Where does the road lead?

Heartfelt greetings to all, I am writing again, his world. Here and waited: again back old-new president and the prime minister took the chair cute smiling man. Of course, should go some time to do, or what conclusions about the reshuffle and the situation in the country as a whole. But we have lost road, ancient Russian road. The modern of, unfortunately, lack of funds only for patching holes in the road (Vologda-Kotlas). That's the whole life of our country is seen as this road.

Where does the road lead?

Education. I do not know how power plans to build an innovative high technology company, today even if a teacher they say about lowering properties of education on topics running without disclosing and fixing the nature and mechanism of action of those or other formulas, arithmetic and geometry are connected to the clock on the subject to both decreased in seventh grade son at no plotting, although the USE nobody cancels. Physical education in principle, but not at the expense of the same exact sciences. Spent optimizing the schools in the villages malehankih closed down, given the huge buses to carry the kids from the villages. But no one foresaw the payroll driver, 2-one-time inspection and maintenance of the bus. At present, gently push off from school buses and enter into a contract with the MTE, but there is a village in which bus walks twice a week and the number of flights from the MTE for 10 pupils do not increment, the guys have to fly, because Stalin had heart instead of fire engine (where are you, chief?).

Medicine. Back in the happy 90s remember spetsy were that the creation of another bureaucratic system (Institute of mandatory medical insurance) to anything great will not. Well, it made a massive system on medicine, which led to a redistribution of cash flows, respectively, for not financing and management of high-quality medicine itself, and that the Minister Golikova in 2012, we made happy that we have guys that specialists in outpatient clinics is not, and branch staffing needs, and the personnel educated, because the equipment, in the main, imported and precious. Hence the urgent went optimization of all available, we at the district office was closed CRH otolarintologa, ophthalmologist, reduced-bed hospital in therapy and other offices, and about magic, there are bright, well-furnished house, but only paid. Yes, CRH is being renovated, and with anything that was not to compare, but it is transformed into a beautiful sign, beyond which there is nothing. Mother-in-need to do surgery to remove the gallbladder in CRH — turn to July in the regional to illumine. And according to statistics the population began to suddenly increase. Why is that?

Agriculture. Yes, we have the highest yields of grain, but for some reason the food grain felt light strain (ie. Supply disruptions, you can find, but to the highest prices). In the basic curb weight is really all agricultural producers to update their main assets (equipment), very many foreign-made equipment, but no one sees how they zakreditovany that for follow-on investments simply do not have resources. The highest cost of production simply does not leave free funds for development, the growth of the wage bill. As agriculture will compete with our partners is unclear. Yes, the Huge spurt in the poultry industry, but in the production of meat — Huge gap. Creation of semi-finished meat and milk by 40% of the imported raw materials.

Not so long ago, was a strong wind, and from the pillars places posryvalo wire insulators, one electric crawling back their bets, but to lower the foreman, foreman, a representative of the administration, one works, and the three teams. And in power: the president, each surrounded by a representative of the president, who in turn each time the governor has his own assistants. Zach deputies. collection of his assistants, deputies of the State Duma and his assistants, executive power Regional, District … Everything they say, they say, promise that that's a little bit, and …, and WHO and is now there, like a swan, crayfish and pike in the fable. Supervising, controlling and punitive organs more fighting corruption, extremism, etc. only people who have the means to buy off it does and does not apply as all previously grandmother in the offshore and themselves in London.

Well, the most important thing: the relation to Russian ethnos us, Russian, in their own country criticized, humiliated, destroyed our culture develops a feeling that for some reason everyone decided that the destruction of the Russian people, and I will pass it, but it is not — erase all. Because who you are, bureaucrat, businessman, work — remember that every countryman — your brother and helping his humiliation, you humiliate themselves and their descendants. I monogonatsionalnuyu for the country, but where Russian at the main site.
I should add I am not against Putin — the politician very protevorechit, I am for a strong Russia that Russian respected in any country of the world.

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