Who is opposed to second Holocaust

Who is opposed to "second Holocaust"Once again, the international IAEA experts after visiting a number of so-called nuclear facilities on the ground Iran announced that Iran today has no nuclear weapons. This confirms the information published in February, according to the South American intelligence community. Then the Americans said that Iran has no nuclear weapons, because opposition to the existing regime in the Republic of Iran must be given a purely diplomatic tools, including sanctions. As we remember, at the same time, Israeli intelligence said that a nuclear weapon in Iran now do not just eat a bit if not focused on every single big town in Israel.

But after disk imaging received from representatives of the IAEA, Binyamin Netanyahu still had to take their word regarding the availability of a nuclear bomb in Tehran ago. But Israeli Prime Minister going to do it in a somewhat unusual manner. He said that now, perhaps, weapons of mass destruction in Iran does, but with a day or for a day, it may seem, because he can not afford for themselves, so that people of Israel was in daily terror. Netanyahu, after meeting with Barack Obama said that he, too, was in favor of continuing pressure on Tehran in the form of wide-ranging sanctions, but for all that will keep its troops in readiness for a possible over-strike on Iran.

Noteworthy that in the Israeli media now you can meet very demonstrative phrase "second Holocaust." By this phrase some Israeli politicians and journalists understand the apocalyptic scenario when Ahmadinejad dares to put their words to the effect, to erase the Jewish government in the face of the Earth. Say, allow new multi-million Jewish victims, we, the Israelis, to allow themselves can not, because we will continue to put pressure on Iran and, possibly, again, inflict unavoidable blow to nuclear sites hosted on this area of the country.

Many experts already have seen the beginning of military pressure on Tehran by Tel Aviv in the supply of new weapons the army of Azerbaijan. But days are accomplished quite sudden meeting between the head of the Azerbaijani Defense Minister Safar Abiyev and Defense Iran Ahmad Vahidi. As a result of the meeting the parties have stated that not only do not regard each other as adversaries, and are ready to provide full support to each other. Sovereign Abiyev said that the Iranian side sees a reliable partner, who will make the right conclusions about the "injustice of Armenia against Azerbaijan." Abiyev believes that Tehran would stand on the protection of Islam in the region. Recall that Israel in the region to Islamic states, too, obviously not the case. Then what did read Azerbaijani Minister?

Such statements by the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Azerbaijan can establish the fact that Baku, taking weapons from Tel Aviv, is not going to support it in the open aggression against Iran. Or, if not, then just Baku virtuoso bluffing …
Imagine that indeed between Iran and Azerbaijan suddenly to establish good neighborly affairs. By the way, they were adjusted in an unusual way against the background of some Azerbaijani political forces that impressive piece of terrain Iran populated by ethnic Azerbaijanis who need to be "a brother" to support in the event of armed conflict. But these statements were made public at a time when there were eager to heap Iran bombs the United States. It turns out that Baku does not simply put a cross on the declarations of their own politicians, and indicates to Israel that Netanyahu count on the support of Azerbaijan in the event of an attack on Iran can not. And this, in turn, says that Israel in his own confrontation "Second Holocaust" is completely alone. After all, it would be naive to believe that the Azerbaijani politicians themselves suddenly suddenly decided to go for rapprochement with the authorities in Tehran, planted in a puddle of Israel. Of course, there is a certain power, and you can guess that it's still the same kind of power that gave a hint of Baku, as is to behave in such a situation.

It turns out that the United States wants to completely exclude himself from the decision of "the Iranian issue." If hit and held, the white-washed house in this case wants to be untainted — indeed, the "white" if do not say "fluffy." All the burden will fall on Israel, which in its own desire to deal with the Iranian nuclear program for you through thick and thin, now looks pretty amazing.

Given that all this is happening against the backdrop of the presidential campaign is gaining momentum in the United States, it is possible to imagine that Obama again wants to enlist the support of the population for their own favorite wave — a wave of declared pacifism. In fact, I remember specifically what the word about the need to end all wars going with the active participation of the U.S., and Obama raised the rating to a suitable level of 4 years back. Pacifist plate on the first presidential term, Obama was apparently delayed in the most remote and dusty drawer, and now again can tune up their usual colors. And here is Netanyahu with his obstruction of "Second Holocaust", or just have to abandon the idea of an attack on Iran, or to wait for the election of Barack Obama's second term. But is there enough patience to sit in a chair exactly the Israeli prime minister at the time when, as he believes in the Iranian special laboratory continue to go to obtain deadly weapons.

But the Republican candidates (Gingrich, Romney and Santorum) are trying to score political points, claiming that they would immediately hit the "nuclear Iran," if would have been at the helm of power in the United States. In this sense, Israel, apparently, can secretly keep his fists specifically for the Republicans, because their anti-Iranian declarations apparently added pep in the population of Israel. Let us not forget that the national lobby in the U.S. associated with Israel, is very powerful. Because notebook pacifism Obama may not add him prizes in the fight for the presidency.

In connection with the above, one can imagine that the active phase of the military campaign against Iran is unlikely to be launched before the announcement of the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. And if it is, then it can only mean one thing — a certain ethnic lobbies in the United States even more than any pacifist declaration of Obama.

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