Zeta underground base at Dulce and Reptilians (USA)

November 15, 2012 3:57

Base shared US-Zeta, built under the Treaty «in 1954 Greada Treaty». While some researchers were already more than two dozen bases reliably is to date only two: the base at Dulce (Dulce Base) and Area 51 (Area 51, Dreamland, Groom Lake, S-4, Watertown Streep, Paradise Ranch, The Box).

Being built for the purpose of the transfer of technology from the Zetas U.S. government, each of the bases, however, has its own sphere of specialization. The base at Dulce specializes in genetic experiments (Genetic Experiments) and experiments on mind control (Mind Control). The main objective of the program is the area 51 reverse engineer (Reverse Engeneering) ships flying the Zetas — UFOs (Flying Saucers).

The base at Dulce was located under a mountain of Archuleta Mesa — about two and a half miles north-west of the small town of Dulce (New Mexico, USA). For the first time the exact location of the base for American scientist Paul Bennewitz electronics (Paul Bennewitz) in 1979 thanks to its implementation of the intercept and decipher zetovskih communications between the base and the ships that are in the atmosphere and the Earth’s orbit. Bennewitz set with the Zetas direct electronic contact, and received from them a lot of interesting information that was subsequently published. Gradually, dozens of other, independent of Bennewitz, information sources (including Cooper) confirmed its data. In 1999, Branton (Branton) consolidate all available information about the Dulce base in the book «The Book of Dulce» (The Dulce Book), you can read the original here:

http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/dulce_book.html In 2003, Dr. Michael Salla (Dr.Michael Salla) carried filigree scientific analysis of all the available information on base at Dulce, and published the «Report on the Dulce» (The Dulce Report ), a translation of which I propose to the reader.
Report on Dulce (The Dulce Report)
I. Keeping (Introduction)

In late 1979, Dr. Paul Bennewitz, a specialist in electronics, began intercepting communications UFO over Manzano mountain range near Albuquerque, New Mexico. He tracked the UFO activity near Mount Archuleta Mesa on earth Dzhikarilla Apache (Jicarilla Apache Reservation) near the town of Dulce. Earlier Bennewitz investigate the vivisection of animals (Cattle Mutilations) in the region and the statements of citizens who claimed to have been abducted by aliens (Extraterrestrials). Based on film footage, photos, electronic evidence and other studies in this area, Bennewitz concluded that there is next to the Dulce underground base of aliens, which plays a role in the vivisection of animals, and the kidnapping of citizens. In 1980, Bennewitz presented his evidence to officials in the U.S. Air Force base Kirtlend (Kirtland AFB), implying a possible threat from extraterrestrial races (ET Races) located near the storage area of nuclear weapons in Manzano (Manzano Nuclear Weapons Storage Area).
Office of Special Air Force intelligence operations (AFOSI) was quickly involved in the investigation indicates Bennewitz that gradually developed, according to reliable sources, the company disinformation to discredit Bennewitz. Bennewitz electronic evidence and its conclusion regarding the alleged massive violations of human rights (Extensive Human Rights Abuses), which took place in an underground base in Dulce, became associated with the company on misinformation undertaken AFOSI. After a nervous breakdown, what happened to Bennewitz in 1987, and disinformation campaign, which received publicized, most UFO researchers concluded that Bennewitz too closely linked with misinformation, to be taken seriously.
The most serious allegations confirm Bennewitz — a significant number of people claiming to be «whistleblowers» («Whistleblowers»), who as a hired staff of corporations, performing various military contracts, working on the basis of the Dulce and subsequently uncovered some aspects of what was going on there. The general in recognition of these people is the testimony of the armed conflict in 1979 between U.S. military and aliens on the base, which resulted in a significant number of military deaths. This confirms the assertion Bennewitz having such a conflict, and that the cause of the conflict were the violations of human rights on the base. Also found evidence of illegal evidence Bennewitz «transfer» of money from the American economy of the «black budget» (Black Budget Programs), relating to the alien presence, reaching 1.1 trillion annually.
Was Bennewitz superryany UFO researcher who accidentally got into a deep secret Air Force projects, or was it an electronic genius who created his own thanks to the equipment discovered the existence of the joint US-EC (extraterrestrial civilization) underground base where aliens allowed massive human rights violations kidnapped citizens ? In search of answers to these questions I had to read a lot of books, articles and websites. Quality of the responses varied greatly, as all who have written about Dulce, relied on mixed materials from primary and secondary sources, which are mutually refer to each other without the validation of the source and origin. All this led to great confusion and uncertainty as to what was going on under the ground near Dulce, while all available information about Dulce was in the form of rumors and speculation.
Needed research efforts on the analysis of the primary sources of information about Dulce, to answer key questions about the alleged base at Dulce, and violations of human rights here, as permitted by aliens, with the complicity of the U.S. government. This report is an attempt to fill the need for a scientific analysis of the primary sources of what happened, and possibly occurs in the present, at Dulce and elsewhere in the U.S. and across the globe.
In this report, I started to investigate the application of Bennewitz unprecedented violations of human rights by aliens in an underground base in Dulce, and his belief that it was a joint US-EC base, and that there has been a serious military confrontation between the U.S. military and aliens in 1979 , I began to analyze evidence whistleblowers who supports claims Bennewitz, with a review of federal and state laws to protect whistleblowers, and how the National Security statutes eliminate this protection for whistleblowers who disclose sensitive information about the existence of secret underground military facilities. Then I spend an overview of various certificates whistleblowers, including disclosure of the existence of an underground base at Dulce used by aliens.
