Who is the owner of the Black Sea

Who and who should be afraid of the water area from Batumi to Varna and from Istanbul to Novorossiysk?

26 February, NATO Secretary General's Special Simmons said he was not particularly worrying about the statements of the Russian Federation to strengthen the Black Sea Fleet frigates and submarines, as Moscow said after the decision of Romania's position on its territory the U.S. missile defense.

— There Montreux Convention, which regulates the composition of naval forces of different countries in the Black Sea. And a member of NATO in the face of Turkey, which controls the Straits, as you know, very carefully watching its implementation, — said Robert Simmons, but added: — Brussels stares the situation in the region. We know that Abkhazia is ready to place the Russian base on its territory. In this context, more than once expressed his wish that the parties to the conflict in 2008 returned to the placement of forces that existed before the conflict. This — the official position of NATO — said Simmons.

Abkhazia will not change Sevastopol

A defense analyst, deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Franchihin in an interview with "Free Press" complained that a future military base in Abkhazia, which is going to build our homeland, in any way we will not be able to change Sevastopol. And the country's navy seems to act according to the logic — the more databases, the better.

— Together with the fact I dare say — said the expert — that our fleet in Sevastopol still will not be fast, regardless of whether Ukraine would agree to extend the lease to us or not. Soon, we run the risk of losing the Black Sea Fleet in general, such as. And the increase in the number of military bases here will no longer play any role. The fleet will be gone because of senility and the cancellation of all the ships that are currently peresluzhili imaginable and unimaginable expiration dates. And nothing new to replace our military-industrial complex does not produce.


"SP": — Is it because of the Defense Ministry plans to buy a navy abroad, for example, has long been negotiating the purchase of the French amphibious assault ship "Mistral"?

— Never "Mistral" will not be able to change the RF its aging navy. Well, we are hunkering this tin can on the dark sea? And that the "Mistral" will be there to do? Landing ship without everything else — it's a joke. The acquisition of "Mistral" — this is a very mysterious story. I see only one thing in all that happens: the Defense Ministry is trying to put pressure on this Makar Russian defense industry, which in principle "oborzel" by not doing anything good for the native army. I, for one, find this kind of pressure is very correct and logical. And that is why we have chosen specifically "Mistral" — to realize it is not real.


FAQ: What is BSF?

Black Sea Fleet (BSF) — strategic formation of the Naval Fleet in the Black Sea. Is a means of ensuring the military security of the Russian Federation in the south.

BSF is in its composition diesel submarines, surface ships for operations in the ocean and near-sea areas, naval missile-carrying, antisubmarine and fighter aviation, coastal defense troops.

BSF tasks: protection of economic zones and areas of industrial activity, suppression of illegal production activities, ensuring the safety of navigation, execution of foreign policy actions of the Government in the economically fundamental areas of the World Ocean (visits, business visits, joint exercises, and act in a peacekeeping force, etc.) The main base — Sevastopol.


"Only lazy people do not trample on the rusty remains of the Black Sea Fleet

The correspondent of the "Free Press" has visited Sevastopol visiting Vladimir Solovyov, Rear Admiral, retired, 12 years before heading the BSF intelligence, and tried what is called, to learn first hand: no sooner do we bury the Russian navy?

— Soon everyone is stamped on the rusty remains of the Black Sea Fleet. It is believed that the alleged withdrawal of the Black Sea Fleet in the Crimea in 2017, its course will be able to leave Sevastopol bay just one to two Russian military units. Others are so old that drowned at the pier … Is that right?

— In order for a minimum of tasks set before BSF Our homeland, the fleet itself is enough. There's flagship cruiser (FC) "Moscow", and of a large anti-submarine ship (BPK) "Kerch" in the ranks. There is a good landing ships and Marines … For typical of the Black Sea, which is almost all there is to solve aviation. Puzzle of its liquidation will decide not only the ships, and shore-based aircraft. Although hard to disagree with the fact that the Black Sea Fleet ships are not updated. This is a very sad and tragic.

BOD "Kerch"

— So, in the symbolic names of the Black Sea Fleet — missile cruiser "Moskva" and BOD "Kerch". Other ships cruising class does not?

— No. BOD "Ochakov" written off. Later, there are three guard-. In total sum is based in Sevastopol to 50 units of different types of ships, boats and vessels. Here's flagship otdokovalsya not so long ago, and dock repair — the extension service. Overgrown "Moscow" shells, cleaned up, changed many on-board systems, dewatering facilities. This is a big plus … but I wish to say that the controversy "old-young" ship — in general, incorrect. Drowning and brand new vehicles, a lot of examples.

BOD "Ochakov"

— And yet which of them on the Black Sea Fleet is the youngest?

— "Moscow" almost — 30 years. Absolutely nothing in comparison with the famous "Commune". This rescue ship for over 100 years. It was built to help submarines Russian Empire. He is still afloat and really works, and even is a part of the permanent readiness forces, participating in parades.


