Work began on the restoration of Ivangorod

By the fall of 2014 it will open a modern visitor center.   Recreating Ivangorod fortress complex is in a large scale project "Development of a unique ensemble of frontier fortresses of Narva and Ivangorod as a single cultural and tourist facility" funded program of cross-border cooperation "Estonia-Latvia-Russia" within the framework of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument of 2007-2013. Its implementation will allow for the development of tourist infrastructure of the border region of Narva-Ivangorod.    The total funding for the project is around 6.9 million euros, of which Ivangorodskaya complex will get 3.4 million euros. Co-financing from the budget of the Leningrad region will be 340 million euros, equivalent to about 14 million. The curator of the project with the Russian side is the "Museum Agency Leningrad region." Already signed contracts for the restoration of the Gunpowder Small barn and conservation quadrangular castle 1492 Ivangorod fortress complex. The contest restoration work will carry Ltd. "Building Culture". The total cost of 94.5 million. It is planned that the restoration of Ivangorod fortress complex will be completed by the end of summer 2014. By this time in the rooms of the restored Little Gunpowder barn will be a modern visitor center and interactive exhibition that introduces visitors to the history Ivangorod, also there is a mini conference room equipped with modern technology that will enable the museum to work on a new qualitative level. Quadrangular fortress walls will be cleaned and preserved at the top of the wall will make the waterproofing, the neighborhood prosper. Press-service of the governor and government
Leningrad Region

Dmitry Kozar, Project Coordinator
GBUK LO "Museum Agency"
Tel: 8-921-941-23-11

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