Zatlers: Belarus and Latvia will go to a higher level of relationship

This was stated by the Latvian president Valdis Zatlers on the First National Channel. Zatlers said that the Belarusian school in Latvia supports the state.

According to BelTA, Valdis Zatlers said that the two countries is currently at the level of contact Foreign Affairs. There is also the inter-governmental commission, active local authorities in border areas.

"There are a lot of small steps, which are summarized. One day there will be contacts at the highest level," — said the president of Latvia.

He added that his country will develop its relations with Belarus in a pragmatic manner. In this approach, in its opinion, the interests of both sides.

Latvian leader said that in his country there are more than 80 thousand Belarusians that have their school, which is supported by the state. According to Valdis Zatlers, Latvia does everything to everyone the man was free and live in a democratic society. He also added that Belarusians, Russians and Poles who live in Latvia, have to look at each other as partners, that in the XXI century is the foundation of success.

Zatlers praised the role of the EU in the country out of its economic crisis.

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