Znich — god of knowledge

Znich - god of knowledge

Znich — god of knowledge. VB Ivanov. "The Temple of God Znicha"

Znich, Know — God of Knowledge. It aired, instantly moving Stribogovoy force vivifying warmth of knowledge, awareness, responsive movement of which nature produces, as a high fever or even rastoplyaet burns. It is the fire of an internal character. Slavs saw him everywhere he brilliance of the human mind in all who work thereof, is a reflection of his zeal and cold ice, and glitter of jewels, and the thunder clouds, snowy peaks of the mountains, and the beauty of herbs and strength and vigor of animals, — all around him a gift, as a reflection of nature. He is the beginning of all things, of all prophetic. Znich (Knowledge) — the parent fire, the cause of the fire, most heat is a delicate matter, diffused throughout nature, in all the wearer. It is energy, it is also the color and flavor, and movement and vibration, encouraging new movement, it is also the sound, and breathing — a unit, consisting of a great number. It is the breath of the universe, her pulse, one in all the ends.

Znich associated with Lada. Znich — fire, heat, flame, the flame of love, life, the holy ardor of love! Only campfire love of all that is God, nature, people can be healthy and happy. The names of the gods, phenomena, objects native Russian language have direct value at which a powerful energy reservoir. The change in the concepts of object thinking concretized, the substitution of foreign words, words, a value leads to a loss of accessibility of words, names seem mysterious or even archaic. Keepers of meaning, significance of words and images are fairy tales, folk tales, folk games, songs, riddles, charms, prayers, children's nursery rhymes, sayings, figure carving, embroidery, painting, folk toys. The deep meaning of living in the traditions, rituals, following subjects, and sometimes what is called superstition. Fire and water in a holy nation — is Svarozhich. This reflects the adage "With fire and water do not joke." The fire can not swear, curse, spit, even if the fire. If lightning lit, say: "The problem, as you can not extinguish." You can only milk so serum.

These secrets to us was told the Magi. Our task, referring to the origins of our spirituality, walking deliberately to what is happening, to give children the opportunity to more deeply reflect their feelings, which have analogues in the monuments of folk art that express certain feelings, lived by real people. These feelings stood the test of centuries, have the highest human qualities, an algorithm which, when healthy, is eternal!

The temples Znicha burned the sacred fire, lit by Kupala. In midsummer sacred fire bore prophetic people (things) good serve, with knowledge kindles fire to what namyslilos, ascended into heaven tableau and in a moment of revelation could have people look into this living picture, to find yourself in it at this moment. TV, movies — only partial copy Znicha opportunities. Acolytes Znicha — it Magi. Veda knowledge wave going to appeal to them and hlyli, othlynivali in space at the birth of new ideas. This poets, storytellers, singers, heroic and historical epics. Magi — people in the highest degree natural, and their life was a teacher, who always went to Nature and all around as its openness learned from the Magi. These were the heads of the tribes — the princes. Priests were at the time of sacrificial service. Divination cruelly destroyed Olga, Vladimir Then, in the future ministers hrestianskogo teaching. But the idea of divination spread over the tree of life, and keep the spirit of Rosso through rites, all the creativity, as well as through sorcery, ie by those who know.

Guessing Slavs meant the moment of highest spiritual aspirations in the bustling center climactic state of nature, which was a reflection of the state in the power of thought. Wondered magicians, women, girls. Realizing the power of words, followed by an image, and a way for a powerful energy reservoir, acquired mindset of many generations, the Magi stacked plots, with words by introducing human slender harmonious state corresponding to Reveal Nature. In this state, a cleaner resonance with others. Through the centuries is the power of our spells, prayers, songs, carrying high, prophetic, Knower of the unseen truth of Heaven and Earth. Poetry of the Slavs called ba ingredient, ie bait, speak prophetic. That's why we have the highest respect for the blood to proverbs, stories, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, songs, which reflect the conventional wisdom that reflects the algorithm behavior in society. And this is eternal, modern!


Sage words, the witch, in the last century have a negative value when destroyed Vedic beliefs of the Slavs. The root word of the Vedas, ingredient — Veda means people endowed with the spirit of foresight, poetic gift and the gift to heal people!

