Why did the opposition go to Moscow?


Potential presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk this week, while in Moscow, was interviewed by radio station "Echo of Moscow" and the Russian service of Radio Liberty. Earlier, in a number of Russian media made another possible presidential candidate — Andrei Sannikov. What to expect candidates for the post of President of Belarus, speaking in the media space of another country?

An applicant for participation in the presidential race for the United Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk underlines that the trip to Moscow he had a lot of different meetings in Belarus and other countries. He gave an interview to Belarusian, Polish, Lithuanian, Canadian and other media. This is done to and outside Belarus knew what is really going on in our country, Romanchuk says:

"We need to inform everyone — neighbors, partners, Belarusians about what is happening in our country. And explains why the independent

Belarus to be moved by the European democratic market transformations, of course, need an understanding of Russia.

Presidential candidates better present the Belarusian authorities. Therefore, after the meeting with the leadership of the European Parliament, representatives of the European Commission, the U.S. Department of State, Prime Minister of Canada, after a dozen meetings with Belarus created a need for dialogue with the representatives of Russia — the authorities, the analytical community and the media. Therefore, I think a trip to Moscow — one of a series of meetings and activities that we carry out. Belarus to be moved by the European democratic market transformations, of course, need understanding and friendship of Russia with our rich and powerful neighbor. "

Yaroslav Romanchuk said: In recent weeks, the situation is changing in Moscow:

"Of course, today, interest in the Belarusian subjects much more. This is a consequence of films about Lukashenko, who showed NTV, Putin and the Kremlin's reaction to the fact making President of Belarus. It is clear that the Kremlin wants to better understand who is who in Belarus, who would offer. Therefore, we are ready to respond to Russians all their questions. "

The Belarusian opposition has not yet taken advantage of the difficulties that have arisen between the official Minsk and Moscow, a Russian political scientist Andrew Suzdaltsev:

"If there was a clearly thought-out campaign, the presidential candidates would use these trends. But they, unfortunately, unorganized, and

They are, unfortunately, unorganized, and everyone pulls the blanket over himself.

everyone pulls the blanket over himself. They only say that the crisis between Moscow and Minsk to apply. However, they do not do anything. "

Andrew Suzdaltsev expresses the conviction: to win the election, we must first work with the electorate:

"Of course, the real quiet work with the electorate as a result gives enormous potential. However, this requires several years of tireless work, unceasing!"

With anyone who has the power in Russia, they do not occur.

Mr. Suzdaltsev draws attention to the fact that the presidential candidates virtually ignore the power structures of Russia:

"People who come here, to Moscow, do not have a soul is nothing but ambition. With anyone who has the power in Russia, they do not occur. When they return to Minsk, present themselves as if they were almost in the autumn by certain powers . "

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