Wild elk fell in love with a cow

October 23, 2012 6:20

Horny couple: wild moose several years sought attention cow …

In Canada, British Columbia, moose elk — one of the largest mammals in the country — has chosen a life partner farm cow. Plans to conquer favorite elk nurtured for years. About this unusual "horned love" told the Canadian edition of National Post.
"In a year when elk first appeared, he was hanging around a couple of days — says Greg Messner, owner of the farm on which they live cow. — The next year he came already for several weeks. He did nothing, just watched the cows. This time moose decided to act. "

The farmer said, with a laugh, what to watch for moose relationship, which simply called Elk, and cows, are responsible to him in return was, "is like watching a movie for adults, several times a day." According to him, the male stayed for a while, and eventually joined the herd during the rut. In this case, according to the testimony of Messner, Elk, six feet high, four wide, and weighing about half a ton, and behaved aggressively.
After neighbors jokes that soon will very peculiar cow progeny, the farmer contacted the biologist from University of Northern British Columbia. Specialist assured the host that the elk on chromosome 8 more than the chicks, so the probability of hybrid calves close to zero.
Strange, but entertaining the couple aroused great interest among the local population. In the end, this is what has become a determining factor for Messner, who decided to separate the animals. According to him, first at the fence of the farm began stopping cars from the nearby highway. But the last straw was the appearance of the hunters, who are interested in long horns handsome Elk and openly watched him through the scope rifle.
Messner calling your office for the protection of the environment and wildlife, and the capture of animals. In order to secure the attention of the Elk hunters, he was deprived of the horns, and then taken to the mountains, located twenty kilometers from the city.
"Actually, I think he will be back next year" — suggests the owner love cows.

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