Who will go to Germany?

Oh men of the garrison was considered local places are not quite so bad, especially in view of the rows in the oath which they pledged to 'endure the hardships of military service. " In its remoteness from the basics of civilization was not even certain benefits — bosses rarely happened here. So it served, went hunting and fishing, playing cards, abused and put up … In general, lived completely normal, rich and varied, windswept lives of military personnel. Ladies same garrison Oh no loved him with all my heart. Not this garrison was adapted for their very specific needs of multilateral rich spiritual life, it was not anything exciting to narrow feminine nature. Except, of course, the guys …

Who will go to Germany?

Anatoly was commonplace army scout. He served faithfully, honestly, too, was at war, especially not heroics, and did not sit. From Afghanistan garrison Oh come lieutenant with the Combat Service and starleya already got here. Here's a womanizer of Anatolia was exactly nothing. Falling in love, which in itself happened to him very occasionally, he sighed a long, painstakingly dug into their own ideas (by the way, quite innocent), weighed something on their own any scales. It is possible that he is really afraid of these wonderful, exciting, but these extraordinary creatures — the ladies. What kind of weird thing is: how spooks fill up — no problems, will issue in the best way, how to get acquainted with a woman, her uboltat by all the rules, and under the crown, or at least in bed drag — Shred go crazy here. So he lived a bachelor yet.

Ladies' singles contingent garrison Oh not that, that totally adored, but in something bad obviously suspected. Military — people pretty strong by definition. So after Anatoly already been lieutenant, and even scout! This is the standard extender ladies' hearts being 2, and in the first place, of course, spetsnazery. Local ladies love to solve the mystery Shred, in fact as well — anyone for a whole year! Well, there is nothing to cook up decently gossip, sad to all those who proudly looking surprised heels, studs on a single 100-meter asphalt pavement in a military town! Long-thumb behavior Anatolia, the bones at the meetings of ladies assorted culinary circle under the appropriate title of 'loose tongue'. In the end, Garrison ladies' elite decided to declare the Shred bastard — such as all men, no better and no worse.

Drop-casket just Anatoliy grew up in a quiet country town, devoid of many temptations in a family of teachers. In this case, intelligent teachers that essentially clarified. Since childhood had been accustomed to respect their elders, ladies hand feeding, etc. Relationship with a woman he pocketed a sacred significance, neatly divided them correctly demarcated phases: familiarity with relevant circumstances, the long discussions and festivities (you need to also understand each other!), Candy buketny period, familiarity with parents, etc. And the most beloved he had a whole list … Well, not requirements — wishes, so speak out. It is not impossible that he Anatoliy — it is not surprising sounds in our army — was an intelligent man.

Times were dashing tuning, and just agreed to huge bosses Russian troops withdraw from East Germany. Was as follows — Group Russian troops in Germany during the Soviet era, GSVG abbreviated. And in the military who are serving there, pay began in the West German mark. Accordingly, all servicemen in GSVG began to receive wages in a couple of times great than those of servicemen in the Soviet Union who received it in 'wood' rubles. Vorachivalis at home 'gsvgeshniki' strictly 'Mersey' and 'Boomer' — a luxury unprecedented in those days. Well, here comes a garrison Oh distribution list: we need a scout platoon in GSVG. Local authorities get worked on this occasion not to joke, passion boil. Judged-ryadili — who is worthy of such honor? — And braked on the candidacy of Anatolia. Other candidates still could not pick up. The fact that the threshold in this servility Garrison was sharply reduced. Roughly immediately subordinate superiors often been the case. And what in Okha can scare the same platoon? Next Okha not otpravlyut — a fact less than a platoon alone can not achieve. And Shreds due to a decent education, senior commanders — even impudent and nerds — always closely slushival itself in response never rude, and fool so openly, like the others, his superiors did not 'included'. Anatoly listened to the will of the founding fathers of the garrison commanders and the political establishment, saluted, and even thanked anyone really, as it is necessary in such cases. If he had to ice floe in the Laptev Sea, some sent to serve, he would have reacted the same way. Since all significant changes in the life he truly belonged philosophical calmness, and without any practical calculation. Such a man he was …

It is time to draw up some documents, and Anatoly went to the headquarters. As part of the drill head was not, and was light on which is not that of some attention, or a good word, but simply turning the head usually will not wait. Light was a woman rather mnogokalibernoy all it was strong, even languid and disposition was not easy. And the light was not married now. If you have any starleya she acted highly unconventional — at first she suddenly jumped up from his chair quickly for its own size. Playfully adjusting radiates all the colors of hydrogen peroxide hair, light moved to the partition that separated the staff from the usual gods of war. A small distance from the office desk to a partition of Light overcame small steps, wagging vigorously with all this, the stern of his own design. In principle, the available razvedpriznakam could guess that she was trying to portray gait mannequins on podiyu. But the Shred movement Sveta's hips caused direct association with the work of the crank of a gasoline engine. Sveta large breasts (sudden chest now!) Is actually one in a streamlined, specifically recalled the tower T-62 tank, ie, the two towers at once. Somewhere halfway Light still remembered that fatal seductress have to smile and spread a sponge, revealing a lot of strong, carnivorous teeth gleaming.
— Hello, Anatoly! — heavy baritone-tank said the woman, laying her hand bulky actually in intimate proximity to the hand starleya, leaning on the partition. Carefully looked into his eyes widely splayed Sveta-firing ports, recruiting bats her eyelashes, blinds (a pound of mascara on each), Shreds nervously lowered his gaze.
— Hello … those — he muttered, embarrassed by a sudden sharp transition to 'you'.
— I now have a large prazdnichek — day of birth — Light was the goal ahead. — I invite you. After all, you can not refuse me.
The last phrase sounded particularly imperative in-assertive tone, although the interrogative was a much more appropriate, given the narrow spiritual company spy. But the time to work on all the rules might not be enough, and the light is very well understood. Fraction did not want to offend the light of the failure, it was quite a gentleman. But he could not help himself: in the list of pluses his future chosen one (which — all my life and die in one day), wishes to the figure was at number one. Because Shreds referred to the urgent business, politely excused himself and left such a friendly part of the drill now.

