Who sent to earth rod?




A strange artifact, which has no equal in the world, fell into the hands of ufologists in the early 90s. The man who kept his 20 years at home, assured that it is a gift aliens from another planet.

…Sunny summer morning in 1953 5-year-old Laszlo Bako was playing near the railway embankment in a small village near the town of Debrecen (Hungary). Suddenly appeared before him a little naked man with a smooth gray body and a disproportionately large head.
The creature looked at the boy, and Laszlo felt that the stranger is friendly. A minute later the gray man with his back turned to the boy and disappeared, which surprised and frightened child.

In August 1974, Laszlo was expecting another meeting with a different reason. One day about 11 o'clock in the evening a young man lying in bed on the terrace of his home in Debrecen and listened to the radio. Then something happened … He woke up in a strange room. In front of him was like object on the table and izrisoval black and gray and white stripes. Laszlo stood to the right of the creature resembling a man, encountered in childhood. In the hands of a humanoid holding the rod, and drove it on the strip table, telling something, but the essence of the explanations did not reach consciousness Laszlo. After some time, he again fell like somewhere, and came to himself, he saw that he was sitting on his bed.

Of course, the young man would have thought that all he had dreamed, but the bed was a cardboard box, the light from inside the greenish light. Glancing back, Laszlo, to his amazement, he found out there's baton, which saw in the hands of an alien! From one end of the rod green glow emanated.

In the spring of 1991 Bako decided to apply to the Hungarian UFO association NUFON and tell the heavenly gift of the researchers. However, by the time he sawed the rod into three equal parts — so it was easier to hide from prying eyes. All three fragments were shown to the public only in 1994 at the World Congress of ufology in Debrecen.

The total length was 36 cm baton object had the shape of a cylinder diameter of 18 mm and a rough surface. Perpendicularly from the front of the body performed a truncated pyramid. That it glowed a greenish light, because it was made out of some phosphorescent material. The opposite end of the rod coated with symmetrical ridges gold color with a diameter of 4 mm. One of them was carved an isosceles triangle in the middle of which was attached to an oval plate, which emits a colorful glow.

Of course, all three pieces of the rod was subjected to chemical analysis, and found that the rod is at 100 percent of magnesium. In nature, this element in its pure form is not found, and the receipt of such amounts of magnesium in the laboratory would be too expensive, so its manufacture on a scale no one did.

Hence, the object indeed has an extraterrestrial origin? However, some researchers believe that the whole story of an alien with a rod — fiction lovers UFO sensations. There are also rumors that the re-analysis done by Russian scientists, identified as part of a lot of metal impurities, so that about any pure magnesium have to say no. What had really got into the hands of ufologists? ..

The Secret Power 2004.10

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