Gradually, I examine how strong the evidence of human rights violations and armed conflict that took place at Dulce. Next, I examine the criticism voiced against the hypothesis of the existence of the Dulce underground base. Then I look like a secret base at Dulce and other similar institutions are funded out of the federal government oversight. Finally I make recommendations that should be taken on the alleged human rights violations identified in the report, and what are the political aspects of the existence of a joint government — VTS base at Dulce.
II Paul Bennewitz and evidence of joint governmental — VTS base in Dulce (Paul Bennewitz and Evidence of a Joint Government-Extraterrestrial Base at Dulce).
In the mid-’70s wave of vivisection swept New Mexico, and Dr. Paul Bennewitz, a local businessman and an expert in the field of electronics, has shown steadfast commitment to this phenomenon. In 1979, for the study of this phenomenon, he, along with the famous New Mexico reservist Gebom Valdez (Gabe Valdez), made several trips to the state, and they came to the conclusion that the dissection can not be explained by any «natural» causes. Bennewitz soon began to notice an unusual UFO activity in northern New Mexico. Using his film and photographic equipment, he began to accumulate evidence of UFOs. At the same time he made the interception of radio and video broadcasting, which, as he thought, being a UFO belonging to different extraterrestrial races.
He tracked the direction of broadcasts, the end point of which was the base of a mountain Archuleta Mesa near Dulce. Bennewitz was convinced that he was able to identify the radio and video frequency used for communication between extraterrestrial manned vehicles and ground controllers in the Dulce underground base. Bennewitz designed equipment, which he believed allowed him to communicate with the crew of extraterrestrial ships. Later Bennewitz was able to track electronic frequencies used extraterrestrial ships crews to control the people, who were once abducted and implanted with tiny electronic devices. Bennewitz track the location of some of these people and conducted a series of interviews with them about what they remember about their encounters with aliens. Eventually Bennewitz released a report, Project Beta (Project Beta), in which he summarized the evidence of their filming, photography, electronic interception of electronic communications sessions and interviews:
1) Two years of continuous records electronic surveillance and tracking data with alien ships, plus 6000 feet of film on the same subject.
2) Identification and interception of communications newcomers — radio and video.
3) Standing reception with video as alien ships, and with the video screens in the underground base.
4) The discovery of the fact that almost every victim of alien abduction is implanted, which is accompanied by the relevant scars. In the future, all the victims are scanned by aliens. (As reported by Nigel Kautorn at that time numbered 300,000 Bennewitz implanted in the U.S. and about 2 million around the world — the author)
5) The establishment of a permanent direct communication with the aliens using a form of hexadecimal code.
6) The establishment, by intercepting communications aliens exact location of the underground base.
All collected evidence points to the existence of the Dulce underground base used by the different extraterrestrial races. Communications, video and testimony abduktantov Bennewitz gave further information on what is happening on the base and what value it may have on national security.
One abduktantok discovered Bennewitz was Myrna Hansen (Myrna Hansen), which he sent to Dr. Leo Sprinkle (Leo Sprinkle) from the University of Vayominga for sessions of hypnotic regression. Under hypnosis, she reported that she was kidnapped in 1980 along with his son and placed on the base at Dulce. She also described the people, frozen in liquid nitrogen, and large vats filled with the remains of animals and parts of human bodies. These were the most controversial aspects of the research Bennewitz, but together with the data of electronic intercepts, videos, and direct communication sessions with strangers, gave a picture of a giant fraud associated with UFO responsible for the vivisection of animals and unprecedented violations of human rights of citizens abducted.
These electronic interceptions Bennewitz and his interview quickly led him to an understanding of what is happening at the Dulce underground base, large-scale presence of extraterrestrial races here and a large number of citizens who were abducted and forcibly detained at the base. These electronic interceptions and sessions directly related to UFOs Bennewitz gave basic information about what the base in Dulce was a military conflict between ET races and U.S. military personnel. In October 1980, Bennewitz reported his findings AFOSI (Air Force base at Kirtlend), believing that extraterrestrial races threaten the nearby stores nuclear weapons. In his official report, signed by Maj. Thomas Cech (Thomas Cseh) October 28, 1980 and later declassified under the Law on Freedom of Information (Freedom of Information Act), Major Cech wrote: «October 26, 1980 Special Agent Doty (Doty) and Jerry Miller (Jerry Miller, GS-15, Chief Scientific Advisor for Air Force Test and Evaluation Center, KAFB) interviewed Dr. Bennewitz at his home in Albuquerque, which is adjacent to the northern boundary of the base in the Manzano … Dr. Bennewitz Air is conducting a study of phenomena (Aerial Phenomena) the last 15 months. Dr. Bennewitz also made some electronic records allegedly showing periods of high electromagnetic activity taking place in the canyon-Koyot Manzano. Dr. Bennewitz also took a few photos of flying objects taken over the area of Albuquerque. It has electronics intelligence assignments for Manzano, and trying to record high-frequency electromagnetic pulses. Dr. Bennewitz claims that aerial objects emit these signals. After analyzing the data collected by Dr. Bennewitz, Miller came to the conclusion that some kind of unidentified aerial objects actually captured on film, but one can not conclude whether these objects warehouse threat of nuclear weapons in Manzano. »
AFOSI because no action, Bennewitz asked Senator from New Mexico Harrison Schmitt (Harrison Schmitt), who wanted to know why the statements Bennewitz not investigated. Frustrated by the lack of official support for his investigation, Bennewitz released a detailed report entitled «Project Beta», and continued to accumulate data on operations of aliens in the area.
