Why do you need alcohol?

My parents gave me a poor part of the inheritance of my grandfather — wrote LJ users ig_kuv. Among the interesting and fascinating book written by a famous pre-revolutionary fighter against drunkenness Gavrilovich Dmitry Bulgakov. Simple, straightforward and a little naive lyrics, life and moderate exaggerated illustration of Alexander BOLESLAVOVICH Skirgello. Check the book suddenly introduced as these pictures show with magic lantern and read the text. They have that kind of volshebnofonarnost.Searching the internet for Bulgakov, found:
At the beginning of XX century. the name of the DG Bulgakov was known in Russia as a tireless fighter for the people's sobriety. The thousands out his many alco edition. In popular audiences demonstrated by its series of anti-alcohol light pictures, followed by a special reading.(Source)
Intuition did not fail me!

Party chairman KPE on alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs

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