WikiLeaks-freedom fighters or compromising information?

The publication of tens of thousands of secret documents about the war in Afghanistan on the site again drew the world's attention on the activities of this rather mysterious organization that arose three years ago, but noted its existence some very loud publications.

WikiLeaks — This is an international media organizations that publish on its website confidential and secret documents of various organizations and governments, without having to open sources, of which there are such documents.

"We believe that transparency in government activities leads to reduced corruption, better governance and strengthening democracy," — says the organization's website.

We believe that transparency in government activities leads to reduced corruption, better governance and strengthening democracy.

In the initial period of its activity WikiLeaks acted on a similar principle as Wikipedia — each had a chance to put on the site and edit your stuff, and participate in the discussion of other materials.

But early this year, after a break in the activities of the website, WikiLeaks publication policy has changed. Publishing content on the site is now only upon approval by the editors. Site visitors also can not put a comment.

One of the founders of WikiLeaks is a 39-year-old Australian programmer and journalist Julian Esaynzh, which acts as a representative of the press.

Esaynzh told The New York Times, that WikiLeaks receives daily dozens of documents from which publishes only those that will be tested on their editorial credibility. In the organization on a permanent basis, there are five or six volunteers, the organization can also rely on the expertise of 800-1000 specialists in areas such as encryption and programming.

WikiLeaks servers are located in several countries, including Sweden and Belgium, where laws provide greater security zahovvanay information on them.

In the past, WikiLeaks has become famous, among other things, the publication of classified material on emissions of toxic substances off the coast of Africa, the emphasis instructions for managing the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba or the placement of the video with an attack on an American military helicopter hotel in Baghdad in 2007 that killed 12 people , including a reporter and photographer Royterz agency.

Awards and criticism

For his efforts WikiLeaks has won a number of prestigious awards, among others, from The Economist magazine in 2008 and by Amnesty International in 2009.

In addition to location, WikiLeaks also collects a lot of criticism — Government representatives criticized the organization for what it

They do not keep the rule of law and respect for individual rights.

Publication compromising some of the military operations, and the advocates of Human Rights accused of organizing a pasyaganni to privacy and personal sphere of life.

"WikiLeaks should include the enemies of open society because they do not value the rule of law and respect the rights of the individual" — The New York Times quoted the opinion of Stephen Afterguda, an expert on state secrets of the Association of American Scientists.

Despite the semi-secret conditions of existence and conflicting assessments of its activities, WikiLeaks can not find sponsors, both among individuals and among media organizations (such as agency Associated Press, the newspaper The Los Angeles Times or the National Association of Newspaper Publishers in the U.S.). Organizational prices contents of WikiLeaks estimated 200,000 euros per year. According to the official version of WikiLeaks, the people working for the site, do not receive any salary. If they had to pay the cost of maintenance of WikiLeaks would rise to 600,000 euros per year.

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