Why launched Altai sale to foreigners?

Altai is sold out!
In the advertising market in the U.S., Germany, UK and other English-and German-speaking countries of the West — a sensation.

Publicly announced sale of Altai at bargain prices, as "agricultural land", but with guarantees speedy transfer to the status of authorizing individual housing — "individual housing construction."

No one in the Altai is not known to the St. Petersburg organization "Zion land in Altai" is selling for housing the wealthy families of the West's best protected land in the most beautiful, unique and unique places of Gorny Altai, or — in everyday use is a stamp — "Siberian Switzerland." Appropriate site ZION represented the English and German versions http://www.sionaltai.ru/

"We invite you to become the owner of your own oasis, located in the mountainous Altai, in the legendary Shambhala country where everything is impregnated a mysterious vital force. Here you will experience a welcome lightness of being, harmony and true happiness, and life in the spring you will again be deep river "- in three languages offered future residents of the legendary land of Shambhala.

And, does this "Zion land in Altai" on the rights of the owner of land. That, if we take into account the laws and the Constitution of the Russian Federation, belong to the Russian Federation, the regional government, municipalities.

Any housing is prohibited. However, a unique part of Russia, which is still nominally the property of the country and the people they sell it for large-scale housing construction:

"Attention, Action! — Intriguing in three languages ZION — begin to transfer land for individual housing construction, and we can say with a high guarantee that it will take a couple of months. We would like to draw your attention that you can manage to buy the land at a price of almost IZHS Marines, in an amazing place and build their family estate. And we are ready to help you realize your dreams. "

In the Criminal Code, the environmental legislation, water, forests and other codes of the Russian Federation such things clearly treated as a crime. But the seller knows on what grounds Sold Russian land to foreigners for mass housing construction, it does not stop. ZION openly makes it clear that the reserve land for sale massive population is foreign to the sanctions as "business partners" in the face of the country's leadership, that the seller is bound by close relationships. In the "partners" and said: "The region stands out unique natural landscape, healthy mountain air, the living water from mineral springs and unique, almost palpable energy. These qualities and the highest rated establishment of the country, choosing the Altai to relax. "

In the "For Sale" are supposedly "agricultural land" in size from 0.8 to 40.4 hectares. Attached cards sold land. They are marked by three types of boxes: "for sale", "reserved", "sold". That is, the sale is a long time, just before it was in a closed session. On the old show and six-digit number of auction items, "farmland".

Site could find provocation, if not for one detail. In the sections on site-specific details are documents proving that selling party is indeed the owner.

For example, a site 405_469.

"The company ZION offers for sale of land for the construction of the estate or a hotel-resort. The site has easy accessibility from the airport of Ust-coke next to the mountain massif in the ecologically clean region of Russia. Earth has a beautiful view of Mount Belukha and the unique landscape and the energy area has a beneficial effect.


Altai Republic, Ust-Koksinsky district, village Tungur

Plot size:

40.4 ha

Type of law:

Property 04:08:080405:469

Permitted use:

For ancillary services

If necessary, the company will transfer ZION land settlement land category with the permitted use individual housing construction. "

Of course, no one at the Russian law no company can translate "agricultural land" to "land for individual housing construction," the state's power is delegated to the executive branch, and no one else.

Only one explanation: Wholesale Russian land in the Altai Mountains have been sold, and now like structures called Zion sells it retail.

Who and when he gave the right to sell the Russian protected land to foreigners (and anyone else) for housing development?

Nobody ever.

"The servants of the people" themselves have ordered the Russian land. "


Again we missed … Maybe our land is not ours, in the sense of legally?

Legitimate question. Why would we assume that the land will be in demand among wealthy Westerners?
Below is a link and an excerpt from a comprehensive text on the link. Do not be lazy to read. Meaning in short — a move the world's elite in a climate-friendly place on the background of the changes, as they already knew ahead of time.

The question is open in terms of how they are going to do with the local population. When America settled, the Indians took care little.

More than a year ago you could read about the Gulf Stream slowing down here (in Google) «site: arteksgroup.com Gulf Stream." For example, http://arteksgroup.com/Article_about_crisis4.html

