Will the image of Lukashenka another British Lord?

The other day, the Belarusians have presented a new image-maker of the country — Lord Peter Chadlington Selwyn Homer, head of the British public relations holding "Hantsuort." He spoke on Belarusian state television and said that he would help the Belarusian government, who asked him to assist in the privatization process.

Peter Selwyn Homer Chadlington — This is the second lord, who took up the change imizhdu Belarus. Preview — Lord Bel, Head of Bell Pottinger Group, has been recommended Lukashenko Boris Berezovsky, but lasted only one year. The contract with the Lord Bell was terminated. Help change the image of Belarus in the second British Lord?

Political scientist Svetlana Naumova said the head of state to appeal to different PR-agencies is welcome, because it is still an attempt to make the country more attractive face, and to improve the image of the be All are interested:

"But the problem is that a vacuum is not possible to create the image. That is not the country, so to speak, with an authoritarian economy, with state economies in the eyes of investors conducive to doing business. Means we need to understand that no matter how the Lord came there is no such a wonderful means by which that is, can be turned into more attractive. This could even invite a dozen Lords, but if the country is in the area of economic risk, and there it will stay. "

Economist Sergei Chaly mentioned that the one Lord is trying to change the image of Belarus:

"And then tried to Belarusians create our own funds for the London Institute for State Ideologies, who also tried to perform this function. But the invitation of the next Lord means that the Belarusian authorities were not satisfied with the results of the work of these professionals. And we decided zgadits normal PR. And why not? One is that there will be an interview with decent foreign newspapers and TV channels, in and of itself bad. If you remember, Lord Bell organized the even scan in the influential "Financial Times", dedicated to Belarus. So — why not? "

Political scientist Vladimir Mackiewicz says that it is unlikely the new lord dramatically improve the image of Belarus:

"To work to be effective, it is necessary to take certain measures in the country and to change much in the country, especially economic reform. Imizhmeyking Without this no, no PR, no advisers do anything just can not. Possible, of course, raspiyaryts, to tell the British PR people, there are good conditions for which a favorable business climate, what wonderful businesses that you can buy, buy, invest in that, but as soon as the first foreign investor will face a bureaucratic legal system and the obstacles that stand in the way of privatization and investment in Belarus I immediately become aware and to other foreign investors. So if the country did not change, and no other Lord of Lords, even a great company can not help you. "


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