possible to live without the trains, planes and automobiles? Angered mind would be willing to stay in a familiar position, but would not lose a generation of comfortable centuries, it became a comfortable home.

But, imagine that one day people just forgot how cool a normal hot tea. A simple breath of air to sip tea and became inexplicably forgotten, however, he realized that he must think that something that would help him cool tea to sip. The man began to use logical force of his mind, has developed drawings, created the project and after the entire industry and built plants that began producing cooling tea. In the end, every inhabitant of the earth got its own cooler replacement that previously could do no effort himself, but alas, I forgot how to do it. The intricate machinery to fill this gap and man became happy in his invention. Now folks, before drinking hot tea, bring him cooler, and include its portion of the cold air cools each new sip of tea. People even thought does not admit that now can do without this tool cooling, and when someone hinted to him that he can do it himself, the man replied, "Why? I have a cooler. "

Lose these many plants which produce coolers are not permitted for a man and give up, it would be cooler for him is insane. And there was one who offered to teach the tea to cool for a moment, with his own mouth. Chat people moved away from this "crazy and impossible" in their view venture, while the rest cautiously decided to try, and suddenly happen? Some people still understand the essence of how to cool the tea himself, began to make this simple action, feeling from him indescribable pleasure and superiority over those who are still buying for the money coolers.

What do without airplanes? Just as no coolers. For those who are unable to travel in space and instantly certainly needed and planes and trains, but one who remembers that can travel ten times faster than the fastest technology, no longer wish to impede the movement of transport itself. These opportunities in mind even thousands, and much more. What will you choose? It may be that lazy mind chooses what it is so conveniently located and it is the right of each. In itself, nothing will happen, and lazy mind not used to working. People now living, at its heart — the consumer. He created money — the illusion of power and strength, and prefers to pay to get to easily. But this money loses its power and money can not make the transformation from "asleep" in the consciousness of waking consciousness and perfect.

The time is now, and one caster can manage millions of minds, and ten charmers — world. When Outland myriad geysers erupt and the first waking consciousness, humanity "is not sdobrovat" in the form in which it exists today. Returning to their lost roots, it will part with that replaced them, and will return to the prosperity and perfection.

Old (source) does not need the approval of those whom they have come to destroy, claiming their right to exist in their own world. They come and awaken the mind of the mind of man for man, the consciousness of consciousness.

Great change of vibration has started and before a big transition to a world without rulers and bankers, the money and the illusion of power — to keep whole nations in bondage and blind obedience. The strength of the sleeping mind is equal to the voiceless cry baby. Each will be awakened and opened his own key, which finds itself.

Where to start?
If you understood all of what I tried to convey above, understood without prejudice and prejudice, without fear and heaps of speculation, then you've already taken the first step. The first step — is to take information and awareness. Consciousness has absorbed it as a signal to wake up and it involved violent processes of purification and its expansion. It's like pouring, dried seed telpoy water when the process begins in zernyshe ozhivaniya and germination. But, the first step is not a revival, but only the first step in a thousand other steps Orazov whole way. It is not possible to introduce the hand to where a person can get only one and itself. Further training I give clues and guidance, through which everyone can begin the process of his awakening, attempt to return and unlock their own origins t open their depth features. A necessary condition for this movement, of course, and the achievement of personal, highly sophisticated. This includes cleaning of the evils of his own spirit, the creatures are not the best of qualities and traits, bad habits. It is not possible to enter the eye of a needle stick with sausage, and you have to take only what is truly yours, and not acquired in this world.

Go through all the internal cleansing process, learn to create and give, not just to seek and consume, to acknowledge their ignorance — can not everyone. The vast majority are not even the first step, preferring to "spit out" in my address abusive language to experience their alleged superiority over what is incomprehensible and inaccessible to understanding. But let the dead be dead. Those who heard, saw and made the first step taken by the second and third. When the first source (Geyser) will make its way out through consciousness, the mind and the power of his opals further awakening is already inevitable.

How to take advantage of caster gains a tool of power — entirely dependent on it. he will wrap them in creation or destruction. Do not rule out the probability of a battle between casters, when some of them will be engaged to transform the world and become the creators, doing missionary work, while others may wish to turn the world into ruins, pulling with all that kept in cruel captivity and enslavement of the great power of humanity. But history has changed and will turn over another page of human existence.

chapter from the book "Forbidden magic of old." Volume 1

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