Who are you, gentlemen Rats?

Fun, but in the Dictionary of Synonyms word "deserter" is a direct synonym for "Rat".

What do we know about rats? They cause economic harm to humans, harmful to his health and daily life are also very badly perceived by most of the world's population. In addition, it is clear that the rat is cornered, will storm well, or just run away with the ship gave to flow.

In the "storm" today verbally and actual battles around Syria manner "ship" is the ability to unite around Syria struck her troubles. The personification of "rats" in this case are deserters and traitors to their own country, in so grave moment for their country, decided to flop over to the side of the potential, and popravde, the real enemy of their country.

The country should know its own heroes. To find more information about them is difficult for two reasons:
1. A very small amount of notes.
2. A very small number of rats.
But, nevertheless, they are there.

The parade opens the dry numbers. According to the "center of Syria monitoring the observance of human rights" during the conflict have left the country 830 deserters and 15 generals. With all of this in battles with militants (read "peaceful opposition") killed 3,716 soldiers of the country.

Behind the numbers have to stand real names. Not counting the nameless ordinary rats hierarchy deserters fled opens in March 2012 the Attorney General last town Nahal Adnan Akkour.

Prerequisites his flight could not be found. But, warning upcoming move articles, Hunting noted the similarity of explanations and excuses deserters.
Soon after the "prosecution" from Syria to Jordan flew past the Colonel Hassan Hamad. To honor Jordan, it must be emphasized that they hijacked the MiG-21 was returned to his homeland. A total of four pilots had deserted the army.

Defected to the side of the rebels and the last Brigadier General Ahmad Berro, commander of a tank unit in the province of Aleppo. Once in the security area adjacent Turkey, General deserter, in the end, was able to pour out my soul: "The Syrian army is tired, that's been a year and 4 months, she is fighting across the country. The army was poorly armed, it faces difficulties in the winter cold and summer heat. The military knows that they are forced to kill their own offspring, and it mercilessly. The army has already destroyed from within by moral and mental level. Assad went out of control about 60% of the territory of the country. "

Regret is the unfortunate pravdobortsa.

Who are you, gentlemen Rats?
Last Brigadier General Ahmad Berro

More dramatic was the history of the former brigadier general Mustafa Ahmad al-Sheikh, who served as chief of military intelligence in northern Syria surrounded. " I made the decision to change Assad after I told that Syrian police department lurking guns, committed gang rape of 20-year-old wife of the young antiasadovskogo opposition in the countryside near the town of Naha. After that, the Syrian police abused a group of students gathered in the main commercial center of Aleppo, and filmed their outrage at the video. "

It is especially necessary to emphasize further the spiritual torment deserter: "The regime has separated brother from brother, left alone with the killings and torture that took unimaginable scale. Syrians increasingly difficult to believe that they are of human beings. "
Impossible not to feel sorry for such a bona fide story.

Who are you, gentlemen Rats?
Last Brigadier General Mostafa Ahmad al-Sheikh

A similar rhetoric is traced from the mouth of a former deputy oil minister of Syria Abdo Husameddin: "I condemn Assad for the fact that during the year the country's bloodshed, no major human rights are respected. I call on all state officials to leave the sinking ship and join the opposition. "

Notice how symbolic he called his own like-minded people "to leave the sinking ship." As they say, the diagnosis is obvious. In the meantime, only pity and all the growing hatred on the basis of uncorroborated stories.

Can not cut to the "rat" who do not even steamed with excuses, and simply call the same bombard your home.

Some of them — the last Brigadier General Fayez Amri: "If the subject aircraft bombed the only mode of foreign air force, a large number of innocent lives will be saved. What is going on, reincarnated as an international humanitarian crisis, and quite clear that what is happening here at the moment — the result of an unceremonious interference in the internal affairs of Syria, Iran and Russia. They support the Assad regime instrument and ammunition, not to mention the mercenaries of "Hezbollah". I do not understand why, in a similar setting international intervention could be considered illegal? "
But gratitude for such "help" Motherland is necessary to emphasize individual "thank you" and useful information Amri: "In Turkey, there are 15 areas escaped Syrian generals on the ground in Jordan — 4, and the" unknown number "on the ground inside Syria."

Not soars yourself inventing different excuses and past Colonel Riyad al-Assad (Not to be confused with a good-Assad). Leading the "Free Syrian Army" militia which is loosely based on the location of Turkey, Syrian defector engaged in carrying out terrorist attacks against the government army and the peace of the Syrian population. Oh, yeah, excuses and justifications. One of the noticeable share of the "Free Syrian Army", has become the embodiment of the terrorist attacks in the town of Aleppo, in the end that killed 25 people and injured 175 people. The premise of the crime, according to the Syrian Riyad al-Assad, has become "President Assad's military shelling of the town of Homs."
Well, yes! World peace is cut out.

Who are you, gentlemen Rats?
Past Colonel Riyadh al-Assad

It must be emphasized that the weight of running a "ship" for rats soon managed to Strength.
Defected to the militants last Syrian salting in Iraq Nawaf al-Fares.

Premises which prompted the diplomat to betray the motherland, nor what the new will not shine. Well, the diplomat profession, though the former, but all the same diplomat, forcing him to choose his words well for their own performances: "I publicly de
clare that from now on I join the revolutionary movement of the Syrian people."

The success of the revolution in his career, which is understandable, devouring its own creators.

Who are you, gentlemen Rats?
The last Syrian salting in Iraq Nawaf al-Fares

In the end, the most widely disseminated by the last days of the deserter was last Brigadier General Manaf Tlass.
The fame he assigns that Tlass was a friend of youth legitimate president of Syria — Bashar al-Assad.
It is not clear where will find the latest home last General. According to various reports it may be either France or Turkey. Relatively crude mother earth while it is not clear.

Who are you, gentlemen Rats?
The last Syrian Brigadier General Manaf Tlass (right)

Well, deserters take on the latest home. Certainly, somewhere inside their tormented conscience for betraying their own country. But to mitigate the hardships of rats samoterzany help awareness and support various global powers.

For example, as assessed act flown away to Jordan Hassan Hamada U.S. State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland: "This is indeed a very important event, as the pilot on the plane at the cost of $ 25 million flies away to another country."

In turn, the Defense Ministry spokesman George Little also referred to the flight the pilot "the right thing". "We welcome the deserters from the Syrian army, who do not accept the horrific actions of the Assad regime. We call on the Syrian military has long and officials quit their posts and flee the country replaced in order to participate in the atrocities that suits regime. "At the time, the Ministry of Defense of Syria as a former colonel named a "traitor and deserter," French Foreign Ministry also urged the Syrian military "deserting from the army."

Well. Not the fact that articulated above names belong to some of the major figures, on which the future development of aggression carried out and funded many, many mills. In the end, the doll is always a doll, talking and doing what she commanded to do. Puppeteer is always somewhere behind the screen of the unknown.

On the days of the seaports of the Russian Federation took several warships that have taken the course to the coast of Syria. There will be no wickedness call them "puppets" Russian diplomacy. Through the words dictated by the world powers. These are the laws of today. And if you will be given a clear symbol of what in military terms, our motherland will not leave Syria alone with all the traitors and terrorists, the number of rats running from the glorious Syrian "ship" is minimized. Well, plug the holes in the board — it is a function of state the Syrian army. So help them God and the Russian navy.


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