Who in Asia owner?

In the near future become intensely open a discussion on the question of why the latest target for his own, speak out so that the presence of the United States has decided to select the Asia-Pacific region. At this point, opinions range guesses, but most of them have a common sector — pressure on China.

Not so long ago, the German publication Die Welt published a very remarkable results of the study of Chinese military capabilities. According to these results, it appears that in the period from 1995 funding for the Chinese army has increased by 5 times. Now level real costs to the Chinese army is the second in the world after the South American and constitutes about 8.2% of the world's total.

Who in Asia boss?

It would seem, Chinese 8.2% to any comparison does not come with a South American 41%. But the Americans, apparently, decided not to put off until tomorrow what you can do now, and specifically do everything in order not to give the Chinese their military power to bring to the level of the first in the world. China's economy is on the heels of the U.S. economy, and with the increase in the level of funding the Chinese armed forces, which is published in the Western news reports, and they (the armed forces of China) also can "catch up and overtake" the U.S. rivals after a half-ka 10 years.

Defence spending in China in 2011 increased by more than 143 billion dollars. And with all this growth is fixed once a year. West obviously concerned about such a trend, because the statements of Barack Obama level U.S. Army funding will gradually decrease. As long as he (thelevel) Is about 711 billion per year (figure of 2011), which is five times greater than the Chinese figures …

And, perhaps, specifically this situation pushes Yanks faster start his "work" on the retention of China to the United States in a comfortable frame. Say, while Dragon has not grown to velikanskih sizes, it is better to make an incision in the wings and strengthen the small metal leash. But in the interests of the Dragon trimming the wings of the Yankees obviously not included …
The Chinese authorities are increasingly argue that West obviously goes too far with the estimates of military capabilities China. According to Chinese professionals, no arms race China rejects, and its defense spending by certain forces apparently want to artificially inflate.

But if south american military and diplomatic (and in the U.S. military and diplomacy — two sides of the same coin) sight has already hit Beijing, now everything will be done to show how this militarist government China, and the Chinese authorities want to dispel the "demokratizatorskie" impulses coming from Washington. And for that bad, as you know, any means.

Already at this point the situation is blown around the Chinese nuclear weapons. Even some Russian military experts are wondering why China is not lust publish reliable data about the number of nuclear warheads in fact in the possession of Hu Jintao. Namely, such a question asks the candidate of military sciences, General Esin. He also tries to estimate how much concrete parts of the nuclear arsenal is present in China. In his view, only in 2011 the Chinese Special lines that are on the north and south of the country, can work out as much weapons-grade uranium and plutonium that they would be enough to create more than 3,500 nuclear weapons (bombs, missiles and warheads, etc.). Now in China are ready for a particular purpose, according to the views of a retired Russian general, about 1,800 nuclear warheads.

Maybe these guesses and true. But the thing is, what exactly secretive number of nuclear warheads, allows China to maintain its "mysterious" policy. In any country of the world know that China — a nuclear power, and, in fact, not really something and basically, you have one of Beijing missile with a nuclear warhead or a few thousand of these. "Mystery" of China lies in the fact that its military power can only be evaluated from the outside and does not get in the form of a yearly news reports, as West at one point forced to make Russia.

Our homeland, hunting believe, from my own conversion "friendship" with the West has learned a good lesson. Now the U.S. and China are willing to push to the wall, so to clarify who is the owner. But in Beijing sits not born embroidered guys. It was they certainly are not going to lay out his trump card in the form of clear figures on the financing of the armed forces and the number of nuclear warheads to the first comer, so that later on this first counter artistically gripped by what he saw and heard his head and started to run along the walls and ceiling with clicks " China storms! "

The Chinese authorities are now going a different method: they say, there is little by little what is, and if you think that we have this many, many, it's just idle speculation on free themes.

In general, in the coming years the world will be a very amusing confrontation United States and China, in which the West can be used, including information and severe potential to show the "hostility" of the Chinese General stripes on the path of other countries in the region to "a bright democratic future" . But Dragon is possible and will truly fire-breathing …

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