Witch of the word caroling, looking to the future in a holiday Christmas Carols, make plans (for a year, for an hour, that is a future life to look in terms of achievements, and in the present to see the future, look at things). Magus — the word old, known from ancient manuscripts. These names come from the concept of the highest wisdom, knowledge, power word, a cleansing ritual and action, poetic inspiration.

In ancient times, keeping understood how rare a wonderful gift from God. It lay in the innate ability to understand other seemingly mysterious language of the divine nature to call the phenomenon of life, manifested in the environment, pray and conjure his element, using the power of words, the purification of water and a fire blanket.

Acolytes Znicha, showing the inspiration they gave answers, including means to heal the sick, seeing a person's internal state. Healed soul, making the council the commission of an act that could open the heart and bring recovery. Here are the following Vedic prayers in conspiracies against diseases recited in movnitse the coals on the fire:

Batyushko you, O king, fire, all you kings of king

all you lights the fire, whether you're a gentle,

whether you milostliv;

as you zharok and ardent as you zhzhesh and palish

in a field of grass and ants, thickets and slums

from raw oak dungeon roots, 77 roots,

77 otorosley,

tacos, I pray thee, and koryusya a minute, father Tsar Fire

Burn and slept with a child of God (name) all affliction and illness,

prizory, fears and stir

Interiors rodimsy and articulate,

oduvny and sapwood, and brosuchi lovuchi

a zealous heart, blood warm with white light,

with black liver, joints and seventy seventy lived

and with the tripod and perstovoy and with white face and bright eyes

and dark eyebrows, with all the violent head;

with all the saints …

This fire is out in the man because of the reasons that gave rise to a man: and fear, and stir, and thickets, and slums — all the offspring of the unconscious being twisted into their own feelings. Acolytes Znicha clarified in the mind that it has led to the disease, and not persecute them, as visitors from outside, as if from nowhere to attack, ie implements a twisted effect on creation of man's healthy environment.

Veda people know the secrets of medicinal and poisonous plants, medicinal waters, ointments, tinctures. In a huge grasses hidden healing power, and power of the word witch doctors can send it to the track. These healers herbs they collect mainly on the night of Midsummer, when the Earth-rozhanits disclosed in its most creative forces. Go with the request and prayers.

Conspiracies and prayer, in which live images of natural forces — the main boom, which drives expression of the disease by the power reserve, make the body immune to weapons, tames anger, jealousy. Prayers and conspiracies spoken in a whisper. First, the pronunciation of the word is a resonant state of the body transferred to the person who created the plot and the items they create. But another word kept secret and whisper, that others do not have blurred his thinking integrity and harmony of the plot until it is completed and will not create a powerful energy field.

Healers whispering grasses, roots, made of them binding sites that no one could untie. Earlier and writing was Lumpy. But in these nodules and woven grass, roots and other drugs — that is, items that reflect the spirit world, connect with nature, the fact that drug. Nauzy called such items, components, navyazki. Later, when he came to Christ incense, appeared amulets and charms for native Russian, we give fate severely punished. So in Dyakovo Act XVII. written that found in the house and the clerks Batog Ivashka punished for what he had with him, "the spine is small, but a little bit of grass tied to a uzliki (neck) of the cross."

Healers could do nodes utterance link to the life of thought certain shades, lock up, close the road warrior of a stranger; wring worms attacked the field, take grief, get into other thoughts, to see the present and the future, listen to the speaker, to immediately find his secret. Magus of the favorite of the gods foretold the death of Oleg his horse, seeing seal on his brow, print betrayal. Not willing to forge their own future was a descendant of the Scandinavians, and tired of today, ready to give the horse — his support for the good word about the future, for what I had lost, miscalculated in lust to know and not to know, and create the future.

