Without the Russian assault on Berlin would wait for World War III. Continued Part 3

Soviet command at the same time were given instructions to suppress solid disgrace — satellites of all wars — against the civilian population, especially its women and children half. Rapists were subject to the court martial. All of it was.
At the same time Moscow demanded severely punish any attacks, sabotage "not quite dead and hopeless" that may have occurred in defeated Berlin and in the Soviet occupation zone. Meanwhile, wanting to shoot in the back of the winners were not so little. Berlin fell on May 2, and the "local battles" ended it ten days later. Ivan Zaytsev, he worked at our embassy in Bonn, told me that "it is always the most" luck. "The war ended on 9 May and he fought in Berlin until the 11th. Berlin resistance to the Soviet SS troops are part of the 15 States. They worked together with the Germans Norwegian, Danish, Belgian, Dutch, Luxembourg and the devil knows what other Nazis …

— But Budapest took longer than Berlin.

— Budapest — a special case. Now talking about Berlin. What happened there and how was, afforded a lot of headaches Soviet command. Establishing control over the city is a challenge. On the outskirts of Berlin was not enough to overcome the Seelow Heights, to break with heavy losses seven lines equipped for long-term defense. On the outskirts of the capital of the Reich and on main roads Germans buried tanks, turning them into armored pillboxes. When our troops come out, for example, in the Frankfurter alley, street led straight to the center, they were met by heavy fire, again costing us so many lives …

— And before the war, Frankfurter Strasse alley called Hitler?

— They have until May forty-five her so designated. It enemy tanks were deployed in all key locations. Their crews desperately doomed shot at point-blank Soviet infantry, tanks and convoys. The Wehrmacht had intended to arrange the streets of Berlin a second Stalingrad. Now on the River Spree.
When I think about all this, I still have itching on the heart — not it be better to close the ring around Berlin and wait until he surrenders himself? Is it obligatory to put up a flag on the Reichstag, he would be damned? With the capture of this building hundreds of our soldiers perished.
It is difficult, of course, after the fact, and to judge the winners and losers. Then played a role, apparently, strategic considerations caliber. The Western powers, turning into a pile of rubble in Dresden, Moscow frightened her potential bombers. Stalin certainly wanted to show the initiators of "Unthinkable" fire and striking power of the Soviet armed forces. With a hint, the outcome of the war is not decided in the air and on the sea and on the ground.

— And, after all. Can we say that the capture of Berlin kept the London and Washington, the temptation to start a third world war?

— One thing is certain. The battle for Berlin sobered many dashing head and thus fulfilled its political, psychological and military applications. And the head of the West, drugged relatively easy in the spring and forty-five success was rife. Here is one of them — American General Patton tank. He hysterically demanded not to stop at the Elbe, and, without delay, to move U.S. troops through Poland and Ukraine, to Stalingrad, in order to end the war where Hitler was defeated. This Patton us with you called "the descendants of Genghis Khan." Churchill, in turn, had no scruples in different terms. The Soviet people were going at it for the "barbarians" and "wild monkeys." In short, the "theory of subhuman" was not a German monopoly.
Roosevelt's death turned into almost a lightning change of milestones in American politics. In his last address to the U.S. Congress (25 March 1945), the President warned: either Americans will assume responsibility for international cooperation — in implementing the Tehran and Yalta — or they will be responsible for a new world conflict. Truman is a warning, this is a political testament predecessor did not bother. At a meeting at the White House on April 23 the first time he publicly articulated its course for the foreseeable future: the surrender of Germany — a matter of days. From now on, the way the Soviet Union and the United States differ radically, the balance of interests is an occupation for the faint of heart. "Pax Americana" must be put at the forefront.
Truman was very close to, without delay, to announce the break of cooperation with Moscow publicly. This could happen if … If it were not for the U.S. military Fronde. In case of a break with the Soviet Union, the Americans would have to single-handedly put Japan on his knees, that, according to the Pentagon, would cost the United States the death of one to two million "American boys." So the U.S. military for the reasons prevented in April forty-fifth gathering of political avalanche. However, not for long. "The attack on Yalta" had gradually. Followed by a re-enactment of the German surrender in Reims. This, in essence into separate, transaction fit into the plan, "Unthinkable." Another indication of the fact that after the fall of Berlin Alliance withered, was the refusal of Eisenhower and Montgomery to participate in a joint parade of the Victory in the former capital of the Reich. They, along with Zhukov had to take this parade.

— That is why the Victory Day parade held in Moscow?

— No. He conceived the Victory Parade in Berlin did take place, but it took a marshal Zhukov. It was in July of forty-five. And in Moscow Victory Parade took place, as you know, on June 24.

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