What is the red rain?

Scientists have very big problems with the definition of the mysterious red liquid falls as precipitation. One theory that could explain the origin of the mysterious nature of microbes in water, sediments, is off-planet or unearthly.

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In April 2001, Louis, a physicist at the University of Mahatma Gandhi, in his publication, some of which appeared in the monthly journal Astrophysics and Space Science, believes that the red rain that poured down from time to time in the vicinity of his home state of Kerala in the summer of 2001 contain microbes from outer space. Louis was so impressed by the mysterious contents of the rain, I decided to hold on microbes, the size of 10 microns, DNA experiments.

As a result, many studies showed that, despite the deficiencies in DNA microbes may continue to divide, and do not interfere with them, even the water temperature exceeds 316 degrees Fahrenheit (600F). How to explain this?

Louis suggests that the origin of extraterrestrial microbes contributed to the atmosphere of the Earth to find meteorites carrying extraterrestrial life. Louis sent samples of red rain astronomer Chandra Wickramasinghe and a team of researchers from the University of Cardiff in Wales.

Most of the theories that suggested it was a terrestrial origin of microbes denied. Louis proved that the clouds can not be in the red blood cells — they are too weak to withstand such high temperatures, contact with water, air, they are too thin walls.

Mysterious microbes divide very unusual way. Each new cell is formed to a greater, just as a child. Louis says that from time to time on our planet fall entirely new cells and organisms brought from space that could ever engender life on other planets.

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