Based on data from electronic intercepts, Bennewitz revealed in his «Project Beta» following evaluation of database size and the number of aliens: «The total area of the range to where the aliens (several different cultures), about 3 (km) wide and 8 (km) in length and it is located in the middle of an Indian reservation Dzhikarilla west of Dulce. Based on the number of ships identified in the area, the total population of aliens suspected of 2 000 or more. »
Bennewitz work has attracted much attention, and soon made AFOSI hidden effort to discredit him. William Moore (William Moore) made a fuss when he openly declared that in 1982 he was co-opted to the effort, when he started to transmit information on the activities of Bennewitz AFOSI and simultaneously deliver the most Bennewitz disinformation. Moore described the events as follows: «… when I first became involved in the company of misinformation concerning Bennewitz, I felt that I was in a unique position. I was standing on the threshold of a secret counterintelligence game that had all the signs of a direct connection with the government’s UFO project of the highest level and, in the opinion of knowledgeable people, was directly related to national security! I could not miss the opportunity to learn at least something about what’s really going on. I was going to play a role in the dirty game of disinformation, persuading those who are making this game, I’m doing everything in my power, and at the same time trying to figure out for myself, who directs the game and why. »
Moore’s public statement confirmed that Bennewitz, at least in part, was a success in the electronic monitoring of extraterrestrial ships in the area, in communication with the extraterrestrial races on the basis of the Dulce and electronic tracking of extraterrestrial abduktantami control in the region. This may explain why AFOSI began intensive covert effort to discredit Bennewitz. AFOSI basic strategy is to assume that the most egregious aspects of applications Bennewitz — base at Dulce, where the abducted people were transported for genetic experiments were stored in a frozen state, and even used as food for the aliens — more misinformation than a true account of the nature of the alien presence in northern New Mexico. In 1982, when Moore first met Bennewitz, much of the information was already Bennewitz disinformation to throw him AFOSI.
Many ufologists desperate to find the truth about what is really happening in Dulce, because of the huge amount of misinformation circulating around Bennewitz, and the high level of activity generated by AFOSI and / or other intelligence agencies, and aimed to Bennewitz and his supporters. The prevailing view is that Bennewitz was certainly on the way to something very important, but succumbed to the beliefs of that discredited his earliest and most compelling work. One ufologist stated that misinformation was intercepted communications:
«Where the truth begins and ends in the information collected Bennewitz is to be discussed, but one thing is certain — the content of the intercepted messages Bennewitz definitely turned paranoid and deluded person that caused colossal nervous breakdown in 1985,» The intensity of his investigations, and the official response to them were too heavy a load for Bennewitz and led him to a nervous breakdown. He later withdrew from any public debate about the Dulce base and left the sphere UFO issues.
Despite the controversial withdrawal from the UFO scene, Bennewitz reputation as an electronics genius has never been questioned, and the extensive collection of films, photographs, and records of electronic communications relating to the UFO phenomenon, were powerful evidence that something unusual was happening around Archuleta Mesa. In addition to a number of physical evidence accumulated Bennewitz, a significant number of whistleblowers provided additional evidence and even the physical evidence of the existence of the underground base at Dulce and violations of human rights are alien races against abductions. Before analyzing the evidence concerning whistleblowers underground base in Dulce, I will focus on the legal status of truth-seeker who reveals classified information, because it explains why only a relatively small number of people are willing to confirm the assumption of an unprecedented human rights violations in the Dulce and other underground bases joint US- CC.
III whistleblowers and National Security
(Whistleblowers and National Security)
«Whistleblowers» are considered brave employees, often enthusiastically martyrs reveal unethical or even criminal government-corporate practices, which bring great harm to the public interest. Often short-term results for whistleblowers are losing their jobs, reputation, security and even life. Truth-seeker can be defined as any employee of any department or corporation of the state apparatus, which publicly disclose unethical or corrupt practices of the government agency / corporation that violates the law and / or detrimental to the public interest. There is a whole series of state and federal laws for whistleblowers who comes forward to disclose such practices and risks with his career, reputation and security.
However, if the truth-seeker is not available in government agencies / corporations that are involved in projects that affect national security laws to protect whistleblowers have important limitations, as evidenced by the major federal statute whistleblowers concerning national security (5 USC 2302). The relevant section of the Statute (5 USC Sec. 2302 (8) (A)) for the prohibition of any action against the truth-seeker due to disclosure of their information, which, as the employee believes there is a «violation of any laws, regulations or statutes» or «abuse power «or is a» serious and specific danger to public welfare and safety. » The relevant section, however, notes the specific constraint: «if such disclosure is not prohibited by a special law, or if the disclosure of such information does not require a special executive order, as is kept secret in the interests of national security or for foreign policy.»
Thus, the truth-seekers are not allowed to disclose information if such disclosure could jeopardize national security. This means that if the truth-seeker is not available in government agencies / corporations working on closed projects affecting the interests of national security, it will not receive protection under the federal statute on whistleblowers if divulge secret (classified) information.
