What is movement DrevlePravoSlaviya?

DrevlePravoslavie — is the first step Vestizma Official Gazette — According to hold that faith, the ancient proto humans.
The foundation is based on nine DrevlePravoslaviya konah (circles). Passing
each of these laws, a person acquires a certain divine possibilities — immortality, omnipresence, power and others. Each Con protects certain God (conditionally) — the first con — RA, further Dyj, Dazhbog, Svarog and others.
Russian Old Orthodox practice sessions Yaga (Yoga), considering the latter distorted version of the once mighty Yagi, practiced Magi to gain immortality, and the development of various magical abilities of the body.
Drevlepravoslavnoj revive Magic culture and believe that it has been destroyed Race Space Invaders-civilization reptoids with Orion.

Ancient Orthodox doctrine to some extent preserved in the Old Believer communities that still possess remnants of ancient sciences.Old Believers — is another civilization, which in turn is a fragment of an even more powerful, but the lost civilization Semli. 
(Semlya — so Drevlepravoslavnoj nazyvatsya Earth, from the concept of seed — the seed — Semlya — approx.)

Relatively well known term DrevlePravoslavie acquired after the bookVladimir Shemshuka.His writings — "The Magi. Wards "," Cult of the Ancestors "," Dialogue Earth-Space "and many others, are widely known and are in great demand among the people to practice this branch of the Tradition.

Personal opinion:
— As in Rodnoverie here a lot of attention is paid to the internal aspects — the ritual, observance of correct asanas in class Yaga, etc. But it is worth to note that the Con prescribes moral principles, even though they sometimes hide behind vneshnemi attributes.

— Among ancient Orthodox, by the very Shemshuku currently popular raw food diet, which in itself is a good thing.

— Shemshuk "stuck" in the war on Reptoids-Orions and considers them a source of almost all the evils in the world, which in itself is wrong, for the Orion system includes a huge number of worlds. And not all of civilization there are "bad." Again — instead of to understand themselves and to understand that the only culprit of what is happening in the world of madness is the man himself (from submission and acquiescence of which there are these troubles), Old Orthodox "invented" (albeit justifiably) yourself another external enemy " fight "with him ..

— Shemshuk himself says that his system — is independently hit upon the scheme, based on information and knowledge, which he received from the "secret community" (Behind the Scenes of the community — a community which have not lost the old faith and live by Cohn, hiding in the remote monasteries and villages) .

Drevlepravoslavnoj with fear and distrust the other Slavic confessions (Rodnoverie, Ingliizm ..), including their remake and a trap for the Soul.

— Despite multiple dogmas and rules, can be seen DrevlePravoSlavii fragments of the ancient system of knowledge, which once owned the White Race and our ancestors the Vedic Russia and ancient civilizations.

And I think in general it is not necessary to separate themselves from the people of no movement, and that everyone strives to create their movement — approx. Gifakt.

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