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Russian word "pagan temple" — most likely derived from the Slavic root "skepticism": skepati — hack; skapanoe (skepanoe) — cut, hewn (transition "e" in "a" due to the influence akayuschego say).
Here we meet with a direct indication that the material of the old Russian built the Sanctuary, there was a tree.
An old expression "temples of sgrazhdaem" is the latest interpretation — are building, building. But before it was probably meant "Gorozhenoye" (fencing) Sacred places timbered fence.

Any hewn wooden long object (pole, shaft, spear shaft) in the old Russian called "skepische" or "iskepische", which directly confirms this pattern of word formation.

However, contrary to the old folk saying that "kap not in the logs, and the ribs", the pagan temple of in Russia yet built.
It is noteworthy that in the south-west of Russia, "chapel" (kaplichka) until the twentieth century meant — a chapel, a chapel, shrine. Small chapel in the "region of the Don" and the XIX century was called "kapishte."
In Catholicism, the word "chapel" and still mean a chapel or chapel, and a Catholic priest called the chaplain.
V.Dal leads Old Russian word "tserkvische" is the designation of a pagan temple, implying the presence of some buildings.
Obviously, in addition to "Gorozhenoye" Kapey there also Kapi "with podvershnoy" — covered.
M.Fasmer in his dictionary gives the old Russian word "Yatka" to mean: "a tent, retail space, a tent, a cave, as well as a pagan temple." It is noteworthy that "Yatka" — a word derived from the ancient "yat" — take, hide, hide.
Thus, there is a small view of the (log) construction — cage skryvische.
Another proof of the existence of covered houses of the definition of the word is "Kushch" in the dictionary V.Dal — "tent, gallop, carport, canopy, kap." Add to the above is that in ancient Kuschami also called the Sacred Grove is drawing most revered by the people of springs.

Interesting in their interpretations, although not entirely clear in meaning, is an old word Tver 'okapany "- in the later meaning" similar, very similar. " Perhaps initially, the value was "in the image of Creation" — Write-offs (isdolbany) from nature or representation.

In Russian In the mid-north (heart) temples are sometimes installed "written rock" covered rukosechnym Uzoroche.
Often became the center of the Sanctuary "sill" — lying alone in the wild boulder. Such stones are considered vested immemorial magic healing powers. Some of the Holy Stones popular trail is overgrown and not to this day.
The master stonecutters, through some simple peck iron was applied to the surface of the stone often weave pattern.
Stone isdolb covered handmade images of old familiar masters are the wooden carvings and reflect a picture of the device Mirokolitsy.

Inside any Old Kapi, located in front of the Sacred Isdolbami "zhrische" (zhertvische) — the place where sacrifices (required) gods and ancestors (usually the altar was dug into the ground thick deck).

Next to zhertvischem was "Ohnište" — a place layout of the Sacred Fire which is established to have burned some Kapyah quench.
In the sanctuary burned special — "Grated Fire" have the same name "woody". He gets the cleanest way — friction of wood on wood. In more recent times was obtained through pure fire from flint vykresaniya kresalom iron or a glass lentils (bryushistogo, pot-bellied glass) directly from the sun.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the Russian pagan temple — a complex phenomenon that is closely connected to his organization of sacred space with the Great Lad Mirokolitsy.

Kako be put Kap

Gather the best magicians and reasonable people on postoyatelnye blagopromyslitelny advice — how these things should be the place.
About this place Swedan advance: whether there are growing ears double clover outlandish Ali Ali is what a miracle is in waking. If ye same Swedan, no whether in fact what wickedness and disorder byahu.
Following the same ceremony on becoming otognanie any bad dreams, that turns svetlodushiya Inasmuch any Kap — God Svetlitsa esti!
Spirit blossoming, lyubomrudnoe case should administer — oseredyshek Kapi oppositely Urechye — idezhe am.
Dale needs earthly verstaniem Kapischno Colo able. In the center thereof otyapany drive a stake, so long priuz (Verviers) towards this cola vyazati firmly. By the end of these things to other priuza otyapu knit ought — to two stakes in one priuze happened.
Oposlya Colo zavorobit toyu otyapoyu, drawing a gadfly on okoemu yes in deosil — on taynomysliyu Volkhov.
When thou by doing these things, walk by the old wise men — in deosil Kap riveting, close Holy — Nasvyato.
Kolobrodov Magi gang round the holy place rekut zagovornyya Magi are the words:

I go around the field
As I tossed Kolocha!
Kolotkov Koloch
Okolotkom tossing!
No beginning or end
We go around the ring as

Magi deosil go in Kudesy yes to beat play, and walking is as evil propels finding places chistago.
Takozhde adequately esti if the Magi Volkhov walks, but axed grain is sown with the sentence: "Keanu powder — get up heaps!" If thou whether Volkhov usolon sprinkles salt on — the Holy place zaborona esti.
Magi vstezh sosledu to not go and sleep in his sentence accent voice accomplishes. Takozhde Troy Magi Kap circumvention usolon.
Magi mnogomudrym ilk Kap Hardening pohochut by TNI side Kolozemitsy Identifies stuck. Ovo same — noon, vegetables the same — midnight — all ye ends of the earth in order to find a place ryadobnae.
When thou same standard of righteousness it is accomplished, at Kap vhodnitsu chiselled zaznachit true faith, Inasmuch way that — Aki Kalinov Bridge!
Kolo is Kapischno, crotch oborozdit so low ridge — like of vodilos of old in Russia.
After, with great zeal to becoming Izdolba (Chura) attack — let it be in the old days — like Santa to put!
Izdolb advance istyukany, lezhmya ulozhiti yes to divorce small fire near the butt end thereof. Inasmuch Comley nazhigayut pillars of gniloboya mokrosti and all.
While it nauglub pit at Kapi ryti, not deep, but the proportionality of the pillar base.
Izdolb svoedelny put up with all drugovschinoy (community) because it is vodruzhalny — together presentable. Bogoradno is the work is — the mind what to say!
Magi on representation Izdolba slavlenya affects should not takozhde clearance and other boyars say a word — it is not against the old.
Oposlya Kap it posed.

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