If an employee signs a contract that allows for severe penalties for disclosure of classified information, it effectively deprived of their constitutional rights, as can not legally go to court to protect yourself from even the most draconian measures. Accordingly, if workers indicate, for example, of gross human rights violations taking place in the course of work on a secret project, they would have no legal protection if they decide to announce it publicly. That man, who apparently risked disclosing horrendous human rights violations while working on projects vysokosekretnymi — is Thomas Castello (Thomas Castello).
IV Thomas Castello and documents Dulce
(Thomas Castello & the Dulce Papers).
In 1987, none other than the truth-seeker gave ufologists 30 photos, a video and a selection of documentaries, which, quite obviously, was the physical evidence of the existence of a joint US-EC base two miles below Mount Archuleta Mesa, near the town of Dulce, New Mexico. This collection has received the names of documents Dulce (The Dulce Papers) and provided graphic evidence of the secret operations inside the underground facility, providing strong support to the conclusions of Bennewitz related activity in the underground base.
Dulce papers describe genetic experiments, creating human-prishelcheskih hybrids, the use of mind control through supercomputers, storage of frozen human bodies as the power source for the representatives of extraterrestrial races. The documents provided evidence of using people as experimental animals representatives of extraterrestrial races, working directly with the various U.S. government agencies for military contracts from the «black budget» at a joint base. If the documents are correct and described experiments and projects actually carried out, the violation of human rights have reached such a scale that it is superior to even the darkest pages of a recent human history.
The person responsible for the collection and publication of Papers Dulce, Thomas Castello, said that he had worked on the base as a security officer before leaving the base after a military confrontation that occurred in 1979 between elite U.S. military personnel, guards base and alien races living on the base. Military confrontation, which he described, was called «the Dulce Wars», and a significant number of other whistleblowers and ufologists subsequently provided a description of similar incidents in or near Dulce, which confirmed most of the applications Castello.
Since he left the base at Dulce in 1979 and released documents Dulce in 1986, Castello gave a number of interviews and had correspondence with UFO before gradually disappeared from the scene. Recordings of these interviews and correspondence shed additional light on the events at the proposed base at Dulce and covert «war» that has occurred here.
Thomas Castello said that he served in the U.S. Air Force and specialized in war photography and video surveillance systems. He further stated that he had served on vysokosekretnoy underground base near the town of Dulce in northern New Mexico. His biographical information can be summarized as follows:
In 1961, Castello was a young sergeant, who served on the Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada. He was a military photographer with a tolerance of high security. Later he was transferred to West Virginia, where gained experience in advanced intelligence photography. He worked in secret underground facilities, and because of the nature of his new appointment, the code of admission was raised to TS-IV. It remained in service in the U.S. Air Force as a photographer until 1971, when he was given the job in RAND Corporation as security appliances, and he was sent to California, where he is based RAND, and the code of admission was raised to ULTRA-3. In 1977, Thomas moved to Santa Fe (New Mexico), where his salary has increased significantly, and the code tolerance was increased, this time to ULTRA-7. Now he is working as a security specialist at the Dulce underground base, its function was to maintain, set and calibrate a surveillance camera in an underground complex and to escort visitors to the destination.
That data surveillance systems, which owned Castello, gave him full information on what is going on at the base, about violations of human rights here, which gradually led him to leave the base and open to interested people classified material. Castello revelations contained in two sources: first, the interview / correspondence with a number of interested Castello ufologists. Most materials Castello since circulated on the Internet and, in the end, were collected in a book called «War of the Dulce» (Also called «Dulce Book» — the author), the author of which is a ufologist, sign pseudonym Branton (Branton).
Officially confirm biography Castello and its status can not be truth-seeker. This stems from a practice that is standard for people working under contract to corporations and / or military / intelligence agencies in secret projects, involving extraterrestrial races: the official withdrawal of all public records of indentured workers as a precaution for the case if they intentionally or unintentionally divulge publicly what is happening in these projects. For example, Dr. Michael Wolf (Michael Wolf) said that since 1979, he worked as a scientist and administrator for extraterrestrial races in coordinating political group for extraterrestrial race, called the group of Special Studies (Special Studies Group «PI-40″) the National Security Council. In a series of interviews with prominent ufologist Dr. Richard Boylan (Dr.Richard Boylan) Wolf said that according to the guidelines above, he participated in a controlled «leak» information to civilian UFO community, while providing «plausible deniability» for the government side. All public records relating to the high university degrees Wolf and his contacts with various military / intelligence arms of government were removed, making it very difficult and almost impossible to confirm his working life, and the awesome information he released. He said that such a withdrawal of public records is «standard practice» for all citizens who are engaged in corporate and / or military projects, involving extraterrestrial races.
The next source confirming the words of Wolf the existence of such a «standard practice» was Bob Lazar, a physicist who discovered that after he left in 1988, the secret base S-4 (Dreamland) in Nevada, where he was engaged in work on the replacement of motor engineering and power plant extraterrestrial aircraft, his birth certificate no longer existed in the hospital where he was born, at the same time lost all records of his education at school, college and employment contracts — officially he simply ceased to exist!
