Why in Russia did not give the broken flowers

Our ancestors knew authentically that plucked a flower trying to survive, and remain uprooted and power begins to actively vampire life energy from the environment. Fall under the distribution of everything: people, animals and plants. That is why healers never dried plucked flowers, herbs and spices in a residential area.

The famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga refused to accept in his home of a man who by his nerazumeniyu brought her a bouquet of flowers. "Why talking about the death of my house?" — She asked. If anyone would still like to give her flowers, she could not bring them into the pot — the roots. Wang did not mind. Pick a flower — a symbol of death, she said. After all, he was deprived of the ability to live.

In Cuba, for example, plucked the flowers can be seen only in one place — the cemetery. The country is surrounded by flowers, but arms of the law can be fined for plucked flowers. And this attitude of flowers There is not only in this country.

But maybe, it's better to give flowers, plastic and synthetic? After all, they never fade and will not vampirirovat. With this, too, is difficult to accept, because they are already pre-dead. It remains to agree with Wang — only viable flower, with an extensive root system that grows in the ground, can symbolize life and prosperity.

Tradition to give fresh flowers came to us with a forcible introduction of Christianity. That Byzantine priests introduced in Russia the Jewish tradition to fill the room with flowers plucked. Nor did our forefathers national custom to give flowers, as evidenced by the earliest historical and literary sources which tell about the life and living conditions of our people.

Here's another fact of life in plants, although not due to the tradition. One American businessman of Russian origin, during a business trip to Russia representative told the press the story of how he tried three times to fulfill the dream of his life: to breed on their plantations of wild strawberries.

The first time he brought back from Russia, only seedlings. Strawberry bushes perfectly moved a long way, happily started a new place — a fertile, fat bottom, faded, gave fruit. Berries grown very large and juicy, but … it was not a strawberry. Missing the very unique, with nothing comparable to the spirit of Wild Strawberries, remember that the American farmer with a childhood spent in secondary forest region of Russia. The second time he had brought from Russia strawberries together with the ground, with whom and bushes planted in its soil. Again failed. The third time, taking into account past mistakes, persistent American collected all grasses surrounding the meadow strawberries, in the hope that the nature of a specific selection of the neighboring flora bring him one hundred percent success. The third failed attempt cooled his ardor. He finally realized that strawberries will only strawberries on their own land — not by chance the name itself it eloquently reminds us of this.

Well, what people? It would seem that it does not threaten the root binding — he is free to move in any direction, and may choose to retire at any distance.

A case where a hopelessly ill in hospital came an old mother. Doctors have already ceased to fight for the life of his patient, watched in amazement as he "rose from the dead." It turned out that my mother had brought with her in a bag land, taken in the yard of his father's house, and with the help of "otpoila" her son with water, mixing it in this land. That is the lesson taught traditional medicine semiliterate woman graduate health professionals.

But the roots of the individual — it is not only the earth, where he made my first breath. It's customs, traditions of its people, it is the way of life, those unwritten laws by which their ancestors lived. Having lost their roots, this important life-sustaining basis, man or lose yourself, like the strawberries in a foreign country, or a flower, the fragrance and the outer well-being will die slowly …

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