Where are the ghosts?

Ghosts appear where someone dies. They also can occur in places where many people died. Consequently, we can expect that in the place of the accident, they will be depending on the number of people who died. However, this is not the case. For some unknown reasons, only some of the victims become ghosts.

Not all of us can see ghosts. They appear suddenly and disappear just as suddenly. People who see them have a certain gift. Many people believe that ghosts inhabit mainly the cemetery, but this is not always true. Most ghosts may appear in the place where they died.

There are legends that the cemetery can be found only a single ghost, it is called "guard the cemetery." It is believed that the soul of the first dead man, who was buried here. In his "duty" is scaring away evil spirits and intruders.

In ancient Europe was the custom that when a new cemetery was founded to provide reliable protection, sacrificed man, who became a "guard the cemetery."

Many ghosts live in the houses where they once lived. These restless souls roam around the house, getting the eyes and bringing terror to the new owners. Homemade ghosts can reside in areas where violent crime has been committed, there have been dramatic developments or poor people lived.

In many legends, it is said that the ghosts come back to perform a particular task. Ghosts are back to take revenge or to specify the perpetrator of the crime. Sometimes they appear to indicate the hiding place where they had been hidden during the life of the treasure. Some are announced to make amends for wrongdoings committed.

The existence of ghosts is still shrouded in mystery for many and gloom.

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