Today, you can see that there is indeed a standard practice for people working under contract to corporations and / or military / intelligence agencies, when, according to the contract, the relevant records may be removed as a precaution against the public disclosure of information concerning the extraterrestrial races what happened in the case of Bob Lazar, and for the needs of a controlled «leak» of information in the case of Dr. Volfa. This means that the confirmation of the facts biographies Castello as plausibility of his claims as a truth-seeker, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible. There are three possible options for the true identity of the person Castello and his information:
1) In the first case, it is the one for whom it claims, that is, truth-seeker, who worked on the base.
2) In the second case, he used the name and identity of «Thomas Castello» as a cover to reveal information on Dulce. In this case, it can be «insider» to disclose information about the abuses at the base, but who wish to remain anonymous whistleblowers.
3) In the third case, Castello — a false identity, created by some intelligence officers to disseminate information, going towards the UFO and the public from the real scene of secret military projects in the region.
A number of UFO researchers have been in contact with Castello before his gradual «disappearance» in 1980 and received the answers to many questions. According to Branton and William Hamilton (William Hamilton), both ufologist personally met with Castello and can confirm its existence and credibility of his information.
Although the list of contacts and interviewers Castello is not particularly wide, it proves its existence and questions the third possibility, that his identity has been constructed intelligence officer. Nevertheless, there is uncertainty has meant that most of the UFO did not take the allegations seriously Castello, which confirm previous findings Bennewitz, but now associated with the campaign of misinformation carried AFOSI. Later I will be cited other whistleblowers that prove most aspects of applications like Bennewitz and Castello, which points to the implausibility of the identity of a third possibility Castello. Consequently, there is every reason to subject the most serious consideration of the evidence Costello about what happened at the Dulce underground base, because it is his testimony represents the most complete information on the subject.
Docs Dulce and her other personal testimonies Castello claims the existence of an underground base, which consists of seven levels, which is jointly owned by the people and the different extraterrestrial races in Dulce, New Mexico. Costello says that the people who work at the base — are scientists, security personnel and employees of various corporations that cater to military contracts. Costello said that based on the work as representatives of four extraterrestrial races:
1) standard small gray with a star system Zeta Networks (Zeta Reticuli) (about 120 (cm) growth)
2) high gray with Rigel, Orion (Rigel, Orion) (about 2 (m) growth)
3) and the reptilian creatures as native to Earth, and from the Draco star system in the constellation of Orion (Draco star system in Orion) (180-230 (cm) growth). (As appears to other sources, there seems to exist in mean star Thuban (Alpha Draconis) — author)
Costello says that the earth Reptilians, which he describes as a «working caste», are controlled winged reptilian creatures that he calls Draco (extraterrestrial race from Orion). He says that the little gray (shown in movies such as «Close Encounters of the Third Kind») are subordinated to the Draco Reptilians. Costello said he was busy as a «security technology» and its main functional responsibility was to deal with any issues and conflicts that arise between the extraterrestrial races and human personnel base. He describes his job functions and hierarchy within extraterrestrial races when Brenton answers the question of how often he has had contact with a variety of alien beings:
Since I worked as a technician on the basis of security, I had contact with them every day. If there are any issues relating to security or video cameras, I was the one who called. Physical work in the lower levels at Dulce Base usually performed Reptilians of «working caste». Decisions regarding the caste generally accepted white Draco. If the human staff caused problems «working caste» Reptilians turned to the white Draconian ‘boss’, and he called me. At times it seemed that this unending problem. Some of the human staff members periodically hurt «working caste» shouting, «Go play!», Etc. In some cases, interference was vital. Huge challenge was working out of the human personnel that with foolishly walked next to the zone «outside access» (OFF LIMIT) «Sector aliens.» I think it is in human nature to be curious and want to know what will happen if get through the barrier. Very often, someone found a way to bypass the barrier and stick his nose into the forbidden zone. In front of the camera usually stopped them before they could incur serious trouble. However, in several cases, I had to submit a formal request for the return of human workers.
Costello said that various projects at Dulce included:
1. reverse engineer alien technology
2. development of methods of mind control
3. and genetic experiments involving cloning and the creation of human-prishelcheskih hybrids.
Similar projects were carried out in Montauk (Long Island) and Brookhaven laboratories, which is reflected in the several whistleblowers. These projects were scattered throughout the seven levels of the underground base, while extraterrestrial races occupied the most profound levels, from the fifth to the seventh. These levels are described as very ancient Castello natural caverns, which in the past used different ET races. In response to a question about the origin of caverns, he said: «Nature has initiated these caverns. Draco Reptilians used the caverns and tunnels for centuries. Later, according to the plans of RAND Corporation, they have been repeatedly extended. Originally caverns included ice caves and sulfur lakes that perfectly meet the needs of newcomers.
Referring to the division of powers in a joint basis between the U.S. Government and extraterrestrial races, Castello said, «reptilian working cast performs its daily duties, rubbing floors latex cleans cells, carries food hungry people and other creatures. It is their duty to make the right medicine for creatures such as one and type two, which created a race of Draconians. Working cast works equally well in the laboratory, and for computers. Generally speaking, the reptilian races are active at all levels of the Dulce Base. There are several different alien races who work in the eastern sector of the level of six … This sector is usually called «sector aliens.» Draconians — undisputed masters 5-6-7 levels. People — only the second in the hierarchy of power at these levels.