It took a few days. Basil, a neighbor Anatolia around the room in the officers' dorm, is the second dream was looking at the same
erotic theme, but in a fascinating place — where erotica makes its own subtle transition to porn,-he had to wake up. He was awakened by the noise produced by Shred. Usually all happened quite the opposite: Shreds cultural asleep, and not weak succumb to Bob, who returned from yet another Hussar adventures, wake him (sometimes on purpose), and would sit with a drink tea and listen to the 1001-th story of how another garrison could not resist the beauty of it, Vasin, irresistible appeal. Basil, it must be admitted, was indeed very charming tall brunette, too, scout, and a certain part of his short stories (one or two per cent approximately) was true.

— Shreds, you … (Here sounded weighty portion of the military garrison dialect, which completely unrealistic play in a respectable society), or what? — Vasily asked irritably.
— Bob? — Anatoly said in surprise, turning to each other with a look as if he beheld for the first time.
— Yes, Shreds, I'm … — has died down, in fact in a sleepy state muttered Basil. Then he sat up, rubbed his eyes and snapped his fingers in the face of Anatolia, testing the level of his sanity. This level was very low, why Basil began to rapidly awaken.
— What happened? — Asked the next question Bob. Here, for some reason he remembered the content uchilishchnyh Manuals organization questioning a prisoner of war (he is still on the topic essay writing), and Bob continued:
— Your name, title, position, branch of service?
— First Lieutenant … — began Anatoly later recollected:
— Yes, you go …
— Do not make a noise, explain clearly — what happened? — Invited the neighbor.
— It happened … — Anatoly thought for a moment and decided that in this case the advice of experienced people are not hurt, said:
— I have this … that … Valentina, I was just …
— The waitresses, or what? — Said Bob, and Tolia nodded.
— What you have it … — at this point to Vasa quite regain the ability to think analytically, and he exclaimed in surprise:
— Do you? Valya?!
Valentine was luxurious by local standards unmarried lady — blonde with a good figure, and all the other ladies properties that can be found only visually, it was also at the highest level. On the 'little things' it is not exchanged, and the local garrison 'Casanova' was perfectly aware of it.
— Yes! And we have it … were all shorter! — Sighed resignedly Shreds.
— It was all … — echoed Vasily.
— Well, it was … woman! — Apparently something of pride, Tolia said.
— Was a woman … — again repeated neighbor, carefully looking at the Anatolia. He still could not calm down, and continued to pace the room, forgetting the cold tea.
— Well, it … and i … Now, as … must … — Shreds desperately tried to put into a single logical system shreds of his own thoughts.
— Should marry, or what? — Perhaps superfluous resoundingly said Basil.
Shreds started, braked and looked at Vasya. He snapped his fingers again to the left and right, and now Shreds react more appropriately. Painstakingly trying to be harsh, Bob asked:
— Tell me how you thought of that Valya — a woman?
— She said to me … and showed … there is … there was blood on the sheets — very embarrassed Shreds. Bob looked at the Scout Scouting Tolia, twitching the corners of the lips. His eyes sparkled …
— Means razvedpriznak true, right? — Bob asked again. Shreds shrugged.
— Shreds, I'll ever prick? — Vasily asked another question.
— No — just in case lied Anatoly.
— Then listen: Valentina has a five year old daughter, she lived with my grandmother and my mother to come here for the summer. It is known by all in the garrison, except you.
Shreds almost petrified. But on his face reflected such a storm of feelings that Bob immediately got on the mezzanine, painstakingly extracted saved for a special variant NC — A bottle of 'Capital', quickly uncorked and poured almost full glass, shoved it into the hands of the Shred. Shreds looked intently at the glass, and later took his 2 fingers and vyhlestal. Sleep scouts went far into the night, Nakata yet time for women's perfidy, male solidarity and all that, while vodka is not over.

Soon Shred sent for a medical examination. In the hospital it on the cabinets hand almost drove several nurses. They were all very unsullied, naglazhennyh robe, somewhat shortened rasspahnutyh very bottom and top. They were all very gentle and helpful with Anatoly. Nowhere and never, earlier versions, or after, never seen so many at once Shreds courtesy, zealous providers. But he is now held as flint.

Classic travel routes for the garrison Anatolia had to change: in the dorm he was walking through the park now military equipment, shops and go to a disco in general finished. And at the station with a suitcase walking, giving a wide detour to avoid going through the main street. In Germany, he left the same one, you bastard …

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