Who should serve in the Russian army? (Poll)

Who should serve in the Russian army?  (Poll)One of the richest men in the Russian Federation Mikhail Prokhorov md-prokhorov in his blog talks about conscription.

First, I wish to say that I myself served in the army as a student Monetary Academy. Went there immediately after the first year and spent two unforgettable years young life. In general, I know firsthand what it is our army, with all its pros and cons. I can say that army in the late '80s, when I served, and now things are different — now it significantly worse. Maybe, but only partially, because something gives me a clue that Russian army from the standpoint of the organization, traditions, kind thoughts, etc. not very far gone from the Russian. However …

Hard not to see how changing methods of warfare, the Army changed themselves. In the world as well as in other areas of innovation taking place in the army. Other machinery and equipment, and other specifications for the soldiers and officers. In the U.S., for example, seek out and recruit professional players in computer games for the management of future aircraft and tanks, controlled remotely. We, too, will move to the latest Army. No other choice. That's why I support the efforts of the whole team of the modern Ministry of Defence, which is fundamental restructuring of our armed forces.

Of course, we now have a lot of problems in the Army and served in it, to put it mildly, not very popular. But the situation in the army — is a concentrated reflection of the state of society. With all of this, easy calculation shows that we can not protect our country only on the basis of Prof. army. And it is completely understandable: the declining population every year, a large area and lacking in GDP — the economy simply did not survive. I am convinced that the model should be mixed: Prof. plus army recruits. This means that the method of normal or, as we litsezreem, complex "professionalization" of the army does not solve all problems.

Need to clean up the mess and it's not just a matter of the Ministry of Defense, and each of us. It's a kind of a question of consciousness of society. In Switzerland, for example, serve all, and the army is the principal bridge of his career. In my opinion, it would surely bring the same approach such as ours.

And how to prepare conscripts during the year of service, too, must share. You must complete the painting "grass and fences," and to teach young children the basics of military affairs: shooting, martial arts and general physical training, theory and practice of modern warfare, the base medical care and behavior in critical situations. If we have young people do not have basic training — from whom to recruit contractors, if Since we're talking about as intense Prof. army?

My world — in the army must serve everything. As long as there are not kids go elite — will not be order. It should be stylish, cool and prestigious. The boy, who can not (do not want) to defend his country will not be able to defend their own family — mom, wife, kids.

Of course, we must admit that the reluctance serve presently dominates the society. But realizing it, we have to answer the question — who will serve, if not each of us? And how to change the army, if not from the inside?

I am convinced that the country needs an open discussion about what should be our army. A fundamental part of this discussion should be a civilian conscious awareness of each of us being wanted a fair and non-hazardous, based on the beliefs of the individual, the recruiting service.

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