Who builds the Arab Caliphate-2?

Who builds the "Arab Caliphate-2?"

The unrest in the Arab world and North Africa, the actions in the Balkans, the South Caucasus, Afghanistan, Pakistan made a good starting point for the creation of "Islamic Caliphate-2." Shifted paramilitary secular elite in Egypt, Tunisia, Saleh's regime fell almost in Yemen under attack elite Libya and Syria. The monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula, are joining forces in the fight against "Arab syndrome", but the regimes fall, if you so desire in London and Washington, they almost made them and support their existence until it is profitable.

There are two main scenarios are likely, because in the Islamic world is virtually no independent and strong players. The First Scenario "Caliphate-2 "will be create (Or already do?) Anglo-Saxons, as opposed to a rising China, India for the environment, so that she "did not twitch" to the danger of the Russian Federation and the creation of a virtual threat to Europe. European Alliance will be required to maintain focus on Washington, because only he would be able to protect him. Create, likely to be using countries monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula, for that they unite and arm hard. The main enemies such scenarios are Syria, Iran, because they will push to the last, the elite in these countries are subject to offset. At issue in Turkey, it elite has plans for "Ottoman Caliphate-2", which is, in principle, with the support of the Anglo-Saxons, could become a base for the "Caliphate-2."

2nd scenario, Beijing is behind it and the Rothschilds — is "Caliphate-2 "led by Iran, which will become a strategic ally of China in the fight against the hegemony of Anglo-Saxon project. China such makarom "kills two birds with one stone-uh": U.S. opposes outright, because the Anglo-Saxons would counter the "Caliphate" and China will get a free hand in the other regions. In addition, China will solve the problem of hydrocarbons obtained a reliable resource base, simultaneously putting India in a difficult position — it gets almost to the environment.

In principle, these scripts can implement right away, so completely can be the first blow was struck Iran in a secret alliance with China — the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, and then seized the initiative is the Anglo-Saxons.

"Goodies" in the development of the "Islamic Caliphate"

-the opportunity to become one of the global centers of power by implementing Islamic project as opposed to the West;

-control over the strategically essential areas, access to three oceans — the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific (via Indonesia);

-control of large supplies of hydrocarbons, and some other critical resources (here, only found in Afghanistan deposits of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and lithium);

-the possibility of expanding its territory at the expense of Central Asia, the Balkans, etc.;

-its nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles has been Pakistan, the possibility of owning missile weapons (ICBM) Iran via China;

-great savings, which consists in the creation of a unified army capabilities, unified law enforcement, the direction of funds for industrialization by the type of the Soviet Union in 1930., the development of a unified system of education, health, basic science, the implementation of large-scale infrastructure projects as the construction of railways, roads cars , providing the population with water, etc.

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