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In the bath life begins. And it's not just a pretty picture. For centuries, women gave birth in Russia in the bath (and not only a commoner, but boyarynya, Princess and even the Queen).

By the way, modern medicine, as is often the case, confirmed that our ancestors had for a lot of reasons. In the bath, plenty of warm water, the desired temperature (which is suitable not only giving birth, but the newborn baby), and the hot steam kills disease-causing germs. And with the birth bath accompanies human life — Bath soars, sauna rules, sauna fix everything, they say.

What are the baths

They are innumerable — Russian, Finnish sauna, Oriental (Turkish), a Roman term, the Japanese ofuro and even exotic like sand. But all of these species can be divided into two large groups: the dry and steam. Classic Home dry saunas — Finnish sauna (air it warms up to 90-120 degrees and the humidity — 10-15%). An example of a steam bath Russian bath can be considered, it is not so hot, but much more humid: the temperature in a bath usually reaches 40-60 degrees and the humidity — up to 90%. Typically, dry bath tolerated much easier. So we recommend that beginners start with her.

When to start

It is best to get acquainted with the bath before conceiving a baby. Moreover, obstetricians have come to the conclusion that the bath is shown in infertility, ovarian dysfunction, amenorrhea, chronic diseases of the internal genital organs.

You can go to a bath and during pregnancy. In pregnant women, the sauna, births are easier and less painful to them during labor significantly less likely to require spazmalitiki and analgesics. This is due to the fact that regular visits to the baths increase the elasticity of the ligaments, reduce excessive muscle tension, have a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system.

However, before the first visit to the sauna should consult your gynecologist. After all, there are baths and some contraindications. These include: acute inflammatory disease, condition after surgery, pregnancy complications.

If you have a contraindication is found, you can safely go to the bath. Keep only in the mind that if you pre-pregnancy to the bath did not go, then the first time it should be done with caution, carefully listening to their own feelings. Do not sit too long in the steam room, try to relax a little more. If something in your state you worrying (dizzy, nauseated), immediately get out of the steam room.

The first bath for remains

It is noticed that the kids, "visited" the bath, being in my mother's belly, much easier to perceive bathing procedures after birth. After all, they are in a period of nine months and has already soared, and bathed and rested with my mom for a cup of tea. Only now these feelings have become much brighter.

If mom regularly went to the baths during pregnancy, the "real" meeting with baby bath can be arranged, when he turns three months. A.D.Timofeeva known pediatric naturopath, author of the book "Conversations children's doctor" believes that familiarity with the bath is better to postpone until 7-8 months.

But it should be prepared.

The fact that the delicate skin newborn crumbs still not used to the temperature changes. To make the adaptation process is intensive, from birth to practice air baths. Pereodevayas little one, do not rush. Give him a little lie down naked, podrygat handles, legs.

When you bathe your baby in advance, prepare a separate basin water a little cooler than the "basic" bathtub. You can even just take a leak before the start of the bathing water bath in a basin. While the young swimmer will splash in the tub, the water in the basin will have time to cool down just a couple of degrees.

Many advocates of "natural development" insist to pour the crumbs immediately with cold water. But this question is very personal. Try it, maybe you and your child this way will do. But be honest and consistent: sling baby you have the right only if doused with ice water themselves. You can even do it together — you undress, get in the bath with the baby in her arms, and my dad or particularly brave grandmother in one fell swoop pours you a bucket of cold water. Scarce, of course, such a scream from the temperature difference (after all, he is an adult and is breathtaking.) But then you're screwed on it in a warm towel, apply to the chest, and he should immediately calm down.

I can say that even in the same family to someone this way is suitable, and someone — no. For example, my oldest daughter having fun inventing and drenched with me the tale of the Cold Waterfall, and the youngest, this procedure is strictly not like. If the baby is not in any agrees to douches, do not insist, because the baby has a right to vote.

And for the skin to adapt to temperature changes is fine and just a cool (not ice cold) water and air baths. If your treasure responds positively to the strip-dressing (left naked, baby do not cry, do not cringe, his skin is turning blue or pale, trembling chin), it will be assumed that he was quite prepared for the first meeting with a sauna. Tune in to the fact that everything will be fine, and your emotions are sure will be passed crumbs.

Madonna and Child in the sauna

Introduction to the sauna is best held at her mother's hands. And even better — at the breast. This is the most powerful sedative. Furthermore, it was found that 80% of the sauna nursing mothers increases lactation. On the first visit to the sauna spend literally one minute.

Closely monitor the fontanelle, do not allow it to swell. Normal response to elevated temperature in the sauna: easy separation of sweat, pink (not red!) Skin, well-being, baby not pale, not crying.

Immediately after heating the child necessarily drench with water (it is good to prepare it in advance before entering the steam room). If you are not a supporter of extremism, the water does not have to be ice cold. Even if it is just room temperature, the temperature contrast, after the steam room will still be felt. It is not only quenched, but also hygienic procedure, because with the skin to wash off the sweat and toxins, then it will be easier to breathe.

And now you can relax — sit together, wrapped in a towel, a cup of tea or a splash in the pool.

The three phase — steam room, cooling, relaxation — the main components of the ritual bath. That was the sequence they are repeated as many times as you feel comfortable. Usually enough for a first visit is of two or three visits to the steam room. Over time, the kid gets used to a longer stay in the sauna. But do not hurry it!

The train has left?

If you did not go to the baths during pregnancy or your baby is already out of the tender infant, do not think that everything is lost. Never too late to start!

Each age has its own characteristics bath hikes.

The kid who already knows how to walk, had not entered in the steam room on his hands. This is an important psychological moment. On the one hand, my mother's hands give, of course, the defense, but on the other hand, for a child who longs for independence, it is some violence. Slightly open the door to the steam room go there and invite a child. Let it go down myself.

If your child is more than three years, certainly before going to the sauna tell us about what to expect (although this observation applies to children of any age). Come up with a story about the hot African country where you are going on a trip. And then you have to stand under ice waterfalls or dive into the "hole" of the cold font. And then — to relax and have a special athletic drink (a decoction of rose hips or cranberry juice).

Bath will correct all

If your child was tortured to colds, highly recommend you to consider a bath. It strengthens the immune system, trains the cardiovascular system, promotes the dischar
ge of mucus. And in the steam room one can breathe steam from herbal infusions (suitable eucalyptus, linden, chamomile, etc.), here's the inhalation. Shows a bath and skin diseases, as well as the musculoskeletal system.

Bath useful for kids with hyper, because during bath treatment reduced muscle tone, calm the nerves and improve overall health. The alternation of temperatures at first gives a sense of cheerfulness, which then gives way to a pleasant feeling of relaxation and fatigue. Checked: after a bath the children fall asleep right on the way home and sleep extremely hard!

But there is a sauna and contraindications. As for pregnant women, is, first of all, the acute inflammatory diseases accompanied by high fever. Is strictly prohibited, or sauna bath in purulent inflammatory and infectious diseases (otitis, sinusitis, abrasions), even if temperature not increased. But if the disease is in the chronic stage, the room is very welcome.

You can not visit a bath and convulsive seizures of various etiologies, in any form of epilepsy.

And the last. The effect of the bath or sauna will only be the case if you are going to visit her with the baby regularly. Let this be your pleasant and at the same time healthy habit!

Inessa Smyk

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