Will now be treated by force?

"Immortals can you not be, but you must be healthy!"
Curious responsibilities Russians counted a new document, which regulates the whole sphere of public health. Now, according to which came into force at the beginning of this year, the Law "On the basis of health protection in the Russian Federation," we must take care to preserve their health, medical examination and screening in the prevention, treatment and respect the rules of behavior in health care organizations. These are now, as stated in the document, direct obligations of the citizens in the area of their own health.
Some logic in the fact that the state requires us to be healthy, or at least to attempt this, of course. For him, that is, the state, as cynical as it sounds, every sick citizen — always an extra burden. Judge: only in this region for more than twenty one thousand people have a right to preferential drug coverage for federal money, and the average cost of a prescription grace is 750 rubles. So it is obvious that one of the surest ways to optimize the cost of care and drug coverage Russians — make us healthier. And "legitimized" now the duty to monitor your body should probably play a certain role.

But if we commit to something, it means that the obligations must also somehow controlled. However, until the questions of who and how we will monitor compliance with the rules of healthy living, remain unanswered.

Obviously, because of this provision on the duty is by far the most difficult. At a recent press conference, representatives of the regional department of the Ministry of Health is very clear able to convey to journalists enjoying the greatest sense of the Law "On the basis of health."

But explain to journalists of regional media, both in practice will be implemented point about responsibilities of citizens in the health sector, while no one could. And the reason is very simple and objective — the state mechanism, which would oblige people to be healthy, does not exist. Options are only available in the form of, for example, incentives. In practice, it should look something like this: the amount of insurance premiums every individual can directly depend on how healthy lifestyles people lead — say, a smoker, whether alcohol abuse. But then again: who, how and when it will track? And anyway, is not this an invasion of personal space man?

Answers to these and many other questions about the new law, there will be only when it is, as promised by health officials, will acquire a variety of regulations. When this happens, just hard to say. So while everything remains the same: to get us to monitor the state of the body and motivate a healthy lifestyle can only ourselves. However, sometimes it is done by some employers that pay, for example, employees of a non-smoker premium.

By the way, according to the statistics, the Russians are in no hurry to take care to maintain their health and to find an explanation, issuing a total sad trend: in general, we treat ourselves irresponsible. Thus, over 80 percent of Russians say that a healthy lifestyle takes too much time. For more than half of Russians, he was also expensive. It makes you want to answer them, to paraphrase a classic: "The immortal can you not be, but you must be healthy!"

Lyudmila Ivanova, Voice of Russia

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