Where you go, the fleet?

Where you go, the fleet?Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that the development of at least some initiatives require a precise strategy. Is no exception to this rule and naval fleet. So, for example, soon after the death of Peter I, his heirs did not pay tribute to the attention of the Baltic Fleet, which is why in a few years fighting capacity fell sharply. New ships were built almost as an old almost rottenness. In addition, the Navy did not have enough funding — issuing uniforms, payment of salaries, and from time to time, even with provisions and supplies are not delayed by one day. Agree, something similar will later, and it will start the year as in 1990.

The first couple of years after the collapse of the Union of Russian were, to put it mildly, unfavorable for the Russian Navy. Later, the situation is slowly beginning to improve, but these military issues like physical shape — just lose and gain anew accounts for a very long time. But not counting the time to restore the military "sport" form must also funding. And this nuance in any state is completely understandable desire to preserve it. The most convenient way to do it — carefully work out a plan required activities. In turn, for the creation of a conventional plan is required to take into account the current situation, their skills and, eventually, their desires and needs.

Now the main task of the Navy can consider the following areas:
— specific protection of sea borders;
— patrols and, if necessary, the protection of maritime trade routes;
— role in the nuclear triad and deterring potential adversaries.

To cover the maritime borders of the country are generally used comparable small ships — Border boats, frigates or patrol. Go with them to resist the danger from the sea can and aviation.

Patrolling the principal areas of business more difficult. In-1's, it is often associated with action at bolshennom away from the base, in-2, for the constant presence in the region requires a huge amount of shift work vehicles. As can be seen, such a task only by a fine outfit fleet. This requires not only the respective seafarers, and the base zabugornyh countries.

Of all types of fleet of warships carrying nuclear weapon can only submarines. With all the abilities to conceal the movement, submarines with strategic missiles still be detected. So Makar, they too are in need of cover-up of anti-submarine ships and planes. To realize such protection, including one can used aircraft carrier groups. But the strategic submarine, if the situation allows, can act on a small distance from the base.

As we see, all of the tasks required for the fleet, which owns good numbers. Some questions that put the fleet, require more ships, others (such as protection boundaries) less. But those criteria, which is our native land — almost 38 thousand kilometers of maritime borders — even "simple" tasks do not look like that. What's all the same to protect the sea lanes, then there is a reddish thread that runs clear need. Contemporary Russian merchant fleet by tonnage very far to Russian, just fell and sea transportation. In other words, our naval fleet can rest for duty, for example, in the Gulf of Aden. But most of the ships passing through the pirate district, walks are not under our tricolor. It is worth to waste their strength to protect other people's courts and traffic? It would be reasonable to cover the routes to those countries that do use them extensively. But it is not so easy — quite remember today's debate between the U.S. and Iran over the Strait of Hormuz. No one can guarantee that in the future in a similar confrontation on the spot States and the Islamic Republic will not other countries, including our homeland. Moreover, our country seems to have nedavneshny experience "carve" — some political scientists call the main prerequisite for the controversy surrounding Tuzla Ukraine's desire to fully get the Kerch Strait. Maybe the real reason was different, but the sediment, as they say, has remained.

Patrols in remote waters, including the ocean. Namely, it can be a confrontation ship groupings potential enemy. But now the harsh ocean fleet is only the United States, and our, let's be honest, can not compete with him, at least in quantity. It is believed that perfectly counteract carrier strike group (CSG) can only comparable in strength AUG. At the disposal of the Pentagon currently has 11 AUG. What did we have? Not so long ago, once again paramilitary public open a discussion question. But now the main theme was the question, "Who is stronger, with a group of Russian" Admiral Kuznetsov ", or South American with USS George HW Bush?». Other reason in the middle of this dispute is often cited quantitative argument. Maybe the aircraft carrier USS and better than usual, but such ship in the Russian Navy only one. As can be formed of only one AUG traditional realization of the word. The candidacy of carrier battle groups — union, led by a weary battle cruiser. But it all depends on the high quality nuance, for the same Project 1144 cruisers were developed more than 30 years ago. At the same time, we should not forget one completely trivial fact, which can be viewed as a positive aspect of the case — in recent years have been scheduled for a major war between bolshennymi countries.

So, reducing the ability and desire, as long as you can maintain the current state of the real part and gradually start improving it. But in this case, some time will have to forget about the constant duty in remote areas. At least until such time as the quantitative characteristics of the respective part of the fleet did not reach significance tribute. So Makar, we can provide some modicum of probability, that the main work of our Navy in recent times will take place on a small distance from the shore — 1500-2000 km, and the more distant campaigns as before will be held often, but not often.

But this only in the coming term. On the far more time until the read is not necessary. At least since the real part of the fleet will be expired and, as a consequence, seek substitution. And in this case, is useful exact fleet modernization plan in accordance with current concepts on the role of the gaze of the Navy, etc. Despite the fact that it will be re not in a year or two, is currently the appropriate organizations should start working on the plans. Do you have any thoughts on this, fellow commanders?

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