Who will be the new owner Gabala?

Who will be the new "owner" of Gabala?

Our homeland will not renew the lease of Gabala radar station in Azerbaijan. Operation of the strongest in the world of radar stations of this type is already stopped. Their guesses as to which country can come to replace RF, and whether it was necessary to Azerbaijan to reconsider its position, with the "Voice of RF'Shared specialists.

The Gabala radar station was built during the Soviet era, in 1985, in order to prevent the probable missile attack from the south. It allows you to keep control of the area within a radius of 6,000 km (including Iran, Turkey, India, the Middle East, and the Indian Ocean and part of mainland Australia).

In January 2002, in Moscow, an agreement was signed between Russia and Azerbaijan lease station in Gabala. In accordance with it station is the property of Azerbaijan, and its operation was carried out by the Russian side. The yearly rent of 10 years was 7 million dollars. Now Baku raised the cost of 300 million dollars a year. These conditions appear to Moscow was not staged.

As the military experts, Moscow able to change the station Gabala other sources of disk imaging. Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, most recently, attempting to operate the latest radar "Voronezh-DM" in the North Caucasus. At the moment, pass her tests.

Plus, the RF system are mobile missile launch warning. They can be delivered to the desired place at the right time and close at least some "window." So that the Gabala radar station, most likely — is turn the page in the history of anti-missile defense Russia.

Station in Gabala Technical features even now remains the strongest in the world of radar stations of this type. Some regional experts were quick to imagine that after the withdrawal of Russian professionals from Gabala there are more to come.

As the guesswork called certain countries — the main opponents of the number of Iran. How seriously by such speculation in Tehran? Comment Tehran political analyst Hasan Hanizade:

"Neprolongatsiya contract RF Azerbaijan and the lease of Gabala radar station may have unsafe consequences for security in the region, especially for the security of Iran. And here's why. Russian policy in respect of States Near East can not be called brutal. Moscow used to use political and diplomatic means of resolving regional disputes. Unlike the United States, whose military presence in the Middle East countries in the region delivers a huge amount of complexity and puts an imbalance in their affairs among themselves. The military, the presence of in the countries of the region (as, for example, was in Gabala) allowed these countries to feel safe.

Contract to lease the Gabala radar station was not renewed, must be considered, under pressure from Baku on the United States and NATO. In the end, replaced in order to be adequately protected Russian, Azerbaijan opens the way NATO military presence in the region. Such a policy approach chosen with nedavneshnih far Baku, contrary to the principles of regional cooperation and complicate the security situation in the region.

Stay Russian military contingent in Gabala, it would be quieter and Iran. I think that if Azerbaijan has revised its position, and the Caucasus, and the Middle East, and Central Asia all lived would be calmer. "

A little differently looking at the situation of the political commentator Internet portal Iranian Policy Sajjad Thayer:

"The fact that the lease of the Gabala radar station will not be extended, so that the policy of Baku today is aimed at rapprochement with the West.'s No secret that Azerbaijan will soon also enjoys warm the case with Israel. Besides, it must be admitted, black cat ran between Azerbaijan and Iran. In this regard, artificially inflated rents for Russia was only a pretext to break cooperation in Baku and Moscow Gabala. So far no money nuance in defining issue of extending the lease term of Gabala radar station by Russia.

All the matter in complex regional geopolitical processes. It is clear that Tehran is closely watching the developments around the radar station in Gabala. But, in my opinion, read about the dangers of Iran's State Security after the announcement of non-renewal of the lease the station would be an exaggeration. In a reflection of the likely risk of, say, on the part of NATO, and Russian, and of the Iranian missile defense system to administer the funds in any case, regardless of who is in Gabala. "

As we see, the experts in Tehran for a different assessment of the situation. They agree that situation around Gabala reflect those configurations that occur at this point in the regional situation. In what will be poured out in the end these changes — it is too early to judge. But the script, of course, can be different and they will depend not only on the regional, and global balance of forces.

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