Who will follow?

Who will be next?This year has brought us a lot of losses. In summer, we were shocked by the catastrophic death of the deputy chief of the Head Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the General Staff of 52-year-old Major-General Yuri Ivanov.

October started more disastrously. Gen., past Chief of Intelligence Glavkomat Interior Ministry, 47-year-old Victor Chevrizov committed "suicide" for shooting himself in the head with a pistol premium right in the entrance.

October 29. Balashihinskiy District, Capital Region. Vorachivalsya home from a meeting of the staff on the rally to protest against the "military reform" Serdyukov Gen.-Lieutenant Dubrov GK The house, in other matters, he never drove. Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Officers of the Russian Federation, speaking in support of the paratroopers, "fell" from the platform and died. The same day. Friday. The body of Boris Debashvili born in 1929, lieutenant-general of the Defense Ministry in retirement, was found in the center of Moscow. Details of the death were not disclosed.

October 30. Tula region. Company car Commander of the Airborne Troops RF, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov at high speed rammed the truck. In this severe accident he miraculously alive.

Maybe the death of the generals and "random" is a tragedy near Tula, a kind, the elimination of the unwanted? Does not it seem that the tragic and unfortunate death cases are the links of the same chain? Not the case as issued by General Dubrovy book "Generals of the Jewish mafia" and the article with the sonorous title of "Jewish yoke in Russia" became a bone of contention between him and the representatives of the modern Darwinian Liberal government. Strong dissatisfaction was expressed by President of the Russian Federation, and along with it, "red" Shreds, as the rest of the oligarchs and bureaucrats. Dubrov was a member of the coordinating council of military-patriotic public organizations in Russia in the near future was Chairman of the Presidium of the Russian Anti-Fascist Committee. Many colleagues general it is clear that Gregory Dubrov closest ally of retired Colonel Vladimir Kvachkova. At the time, Kvachkova blamed for the assassination attempt on Chubais, but he was acquitted. Apparently Kvachkova B. bailed out that he was "resting" in Belarus. All of the generals here — supporters of Colonel, who is chairman of the People's Militia behalf of Minin and Pozharsky.

But other, more mysterious death of Russian generals: 1998 year. Night of 2 to 3 July. "Tragic death"General Rokhlin. Consequence put forward two versions. According to one wife shot him, according to another was killed because of the idea of a military coup.

2002. April 28. Died in a plane crash of General Lebed. The investigation had been heavy fog and human factor. There is a version, Lebedev also something that conceived.

2008. September 14. Death General Trosheva also in the crash. Nominated consequence versions were many: from the "fire engines" to "drunk drivers."

More than weird death overtook the generals in 2009. "Heart Attack" cut short the life in February 2009, the Federal Security Service, General Alexander Rogacheva after driving your own car. In general, the result was found shot in the head. June 21 in Moscow, died General Petrov. According to its adherents, General poisoned. November of the same year. Mysterious perdition GRU officer Anton Surikov after drinking a cup of coffee in a cafe.

General Shamanov was raised to the position of Commander of the Navy with a huge scratch. As soon turned information campaign to discredit him. Unwittingly have questions: Who is behind all these "sweeps"? Who is it profitable? And who will follow?

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