Almost all the plots, beliefs about healers, magicians associated with bright, strong views on the nature of the universe as the source of power in a man in his environment: this invocation to the Dawn, the stars, the sun, spring water, the thunder and lightning, tornado and rain, ROSAM and all the heavenly powers. Found during excavations ritual vessels depicting water, rain by which the magicians worked thunder and lightning, rain relegated to the land or to disperse the clouds, heavy rains drenched dried earth. Knowing the secret that gave rise to the collective field element of thinking people, the Magi did these people's prayers. In Poltava region still have the custom to gather all the world on the veil, if drought occurs. Bought the whole world white cover, consecrated prayer, humble anger suhotu and other bad thoughts of the people that caused the heat, the mood is brought humility and sincere request to the forces of nature. This cover is put to the depleted fields. The more conscious please people, the sooner and more powerful than a turning point and exhausted Earth receives a welcome water! Discharge of passion is so strong that thunderstorms roar mightily and long.

The word is a force that is compared with the key stone, it is stronger than steel, damask steel, Lepcha sulfur and glue. And lock and key — the source, lightning — the force unlocking word cloud — rocks, ie Locks of doom in the sea-Okiyane, ie in the Universe, is their rybitsa zlatoperaya and none this rybitsu not catch — no one will catch the Holy Spirit, the Duma Rod of God himself. There is a key to the mysteries of the human soul, is the key, unlock the mouth of the Perun, and then heard a mighty His Word. People the secrets of power tales, epics, songs that seemed beautiful poetic warehouses, metaphorical expressions, "Be my words are strong and modeling, harder than stone, Lepcha glue and sulfur solche salt, peeled sword-samoseka, stronger damask, that is conceived, it will be granted! "" lips and teeth — two locks "" My mouth — the castle, my language — the key : the key is closed, the key shall lock, lock in the sea come down, and the key to heaven Sight "" The key to my words in the heavenly height, and the castle in the depths of the sea — on fish, Keats, and no this Whale-fishing is not mine and do not unlock the lock and who will produce the fish and my lock open, so be Thou tree, the burning lightning ".

Tales, songs, charms — is key, source of strength, as the life-giving spring, leaning against the forces that can be learned of the universe. The challenge is to having drunk some water this live, to live, to create. Here is a one of the oldest plot of sea water — maiden Maryushka about twelve channels in the human body, the source of power, the keys of which the universe. Give them only the will to swim in the body, as Bela rybitsa in the ocean of life in the universe. Her semibashenny tower — is the principle of human relations with each other, in which lived Rosichi week time.

"I went to bed, the child of God (name), in the dark evening Zorya,

temnym-temno, I got up (name) in the red morning Zorya,

bright-light, fresh water wash, wipe their white dress.

I went out of the door in the door of the gate in the gate,

and went by the way, dry suhoputem, Okiyanu to-sea, on Holy Island, from okiya, she saw the sea and found that, on the east glyadyuchi

warm sunshine, in the open field, and she saw the open field

and found that: is semibashenny house, but in the house sits semibashennom maiden, Maryushka, and she sits

on a golden chair. Sits, talks ailments, kneeling holding

a silver saucer, and on a platter lezhatbulatnye knives.

I came up a child of God (name), in semibashenny house

smirehonko Smirnov, head

bowed heart subdued, and spoke:

To you I come, maiden, Maryushka with pokorischem about wee

God (name), take you, fair maiden, with silver saucer

damask knives in your right hand, you circumcise a child of God (name), white flesh, uschipi around him, and spoil: sorrow, ailments, lessons prizoroki, tighten the bloody wounds with pure and everlasting his shroud, protecting it from any man, from the women sorcerers, of girls prostovolosyya from peasant odnozhentsa from bigamist and from troezhentsa from chernovolosago, ryzhevolosago.

Take you, fair maiden, in the right arm and the Twelve springs

Close the twelve locks, and release these locks in the okiya-sea

Alatyr under a rock.