Costello said that he was a direct witness of the results of genetic experiments on interspecific crosses, which are located on the sixth level. (This level is also called the «Hall of Nightmares» (Nightmare Hall) — the author) The most terrible was his discovery of what people have been used as a variety of laboratory animals at low levels base, were there in a frozen state, were used as objects of impact in the programs for the control of reason and even genetic experiments on interspecific crosses. Costello wrote: «Level 7 — the worst, row after row of thousands of people are here and excerpts of human bodies in a frozen state. It is also the repository of humanoid embryos at various stages of that swim in special tanks. I have often seen people in the cells, usually in an altered state of consciousness, but sometimes they cried and cried for help. »
Costello says that the primary briefing, he was told that there are people on the basis of the various forms of insanity, and they are subject to a variety of high-risk medical procedures and experiments in mind control in order to cure their madness. Costello said that he and other workers from the base personnel every day we had to sign, where, inter alia, stated: «On the basis of high-risk medical experiments carried out in the treatment of insanity, please do not ever tell anyone about it, including co-workers, it can destroy years of work. »
Castello argues that he performed his duties without any problems as long as suspected that individuals believed to be insane, but rather are normal citizens who had been abducted and used as laboratory animals and Gray reptilian extraterrestrial races: «I reasonable person, if the doctors say not to talk to them, then who am I to break such a delicate situation? But one man still managed to attract my attention. He repeatedly stated that he is George S. (George S.), that he had been kidnapped, and he is convinced that someone is looking for him. I do not know why it sunk into my soul, I remembered his face and thought he did not look or speak like a madman, although colleagues convinced me otherwise. Once I convinced my friend, police, check this guy, but not a word on the base. It was a terrible feeling when the computer confirmed that George S. was gone. »
So come to understand that people are ordinary citizens who had been abducted, leading to the decision Castello join a small group of base personnel, who decided to help rid humiliated and downtrodden people, «Once the other security officer came to me and said that he and some laboratory workers want to hold an informal meeting in a tunnel (outside the protocol). Curiosity took over and I decided to join. On this night, it was about nine. They said they would put me and themselves at risk, but they want to show me some things that they think I should see. One by one they showed me a paper that shows that people contained on the base — is the missing people. There were newspaper clippings and even photographs that they secretly sneaked into the base. They also secretly hoped to make it back without me to arrest them. I could see the fear on their faces as they spoke. One man said that he would rather lose his life trying to save the people, than to lose the soul, not doing anything. After these words, the ice was broken. I told them about George and the fact that I dug about it. A few hours later we vowed to attempt to tell people the truth about the base at Dulce. »
Castello describes how a small group of people began a partnership with some of the Reptilians working caste, who were also interested in the liberation of the people from the lower levels. Then Costello describes as an elite contingent of forces «Delta» (Delta Force) tried to destroy the «resistance movement»: «In the end it ended military attack on us, which began at the entrance tunnels, and they killed all those people and the Reptilians, and all those who was on their list. We returned fire, but none of the «working caste» does not have a weapon, it was not his and laboratory workers. Only guards and a few geeks had weapons. It was a massacre. All shouted and ran to seek refuge. The halls and tunnels were filled to capacity. We are convinced that it was the power of «Delta» (because of uniforms and methods they use) who sought to kill everyone who was on their list. »
Castello ran from the base, he brought with him pictures and video, which gradually became known to the public as documents Dulce (The Dulce Papers). Because of the importance of statements given to them by Castello and evidence that support the conclusion Bennewitz, you need to analyze any of the following certificates whistleblowers that independently confirm the hypothesis of the existence of the underground base at Dulce.
V. Was signed a treaty between the U.S. government and the extraterrestrial races?
(Was a Treaty signed between US Government representatives and ET Races?))
The first statement, which requires the analysis — is convinced Bennewitz and Castello that joint US-EC base exists. This requires some kind of formal agreement or treaty between the U.S. government and the extraterrestrial races. There is important evidence of truth-seeker (in fact, independent evidence is much more than one — the author) that the contract was signed between the Eisenhower administration and the Gray with Zeta Networks (Grays from Zeta Reticulum) in 1954, according to Dr. Wolf, the Eisenhower administration entered into an agreement with so-called gray with the fourth planet star system Zeta web, but the treaty was never ratified, as the Constitution requires. Citing all the same treaty, signed the Eisenhower administration, Colonel Philip Corso (Col. Philip Corso), a senior official in the National Security Council under President Eisenhower, wrote: «We have been talking about a kind of surrender, as we could not fight them. They dictated the terms because they knew what we most fear — is the disclosure of secrets. »
Security Treaty signed in 1954 between the Eisenhower administration and extraterrestrial race, supported by evidence of other whistleblowers who have previously had access to classified documents, which reveal the existence of such an agreement. Phil Schneider (Phil Schneider), a former engineer and geologist who has worked in corporations engaged in construction of underground bases, wrote: «In 1954, during the Eisenhower administration the federal government decided to circumvent the Constitution of the United States and signed a contract with the aliens. It was named «1954 Grenada Treaty» (Greada Treaty? — Author) and let the aliens take a number of cattle and test their implanting techniques on a number of people, a list of which they were required to submit. Gradually, however, the aliens altered the conditions of the contract in their favor, and then decided to stop at all to comply with it. »
Debated the question of whether there was a transfer of technology from extraterrestrial races to the U.S. Government in exchange for certain rights granted to aliens. Colonel Philip Korso believes that the treaty was imposed on the Eisenhower administration, suggesting that technology transfer will be in exchange for a fee aliens diverse genetic material available in stock in the U.S..