"There is a very effective way of concealing information about the real situation: running into circulation a huge number of false, but plausible-looking, information, and check the array which revealed significant parts of it would require too much time and effort.
This technique is used when initially impossible to conceal, remove, destroy "dangerous" information.
For the analysis in this situation uses the following method: I have to see what information appears first, when she appeared, as it is said in it, and how long, with what was throwing it kontrinformatsiya dynamics. This preliminary analysis will see the broad outlines of the real circuit situation. Next you need to focus on the arguments and counter-arguments analyzing the parties.
So, we are interested in the topic of the situation was as follows: first, in the early nineties, there were works that all is not well with the warm Gulf Stream.
It is understood that the Gulf Stream — a giant oven, heated year round most of the United States and all of Western and Northern Europe. Gulf Stream flow volume — 50 million m3 per second, 20 times the flow of all rivers in the world combined. Thermal power it is about 1.3 — 1.5 petawatt (petawatt = 1015 watts) that the power is equal to one million plant.
Gulf Stream ensures that in Europe and the U.S. average annual temperature is 10.9 degrees Celsius higher than in similar latitude regions, such as in the European part of Russia, Siberia and the Far East.
As a result, in Europe and in much of the U.S. has a very mild climate, an exceptionally favorable for agriculture. The average annual grain yields in Germany, France and the UK (non-black soil) — 70 quintals per hectare, in Sweden — 60, Ireland — 85, and in the Ukraine (the black earth) — about 24 in Russia (Nechernozemie) — about 17 quintals. In Germany, France, Belgium, etc. there is no drought and frost, destroy crops, and in Russia and Ukraine they are regular.
So that the Gulf Stream to the U.S. and Western Europe — a gift from above, through which, the heat equivalent of the work of a million nuclear power plants, all the time, every day, warm the U.S. and Western Europe, dramatically increasing the efficiency of the economy in general and agriculture in particular, .
So, in 90 years began to report the scientists that the situation is not right with the Gulf Stream. His power began to weaken, and in some sections it began to fade, especially towards the north.
All the details of a long story, present a general outline.
As a result of further investigation revealed that the changes are due to the Gulf Stream that is intensive melting of ice in Greenland and in the Arctic as a whole. A huge number of images of fresh water (ice — fresh) enhances crossing the Gulf Stream cold Labrador Current, the density of water which is getting smaller, and it starts to "chase" is more salty and dense Gulfstream in depth. Freshening of the Arctic Ocean due to the melting of Arctic sea ice also begins to "chase" is much saltier Gulf Stream deep. In addition, some scientists have argued that because of the melting ice caps multikilometer its weight decreases and changes the geometry of the Earth's crust in Greenland (at this point the crust rises), and it also prevents the Gulf Stream flow, as usual, to the north, to the coast of West and Northern Europe.
In general, given a large number of reasons to change the trajectory of the Gulf Stream.
Not all the arguments about the causes of what is happening equally convincing. The reasons can talk and argue a lot, in fact, the main thing is not it, and not so important who of scientists and what agrees or disagrees.
The most important thing is that there is a real fact is that the Gulf Stream changes direction and weaken much earlier than before.
Within a very short time (usually talk about 3-5 years), the Gulf Stream will start before reaching the coast of Spain, "wrap" to Africa and stop completely "kill" to France, Great Britain, Norway, Iceland and about. Svalbard.
Therefore, do not have to wait 100 years to all felt some changes in climate. Nine additional degrees donated Europe, and Eastern and Central U.S., will disappear very soon.
If such changes were made in other regions (Africa, South America, etc.), the West would just spit on it and forgot. But here the situation is different.
Very much it hurt the most economically developed regions of the world. Dramatically change the climate in most of the U.S. (will desertification of vast areas of Mexico and the U.S.), comes cold snap (something like the Siberian climate) in the UK, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, etc. The sharp deterioration in climate will occur in France, will be a very wet climate of Spain, etc.
The researchers write about the huge amount of disasters that threaten these regions, which could dramatically change the conditions of existence of all living there.
After the release of information about the problems with the Gulf Stream, a few years no external reaction to this topic was not. Obviously, in the first moment of the "brain" did not give it a value. Then, suspecting something was wrong, decided to scientifically test to make sure that it is real, because topic is too serious and the cost of failure is high.
Only then, somewhere in 1999-2000, in the media there was a heavy flow of scientific kontrinformatsii.
All eventually became confined to the issues: global cooling or global warming now is, how much — by 5 or 10 degrees Celsius temperature change and by how much it will happen — after 100 or 200 years.
In general, everything was translated in a rather abstract arguments about the distant future, not current next 100-200 years.
The result is obvious: in this background, it's pretty easy process information that the ice caps at both poles and Greenland are melting at a very high speed.
Dangerous not only melting ice of the North Pole and Greenland.
Melting of ice in Antarctica is also a serious threat. Reduced in size jumper that connects the main part of the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica. Prior to that in a very short time the glaciers melted Larsen A and Larsen B, defending the Ross Ice from warmer waters. And this is very dangerous.
The fact that the Ross Ice Shelf — the main supplier of icebergs. In the near future (one, maybe two — three years), he will be ready to completely break away from Antarctica.
The area of this glacier 487,000 km2 — about equal to the area of France, the thickness of the body of the glacier — from 200 meters to 700 meters, the size — 800 by 850 kilometers. This glacier is afloat and land associated with the ice bridge that prevents him off.
If this "kid" will come off, float away in the warmer latitudes, and there will melt, it will greatly affect vapidity of water in many regions of the world ocean.
This desalination will have a very serious impact on certain trends and, again, will promote a variety of natural disasters and climate change. Besides separation of the Ross Ice greatly accelerate the melting of the remaining ice cap of Antarctica.
For those who understand what the various aspects of global warming can actually threaten us not in the distant future, but right now, this is a very threatening information.
In general, one pulls the other, and, as a result, we are all waiting for a fun time.
Such future global change, of course, could not care about the "brain", especially in regions that provide its financial power.

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