Who is the owner of the world?

Who in the world the owner?

Mikhail Delyagin the place of in the latest bout of "global elites"

World breaks down under the weight of the global crisis.

For all his difficulties and depth of the economic components of the mechanics of the ordinary deafening: Global monopoly, naturally existing in the world market, the same way naturally rot, which is manifested in the lack of outside demand and declining debt. The decay becomes fatal, leading to the inevitable failure of a global depression, which is heavier than the previous stateliness and depression can lead to wars that, but will not be able to withdraw from it. After the second global depression just graduated majestically sharp expansion of markets (instead of five macro-regions — the United States, the British Empire, Hitler united Europe, the USSR and Japan "zone of co-prosperity"), to lower the monopoly on each of the other: the global market is no place to expand.

This means that the global recession will be harder to overcome Lofty: No expansion of markets, but their destruction and separation, transition from one market to the global macro-regions — with a clear majority of disasters in them and on their borders.

No matter how impartial trend divides people — even very influential — in two groups: those in power of their own kind acts in vain trying to rebel, while others — for the same reason — he realized that it was inevitable, accept it and obey, trying to use their own purposes.

So now the representatives of the global financial structures and associated information technologies for which the collapse of the global market for macro-regions mean decay place their prevalence, categorically reject the increasingly trivial outlook for global development. Carefully closing her eyes and savoring the finest enthusiastically Short-configuration to the best, they are preaching the ideology businessasusual. With an emphasis on the power of the Federal reserve system of the United States, they are able to kill at least some organized resistance — but are not able to change the course of history. As representatives of comparable young elites, they may not realize this and move and come to terms with it: their structure is not enough to simply have gained this wisdom relevant experience.

On the other hand, representatives of old times of global elites, comparable structure-free American nationhood, are able to retain power and influence in the world just crashed due to cross-border activities. Moreover, only recently, before the creation of the global market, particularly, this was the main method of their operation. For their division of the global market for macro-regions will mean only just returning to normal, understandable and perfectly nedavneshny "golden age." That's why the data of the elite were able to take a dispassionate course of things and tend to wrap it in their favor.

Demonstrative union structures Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, errant on the extent of the activities of these groups, has become a manifestation of the second approach, specifically: Competing global groups understood the unity of their own interests against the devastating strategic inadequacy dominated for a long time, "the Fed group."

Fundamentally the difference between those 2 groups and the global fight starts between them faithfully reflected in practical politics and ideology.

To RF policy "of the Fed," says to keep back-breaking load of global competition, the complete subordination of the global elite clan control and the pursuit of Gorbachev-Yeltsin-Putin and, ultimately, destruction, or in the throes of another systemic crisis.

Group also recognizing the division of the world into macro regions, in principle, willing to accept, and the folding of its own macro Russia. For her, it's almost all over the matter of business: the more macro-regions, the more the boundaries between them and the higher the income of the organization of crossing these boundaries. To RF this is a question of survival. If the high point of chatter about the post-Soviet reintegration remains Customs Alliance, it is quite fast reincarnated (even without a formal transfer of the municipal boundaries) in the totality of anyone not suitable, because the dying outskirts of China, Europe and the Islamic world.

The candidature of the term appeared only at the moment: when a part of the global business has to consider the integration of the former Soviet Union with the role of Russia as a completely unacceptable catastrophe itself.

This gave the ruling elite Russian offshore great historical opportunity — just as earlier feeble effort at least some illiberal automatically suppressed by Western holders of its assets. Now the possibility of development of the country and more than that, folding its own macro-region is not just a "kosher" way deeds, and — little by little — the global mainstream.

And Putin with indescribable rapidity that forced recall the early 2000s, grabbed the idea. His words on the plasma arc in the rest of the Russian Federation for the 2012 APEC summit on the need of creation of many regional reserve currencies have a strong and unequivocal acceptance by the "old" group of global elites in its confrontation leaving "group of the Federal Reserve" — the adoption, for the first time in decades slightly open before Russia tolerant strategic perspective.

Naturally, the ruling get-together does not make it better, but, as written by one of the prominent Russian social engineers, "when the Lord came out of the swamp, his feet were covered in mud."

One way or another, but the conflict between the "masters of the world" opens RF the possibility of development, and for the public mind — the ability to anti-liberal, anti-fascist by its own essence of the Renaissance.

After all, only trusting philologists and pedant think that liberalism now — it's the love of freedom.

In politics, and of the economy, liberalism — is profound, sincere belief that the government should not serve its own people, and global monopolies, and if their interests are incompatible with the survival of this nation, it is his difficulties. If you look at the consequences of such an approach, liberalism — is the current appearance of fascism.

Why, it's which destroyed our grandparents and great-grandparents 67 years ago, the same which from within prevailed in our country in the last quarter of a century of state treason.

No wonder a survey on the web and social networks — of course, not representative in the strict scientific sense of the word — he gave up, to which I myself stood in fear and confusion: from 3.8 million responding to a question that has caused more damage RF, — Hitler's attack or the liberal reforms — only 11.2% christened as greater harm Hitler's fascism. The vast majority — 74.0% — consider the consequences of the liberal reforms of recent years, more terrible. Did not take a similar formulation of the question is also very significant share this: consider the invasion of Hitler's blessing is more than a blessing considering the liberal reforms — 5.0 vs. 4.1%, or in absolute terms, 190 against 157 thugs (because it really is).

These proportions indicate the profound moral health and sanity, at least, the Internet segment of Russian society before which opens the possibility of human, civilized, anti-liberal — anti-fascist renaissance.

It will be very
difficult and very creepy.

And, maybe, we will not work, and we will perish.

But the harsh, systemic hope — I say this as someone who has worked in the state from 1990 to 2003 — appeared for the first time in the life of our generation.

To miss this opportunity — is to miss life.

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