Genetic diversity was what made the United States more attractive as part of the agreement, the more poor racially superpowers such as Russia and China. It is possible that the administration justified its behavior so that in any case, Gray would have kidnapped U.S. citizens, while the agreement would allow the monitoring of kidnapping and monitor what’s going on with the public, have become part of the genetic experiments conducted by Gray. Gray were required to submit lists of abducted citizens that they obviously did not do, and what would later become a source of friction between the Greys and the U.S. authorities.
Contract with Grey with Zeta Networks probably led to the creation of secret joint bases whose functions included:
— technology transfer;
— experiments on mind control;
— monitoring of genetic experiments Grey
— and conspiracy in the kidnapping of people for various projects in these joint bases.
The existence of both the Treaty and the joint bases with gray, apparently, received the highest level of security, and today we know only a very limited number of elected and appointed officials. Evidence of truth-seekers, supporting the existence of a secret agreement on the exchange of technologies between the Eisenhower administration and the extraterrestrial race that suggest the possible creation of underground bases where it could be done without a public, kongressionalnogo or foreign control and supervision. Assuming the existence of a «legal» basis for the existence of a joint US-EC underground base, I will proceed to the analysis of evidence supporting the existence of such a database.
Based on the available evidence, we can conclude that there are three features to help explain what happened at Dulce:
— First, a top secret joint man-prishelcheskaya base does exist at Dulce, which are projects that include kidnapping, whose rights are seriously violated.
— Second, there is a base in Dulce, but reports of the terrible abuses of human extraterrestrial races were part of a disinformation campaign designed to discredit Paul Bennewitz and any legitimate investigation of any activity of extraterrestrial civilizations, and secret government projects conducted at Dulce.
— A third possibility is that all the stories about Dulce — is disinformation designed to deliberately undermine the serious study of UFOs and UFO split community.
Keeping all these three possibilities in mind, I will proceed to study the evidence whistleblowers regarding a possible military conflict on the basis of the Dulce, to determine which of these three options most closely corresponds to the truth.
VI war in Dulce (The Dulce War)
Evidence of truth-seekers, supporting the existence of a base at Dulce, suggest that the construction of this secret really done a number of projects focused on the exchange of technology, mind control, genetic experiments, and human rights violations of kidnapped citizens. It is very likely that one or more of these projects were the sphere of conflict between extraterrestrial races and secret government organizations. This conflict led to a military confrontation, which became known as the «War in Dulce.» The exact cause of this confrontation is unclear, as is evident from various evidence, it actually took place and resulted in a significant number of deaths, including U.S. personnel, security guards, security framework and representatives of extraterrestrial races.
According to Castello, the Dulce military conflict began as a result of the growth of the resistance movement, which includes both the security officers and sympathetic representatives of extraterrestrial races that are willing to help people imprisoned in prishelcheskih sectors base. In the end, elite military unit forces «Delta» of 100 people were sent to the base in order to eradicate the resistance movement, which became a threat to the established on the basis of the security system. As a result, victims of the conflict were the staff strength of «Delta», and base security officers and representatives of extraterrestrial races. Military confrontation at Dulce is reflected in the reports of other truth-seekers, including Phil Schneider, who was an engineer-geologist to create base at Dulce and other underground bases in the U.S., as well as underground bases around the world. In 1995, Schneider gave the following details of his biography and military confrontation took place: «To give you an idea of who I am, I’ll start with the fact that I finished engineering school. I have created a reputation as an engineer-geologist and as a structural engineer in the military and aerospace sectors. I took part in the construction of the two main bases in the United States, which have great importance in the creation of what is called the New World Order (The New World Order). First base — is the base in Dulce, New Mexico. In 1979, I was involved in an armed clash with the aliens, humanoids, and I was one of those who survived. Maybe I’m the only survivor, who now says on the subject. Two other survivors are under strict supervision. Am I the only one who knows all the details of the operation. 66 secret service agents, FBI, Black Berets and the like were killed in an armed encounter. I was there. »
Schneider describes the cause of a military confrontation in 1979 as a sort of «accident» that occurred as a result of planned work (drilling) to expand the base at Dulce, «I was involved in the expansion of the deep underground military base at Dulce, which is probably the deepest base. It goes down seven levels and has over 2.5 miles deep. At this time, we drilled four different wells in the desert, intending to tie them together, but for this it was necessary to conduct blasting. My job was that I went deep into the well, to investigate the characteristics of black rock, and recommended an explosive that is appropriate in each case. However, moving down, we found ourselves in a large cavern that was full of alien invaders, otherwise known as the Great Gray.
I killed two of them. At this time, there were 30 people among them. Another 40 came there when it all started, and all of them were killed. We were surprised by the existence of a whole underground base filled with newcomers. We later learned that they live on this planet for a long time … in my opinion, this may explain much of what is behind the theory of ancient astronauts. »
An important difference between the version of Schneider and Costello version is that Schneider does not consider as a joint base. He describes it as a seven-American construction, which «accidentally» ended up on top of the ancient base of extraterrestrial races. He was convinced that his job was to expand the existing database, not in the attack on the aliens with unclear goals. Improbability that the Dulce base was «accidentally» built atop an ancient alien bases, said that Schneider was only partially informed about the true nature of their mission and what happens at the lower levels. More plausible scenario was that Schneider assisted the U.S. military to achieve the most profound level of the base at Dulce, Level 7, which was closed and where lay the true reason for the conflict.