Help: Military court BSF — written off and to be written off

PSK "Absheron" — found once the astronauts splashed down in the Black Sea, at the moment there is no problems — written off.

Missile boat "P-44" — written off and sold to traders. Un
til now stands at the mouth of the river is dark. Maybe will be converted into a yacht.

BOD "Ochakov" — this vessel in Sevastopol, they say that it is cheaper to write off than to maintain because there are no tasks that he could do.

BOD "Guarding" and "Kerch" — the same thing.

BOD "Guarding"

MTV "General Ryabikov" — is preparing to write off.

DPL B-380 — obsolete submarine.

The list far from complete.

Prerequisites write-off

The Outland service life;

Reducing money for ship repair;

Lack of specific tasks to be performed on the basis of a new type of ships;

Reduction of ship structure;

Getting through the implementation of old times courts extra-budgetary funds.


Who is the real owner of the sea?

— Shoulder to shoulder with the Russian sailors live a fabulous education under the title The naval forces of Ukraine. How are the lads?

— About Ukrainian colleagues better not say anything. Classified documents on the test polygon carrier-based aircraft in the Crimean town of Saki Navy officer traded at … $ 10 for a sheet of A-4 format. Smoked sausage is more expensive.

— Who then is the real owner of the sea?

— Certainly, now a major player in the Black Sea area — Turkey. If you take the balance of power, we lose the Turks on the main naval figures in the ratio of 1 to 5. For example, take their frigates of the "Meco". They're actually new, well-armed, not bad at sea — a real threat. Initially they were built in Germany, and later under license — in Turkey. And there are still six French-built frigates, three frigates of the "Knox", below firepower, but is fully comparable with the Russian patrol. Turks generally contain 14 fully combat-ready submarines. Particularly severe force — the German submarine project 209, armed with anti-ship missiles, "Harpoon" with underwater launch. Before the collapse of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet naval intelligence had time to accompany the first stage such boats from Germany to Turkey. Now their whole connection, and confronts him on our side — just one serving Russian submarine "Alrosa". Against 20 modern minesweepers Turkey — desperate trio of Sevastopol trawlers 40-year-old decrepitude. At nearly 50 Turkish tank-landing ships — seven of our …

MEKO 200 frigate

— It turns out that only the good will of Turkey does not allow them to capture the complete domination of the Black Sea?

— As long as there is no need. Segodnyaschy Ankara prefers to ensure the welfare of their own people by peaceful methods. But the situation can quickly change. On the old days was very disturbing information about the treatment of Turkish generals. Arrested 10's generals and admirals who were preparing the overthrow of the government and the attack on Greece. The coup failed, but what will happen tomorrow? I have met with senior Turkish security forces, who openly declared: "We support Russia in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, Our homeland has the right to solve their tasks in the Caucasus similar method, but we look forward to the realization of its own shares in the Aegean Sea." In other words, the territorial claims of the heirs of modern ports majestically spread from Greece to Crimea. And after the Crimea became Ukrainian, and the action Kucuk Kainarji contract on the transfer of the peninsula over the RF gun, Turkey and more often reminisces about his own historical presence on the shores of Tauris. No wonder they took firm control of the Crimean Tatars.


Help: is afraid of Turkey?

During Soviet times, Russian Black Sea Fleet dominated the Black Sea. At the moment, the situation has changed — Bulgaria and Romania ceased to be our allies and joined NATO. Turkey in this unit comes already long since.

The total number of Turkish Navy: personnel 51,000 people. 4200 — officers, 900 — people naval aviation and 3,000 people — Marines. 70000 — reservists. This together with the Mediterranean Sea.

In the Black Sea has two Turkish naval bases Sinop and Samsun, as part of which 14 submarines, 17 patrol boats, six corvettes, 25 fast combat boats, 20 minesweepers, 49 multi-purpose amphibious assault boats, landing craft military equipment, tank landing craft.

The structure of the Turkish Navy Naval Air comes eight anti-submarine helicopters, S-70B SeaHawk, three helicopters AB 204AS, nine anti-submarine helicopters AB 212ASW and three helicopters AB-212EW.


And Romanians identity …

— What are the Navy Romania and Bulgaria?

— In the main it is — Court of the 2nd grade, purchased from the Soviet Union or the Russian built by the project. There is nothing new. The main striking force of the 2-countries are missile boats. But, for example, Bucharest does not put puzzle operational control over the entire water area of the Black Sea. To do this, they, along with the Bulgarians Black Sea provide their U.S. base. For example, Constance and Mangalia Americans perceive as their own military ports. But Romanians have taken away from the Ukrainians Ukrainian oil shelf around Snake Island, and is now very aggressively trying to decide in their favor conflict of interest in the Danube Delta. Military forces them to do so is quite enough. On the Danube Fri deployed four bases — Galati, Giurgiu, Tulcea and Sulina, river fleet operates in conjunction with ground forces and aircraft. The vast an advantage in comparison with today's Ukrainian abilities near Odessa. The only thing that can hold back the strike — Operational Group of Russian troops Transdniestrian region.


