Why is PR-campaign, Vladimir Putin

The modern appearance of the Putin-Medvedev Russia, tactics behavior of the current Russian leadership of Vladimir Putin's election campaign analyzes the Russian political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky.

Freedom: Andrei, you've just returned from a public forum in Finland. Which see Russia those Europeans who still interested in what happens in Russia? Journalist Vladimir Nadein writes in "The Daily Journal" on the Internet: "Europeans are afraid of us. A little scared. But most of pity and contempt. In short, neglect. "

Andrei Piontkovsky: I did not feel such an attitude to the Russian participants of the forum and to Russia as a whole, I mean the last of the verbs used Nadein respected. But what I liked in this forum. I am convinced that Finland is less than other European countries, has affected what I call "shrodaryzatsyyay" European public. Schroeder — is a classic example of devotion to the Putin regime. He gets measly two million euros per year to any of Putin's "benzakalenak", constantly delivers reports, books of a thriving democracy in Russia. And he is not alone, he's just the most shameless. "Shrodaryzatsyyu" I watched in America, when he worked there on a business trip.

Why would they Chapman, why they are people who had Kremlin report on the latest political developments of America when they employ people that shape U.S. policy toward Russia. Two former secretary of state, honored — Kissinger and Baker. On Kissinger's widely known that the group "Kissinger — Primakov", which is involved in the company «Kissinger Associates». Baker is not in sight, it is something in the shadows, but his private consulting company "Gazprom" and "Rosneft", no less. So two stars — Dimitri Simes, of course, in Kissinger's work Tom Graham. This "big four" of course, is not a dozen An Chapman, a hundred. That is, with these — it's just a money-laundering.

A long time I was in Germany, because more work in America, and last fall was, and not even the Social Democrats and the Liberal Democrats. General line such that once I was shocked — at the mouth of the hero of the Polish democratic revolution Adam Michnik. At any one seminar a long time, he said, "Well, yes, of course, if a civilized European country, Germany or Poland, came to power a former officer of the Gestapo, that would be weird. But Russia is probably the best option. " By the way, Adam Michnik about the same views adheres to still, however, with a little papravachkay that it would be good to replace the young Gestapo officer, progressive … And this is the prevailing view. Here the word "contempt" is properly caught this attitude condescending contempt.

In Finland it is not felt. By the way, I have always noticed that Finns are much better than we understand the situation in Russia, is thinner than other Europeans. Well, they had such a fate — they live next to a bear den, and somehow they must be very carefully studied. There's no such sentiments.

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