Sometime in 1993, Schneider stopped working for their various corporate clients, performing military contracts because of beliefs in the existence of a secret plan to establish high-Grey on the planet New World Order controlled by the UN, which they secretly controlled. He began a series of public lectures, which revealed activity in the underground bases, which he helped to design, and the role of ET races in the infiltration of national governments and the creation of the New World Order. Schneider gave his lecture on key MUFON conference in May 1995 and was found dead in his home seven months later, in January 1996.
The circumstances surrounding the death of Schneider (he was strangled medical catheter, which was kept in his room, because Schneider was not well — the author) and a report on his autopsy led many to declare that Schneider was murdered for having betrayed the public disclosure of his knowledge of alien presence and a secret underground base. Evidence Schneider, his strong knowledge of geology and his mysterious death — all support his central thesis that there is an underground base at Dulce and that military confrontation between ET races and elite military forces of the United States took place at the lowest level of the underground facilities.
Other truth-seekers, which supports true story that armed clashes broke out between U.S. forces and extraterrestrial races at a secret underground base was Dr. Michael Wolf. Wolf’s book «Catchers heaven» («Catchers of Heaven») describes the clash between the aliens and the elite units of the U.S. military, which occurred in 1975 at Groom Lake (Nevada) and may have to do with what happened later in Dulce, «Gray shared some of its technology with the «Dedication» by government scientists carefully protected underground facilities in Nevada and New Mexico. The aliens have given the U.S. government some of their antigravity vehicles (Antigravity Craft) and a huge amount of fuel (element 115). May 1, 1975, during a similar technology transfer in Nevada, where the action demonstrated a small extraterrestrial antimatter reactor, one of the main forces of Colonel Gray asked, «Delta», in charge of security, discharge all the available weapons and remove him from the room (so that it not accidentally shot during energy release). Military refused, and in the ensuing confusion opened fire on the Grey. One alien, two scientists and 41 military personnel were killed. One survivor said that aliens may have used Trends of mental energy to destroy attacking their forces «Delta». Dr. Wolf stated that «this incident ended the exchange with the Grays.»
There are important parallels between the «War in Dulce» described Castello and Schneider and «confrontation in Nevada» described by Wolff. And in fact, in both cases a significant number of U.S. troops have been killed after a confrontation with the aliens. These parallels suggest that either Wolf described a different conflict, or the same conflict, but with some inaccuracies, designed to hide the true nature and location of the conflict. An important difference in the description is that Wolf aliens — a «prisoners slaves,» and not the owners of the base. Unlikely that alien «prisoners slaves» will take part in an important technology exchange, described by Wolff. Most likely, the image Wolf aliens as «prisoners of slaves» was intended to hide the true extent of cooperation between the U.S. military and extraterrestrial races on the basis of a joint that fits well with the statements concerning Bennewitz Dulce.
This also casts doubt as to whether the conflict occurred in Nevada in 1975, as described by Wolf, or it refers to the military conflict in 1979 in Dulce, New Mexico. If the latter, then Wolf was instructed by his supervisors «controlled leak» to include certain inaccuracies (disinformation) in his book. Such a strategy of misinformation should strengthen the position of «plausible deniability» if ever the government will confirm details Wolf. In an interview with Wolf admitted that he worked in a laboratory in Dulce, which again confirms the existence of a secret underground base and allegations Bennewitz.
Another truth-seeker, who presented evidence of a joint US-EC base and «military conflict in Dulce» — is Bob Lazar. Lazar was involved for several months in 1988 on the basis of S-4 in Nevada in the works on rehabilitation engineering propulsion and power systems extraterrestrial ships. In an interview, he described the details of his biography: «I have two degrees, one in physics and the other in electronics. I wrote them a thesis on MHD, which is magnetohydrodynamics. I worked for several years in Los Alamos, first as a technician, then as a physicist in the Section of polarized protons, having to deal here with the accelerator. I was hired at S-4 as a staff physicist to work on gravitational propulsion system and all that is associated with it. »
Lazar revealed that during the pre-briefing, he was required to read 200 pages of specialized documents, which were ready to go. He remembered that the documents mentioned battle between aliens and humans on the secret base in 1979, he said that the cause of conflict was a guard base, trying to smuggle weapons into the Gaza aliens. Memories Lazar contents of classified documents, which he read in 1988, it is likely to belong to an armed clash in Dulce in 1979
Summarizing, we can say that the most serious allegations confirm Bennewitz come from:
— Thomas Castello evidence of his work and escape from the underground base at Dulce after observing there human rights violations;
— evidence of Phil Schneider, who was directly involved in the armed clash at Dulce;
— memories of Bob Lazar text of secret documents that mention an armed clash in 1979 at a secret base between security personnel base and aliens;
— and reports of abducted people who have undergone hypnotic regression, and whose certificates are in the book «War of the Dulce.»
In addition, the campaign of disinformation launched against Bennewitz, and the mysterious death of Schneider, which occurred shortly after the public announcement of the existence of a secret underground base, are themselves proof that whistleblowers evidence of the existence of the Dulce underground base and unprecedented violations of human rights there , are without a sound basis. «

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