And in the water white rybitsa walks, and she used those keys

picked up and swallowed, a white fisherman rybitsy not poimyvat,

and keys from rybitsy not vynimyvat and castles

otpiryvat not. Duzhilsya would not have disease

child of God (name) to this day, at this hour. And as the evening

Morning Dawn will fade, so would my friend milago all

ailments fade, and that illness neduzhilsya to this hour,

for my strong language, at his age. "

Power zagovornogo words powerful and more so than please invested in treatment, natural, human. Word regains health, stop elements, crop yields, subdues the enemy, passion cools, protects, heals, heals wounds, stops the blood, straightens sprains, gives courage and strength, awakens compassion, extinguishes the flames, humble winds and storms at sea, stop hail , breaks the chain, turn the bullet or turn away to the side, tie the hands, feet of thieves, facilitate predatory animals to mimic the forces surrounding the person, the word can do what modern man, taught a set of words for specific concepts seem a fantasy or a miracle. And it's just a physical phenomenon. Over the centuries, when Rosichi let someone else in your blood, strength in the people who lived as a manifestation of celestial phenomena fragmented, materializing in a terrestrial phenomena. But there was the principle of the algorithm, the model behavior. On events happening near sage can judge what is happening in the nature of people in general, and speaking of the power of the elements, life is constant, it is possible to influence the private, what is talking charmer prophetic word, as the morning goes out to the sky, because injury subsides, stops as the blood of the king-quickening fire burns in all life, and the word to it burns the roots of diseases.

There are those plots which may temporarily use some natural forces to the detriment of others. But this is a temporary thing, although it has a beginning and an extension to the denseness of consciousness. But if the net force is reinforced by signs of lightning, the dawn, water, bad breaks, is lost, stop milking the cows heaven, that is, rains cause ailments with his eyes, touch, breath, word, and samoyu thoughts. The stronger, more hardened people, the faster, the evolutionary his thinking, which does not arrive in time for any nagovorschik because all slander based on the construction of narrow-minded passions and affections.

Bad, even careless word must come to pass, but the man does not catch the answer, because it comes to him through the days, months, years. At present force in nature increase manifold and the power of words, too. Thought thrown into Nature returns to the same color, but repeatedly reinforced, and the person gets to the conditions which were prepared by him. Teacher says that our environment — our services.

Prophetic word has such power, such a powerful, full of irresistible force action, the energy of which is not limited by time or space, that people just moved up to him, acquiring new knowledge on bioenergy noosphere land. Still lives in the power of the people pleading, praise, requesting God for the gifts of happiness and protection from any troubles under the sacred veil:

"This morning I prayed, water key shells

cvetlymi dawns zoster, otychusya

Some stars that pricked arrows

drained the sun, and put on the clouds "

Helped force Znicha, ie the power of knowledge, vision, heart, like a stream of inner fire of life in man and his environment. The children are very pure imaginative vision. When we show children tables, which show the energy channels, they would learn how to calm these jets vivifying fire, see this link to images of fairy tale characters, songs, and forces of the earth, the sky, understand the meaning of conspiracy, fast, flowing through imaginative vision of life-giving force memorize them. Children especially love to talk beautiful plots, moods together, because it is in their common state of human nature, and not the personal emotional anguish. Knowledge of images in full force to help discover the true spirit of the heart plot:

"I will go to the open field — under the red sun,

a bright month, under the stars,

flight under a cloud;

I'll be in an open field in the plain,

clothe the clouds, the heavens cover,

I put my head on the warm sunshine,

podpoyashus light dawns, obtychusya

Some stars that pricked arrows —

from any infirmity. "


With an understanding of the image is more clear and Znicha Rodomysla image. Rodomysl — are Svarog — one and indivisible as the birth of thought, life-fire, air, speed and space. Love and sense of life helped Slavs clearly sees and receive a specific real time any event. When turned to God in prayer, prayed at a certain state of nature, and it is the experience of the people, to spiritualize their presence in all. Nature to hear you, it must be clearly and knowingly provide it by the thread of social life that you ask to convert, ie man his conscious gaze reinforces what it is configured as requested Nature. It connects your hand to our way, if we are in a natural truth. Rodomysl — the power of thought, is born in man, as he prays, and believes that it will light up the idea, this idea of God and the power of it is directed outward to solve social problems. This is a collective thought, collective. Where people were gathering all the world, every man becomes himself Rod, parent thoughts, inspired by the Holy Spirit for a specific explicit manifestation. Rodomysl — protector of tradition, advice, wisdom and beautiful words. He prayed before the Chamber and other city, village gatherings, meetings of disgust enemy.

AA Ivanov

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