Reference: U.S. Policy of the Black Sea

Analytical group at the Pentagon in 1997 identified the concept of "development" of 7 South American expanses of the Black Sea Fleet.

A.Franchihin, deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis:
— Paranoia of Georgia and Ukraine in the Black Sea can be compared only to that of Russian paranoia is not available in respect of anger on the part of NATO.

A special report called "Project for a New South American Century." It reads:

"The Black Sea was a dark hole in the history of Europe. Now this region is of greater strategic enthusiasm for the United States and Europe. If the current time, the EU imports about 50 percent of its energy by 2020 its imports amount to more than 70. This increase can only be done through the dark sea. In this regard, we must take control of its own Black Sea region … "

How annoying would it sounds, all the Pentagon's efforts to seep into the Black Sea region is terminated in fa
ilure. In the ports of Ukraine South American ships met an angry mass of Sevastopol. The Yankees never ventured down to the saved.

Of course, Americans have long been dreaming of continued development of the naval base on the Black Sea. But resists at first, Turkey — An old member of NATO. And the freshest members of the military bloc — Bulgaria and Romania, while limited to requests for installation on its territory part of the American defense.

Only Georgia shrouded in paranoia, especially after the invasion of Saakashvili in South Ossetia. Both countries are gladly accepted to the U.S. Navy in their own ports.


Bernard Kouchner, the Presidency of the European Union:
— The presence of the U.S. Navy in the region does not serve anything, you need to defuse the situation.

Two of the fleet — a double fee

— Inconspicuously on the inauguration of Yanukovych took the interview of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Shadow Cabinet "regionals" Leonid Kozhara. Middle associate of the new Ukrainian president suddenly announced that "Ukraine will be profitable to invite to Sevastopol two fleets to pay more." According to Pan Kozhara, 98 million dollars of payment for Russian Sevastopol — a ridiculous amount of money …

— I do not know who else he invites based in Sebastopol: France, Britain or the United States? Yankees enthusiasm is understandable. But why is Yanukovych? It is clear that in Kiev want to get the most money for the Russian presence. But when asked at Sevastopol: how much to pay the Black Sea Fleet? All respond: why generally pay for their land?


FAQ: How much does the Black Sea Fleet?

In 1997, Our homeland and Ukraine signed a contract basis, in what is stipulated period of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol — until 2017. Black Sea Fleet base rental price is 98 million dollars. Apart from the "live" means that our homeland pays Ukraine, we pay utilities and transportation, resulting in a budget of Sevastopol by 60% is formed by Russian agents.

Favourite Ukrainian Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovych for a long time before his own election as President of Ukraine said:

— Black Sea Fleet lease conditions that exist at the moment, it is necessary to change significantly in the direction of growth, because these prices are gone, they are gone in the past.

But as long as the cost is not changed.

Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's Minister of premre:

— As for the Black Sea Fleet, our position is categorical. In 2017, the contract is completed, and we free Ukraine from any military bases. And we are not talking about that instead of the Russian bases will come Turkish, Mongolian, or the Bulgarian base. Itself will not be …


Unsinkable aircraft carrier is no longer

— So, the fleet of old, the update must be like air. But managed to shipbuilders RF current to that task? Either navezem here 'Mistral'?

— A French helicopter deal will not solve. Russian coast of the Black Sea was one of the military-industrial complex — a huge shipyard and a large laboratory for the entire Navy. There were located sites for artillery, missile and torpedo firings, polygons to work with submarines. Because of the rich and powerful naval aviation Crimea was called unsinkable aircraft carrier. When the first ship was adopted and was based series, here come the crews from other fleets. Specifically, here we finally obtain "good" for swimming. This is now — history.

— Any attempt updates BSF replacement naval aircraft or even a hint of another submarine called the angry resistance of official Kiev. If you now will be able to agree on the ship's construction in the Ukraine, perhaps it will be easier to obtain consent, that these ships all the same based in Sevastopol?

— It turned out that a relatively small group of nationalists, who entered the parliament and the ministries of Kiev, are stronger than most pragmatic thinking. Surprisingly, but for some reason is considered to be the main voice.

I affirm never directly says that the Black Sea Fleet must leave Ukraine in 2017 — this is a big myth. A modernizing its fleet, the Russians will invest in the Ukrainian economy, which is still disgusting? But "do not require that Muscovites Get out."

— What lies ahead?

— New Russian submarine project "Harmony" had yet to enter into operation in 2009. One going to be called "Sevastopol". Her first was expecting the Black Sea Fleet. How unfortunate it did not sound, and submarines of the Baltic production is not up to the present. You asked whether the Russian defense industry cope with the upgrade of the fleet alone? Life gave the answer — not sovladevaet.

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