Who found sedition in a new presidential decree on cyber security?

Who found sedition in the new presidential decree on cyber security?President Putin has signed a decree on the days of "On the development of state detection, prevention and mitigation of cyber attacks on information resources of the Russian Federation." Now all the puzzles to create high-quality system that improves the level of so-called cyber security, forecasting the situation in this area, to prevent the attacks and find somebody to blame for this kind of attack individuals will be addressed by the Federal Security Service.

Discusses the situation with cyber security since that time. But specifically in the near future she began to pay special attention. This is due, among other things, the identification of excellent intercontinental hacker network that operated for the purpose of obtaining disk imaging of different nature, using the technology of the Web. Burglars, if they believe spice antivirus companies (including spice Kaspersky Lab), to motivate almost everything: from the files of txt-text content to news feeds. The presence of action by the international team of burglars has been set by special technology, which recorded not only the presence of the harmful software code, often "take away" in computers diplomatically agencies, military organizations, research centers, and participation in the creation of advanced virus Russian and Chinese hackers. At the "Russian trace" specialists from antivirus companies went after the code was discovered sets of Latin letters, which represent the words of the Russian language.

As an example, "Kaspersky Lab" gives options such as Zakladka and PROGA. In fact, these definitions in the code appeared purely a case, or in the fact that such words introduced specifically for suspecting specifically in the address Russian programmers, experts at the laboratory did not believe. Besides the "Russian trace" was found in the same footprint of Germany. Multiple IPs from which this whole complicated system coordinated, were specifically at areas of Germany. After identifying the hacker network acts proved that the attacks were aimed at different countries around the world, from Europe and the Russian Federation to the states of Southeast Asia. When asked why directly attackers came in handy to collect information on such a scale, there is not a specific answer. There is a world that then acquired data can be used both in political and in economic purposes, from the obvious kibervorovstva prior to injection of the political situation in those or other countries. For viral network promptly found a name — "Red October" — with a natural touch of Hollywood-style show.

The emergence of media materials that global cyber attack has been identified, but its organizers and perpetrators were not identified, gives food for thought about the vulnerability not only of personal disk imaging each user the Web, and the vulnerability of disk imaging, which is the base of a security of the country. Of course, that if the security of network data separately taken person using the Web, for example, to exchange letters with electric or view new news should fussing personal structure (the same antivirus service providers and other similar companies that provide certain online services), the that's personal trust companies safety all countries agree, it would be somewhat surprising. You can responsibly say that now in the middle of all the more or less advanced countries of the world there is not the 1st of the country, which would have used the services of "privateers" to restore order in the area of security, including in the field of cyber security. That's why the President instructs to carry out all the work of the FSB aimed at increasing the security of network attacks on Russian Internet resources (such as network resources of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Kremlin, the Russian Federation diplomatically offices in zabugornyh countries).

And if anyone believes that the attackers did not exciting websites that belong to the highest Russian authorities, these people are wrong. Only last month to Web sites that are the basis for displaying disk imaging President, Chairman of the Government, individual ministers, committed by a few hundred or even thousands of attacks. Some attacks achieve their own goals, and the said websites can suddenly "fail".

So it was, that is, to the presidential Web site when immediately after the inauguration of Vladimir Putin's website has been attacked by an international group of hackers and within an hour with little access to this resource has been one hundred percent blocked. Then the hackers said their attack on the Web site of the president of the country is nothing else as the support of the opposition march in Moscow. And if not then the 1st of the attackers identify and failed, then there is the case with the Siberian cracker to crack the same presidential website has become iconic. History burglary occurred on May 9 last year, when the occupant of Krasnoyarsk also decided to support one of the opposition marches very peculiar way: using virus utility for hacking kremlin.ru. Residence "joker" was established, then the attacker was detained. The Tribunal handed down a guilty verdict in st.273 Criminal Code "Creation, distribution or use of computer programs or other computer disk imaging, specially created for the unauthorized destruction, blocking, modification, copying, computer disk imaging or neutralize the protection of computer information." In the end, the attacker was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment.

Naturally, it is extremely democratized brothers then stated that the sentence, they say, barbaric, and that the thirty-year man was "another victim of political repression." But the same people were pleased to be expressed quite differently to other hackers, who a few days later had an attack on the websites, as they read, the liberal media, "Echo of Moscow" and "Kommersant", for example. Then the attackers, "bring down" the above website here accused of collaborating with the FSB and almost personally with Putin. 1st of hackers to find in the capital, the other — in the Far East. Both were convicted. Yes, and it is not assured "otdemokratizirovannyh" that the hacker attack there are hackers attack. It can come from where it did not expect and be directed to the resource as a goal which will elect himself or cracker, or the customer. In the end, it remained that the person convicted of cybercrime in the web site of President of the Russian Federation — is a "political prisoner", and all others — to work specifically for the blind, for they are the "real wolves FSB" … The traditional opposition song to Our homeland which has become accustomed.

So this time, as only Vladimir Putin gave the FSB special powers to create a developed system of cyber security from the opposition camp cries were heard that, he says, is an attempt to suppress freedom of speech, to step on the throat of "free" press, all in the same spirit. In all this there is the question arises: How is it related to the development of cyber security in the infringement of freedom of speech? Or only Our homeland is engaged in similar activities? Neuzh then in the United States or in Europe do not operate special services that are intensively looking for the protection of not only the actual borders of the countries from outside attacks, and the boundaries of the online environment?
Yes, in the U.S. the same system has been working for quite a long time and allows for a year, speak out in such a way to beat the hundreds of thousands of attacks both from outside and from internal enemies. Only here in the U.S. anyone and would not come to call the creation of multi-level cybersecurity attempt to suppress the press and intervene in the affairs of the "fourth power".

We have the same situation another. It seems that the main factor that opposition media made a big hubbub about the release of a new presidential decree, is not even so much the decree, as the word "FSB". It is an abbreviation for a certain category of people (both in Russia and abroad) has a truly magical property. How do people hear these "FSB", so begins with their itch in various places. Itchy, it seems, at the moment, but later on the document already had to call another manifestation of bureaucracy and an attempt to usurp the power of the secret services.

Curiously, what did the opposition favorites in fact believe that cyber security — is an imaginary phenomenon, and that our sector is untainted and sinless the Web, such that the hackers of the goodness of his spiritual shy away? .. Of course, it is not considered. Just watch out for the ability to once again catch the authorities' decision, declaring him or anti-national, or destructive. Work with them like that. But the FSB — the other …

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