First Russian 152mm howitzer «Coalition-SV» on the 4-axle chassis of KAMAZ will be presented at REA-2013 (Russian Expo Arms) in Nizhny Tagil in September 2013. The Russian Defense Ministry program from the beginning the gradual substitution of their own arsenal tracked artillery on wheel types.
KAMAZ press secretary Oleg Afanasiev told «Izvestia», the new howitzer will be based on the 4-axle chassis of KAMAZ-6560, which is used for construction and military equipment. Undergone minor chassis configuration to accommodate the tower «Coalition», including also more massive motor and reinforced frame to withstand the recoil.
«This is the same chassis on which is mounted a complex defense» Armour-C, «explained Afanasyev. It meets the requirements of both the plant and the military. This is a serial platform because no problems with the project will not

According to Afanasiev, prototype platform for the «Coalition» was sent to «MZ» in Perm in the Urals, where they create a very artillery installation. Factory tests after gun mount assembly is expected to last until the end of 2015, before the formal adoption of a new instrument
Brand new howitzer, reportedly would be automatic, ie crew will be in the armored cab charge and create a shot can be remotely.
Sources in the Defense Ministry pronounced «Izvestia», the new howitzers doldny act first on the air assault weapons and mountain brigades, where mobility and the highest speed on the roads, and then — in the middle teams that for transportation instead tracked BMP infantry use wheeled APCs. Languid brigade planned to equip track technique that better armored.
As told «Izvestia» in the management of missile troops and artillery of the Ground Forces, «Coalition» on KAMAZ chassis complement ultralight howitzer previously ordered.

Independent military expert Vyacheslav Tseluyko explained that with all the temptation of «Coalition-SV-SH» she will find limited use.

«This approach is faster for howitzer medium brigades in APCs, where the highest fraction of a wheeled chassis and along with all these teams quite the highest rate of march. In such compounds tracked Howitzer MSTA-S or towed MSTA-B slow pace of movement on the march. But for such a light howitzer brigades inapplicable. It is because of their dimensions shall not enter into the Mi-26 (transport helicopter), and is a prerequisite for light vehicles. «

Tseluyko also explained that that the Army has tried to do with the gun howitzer wheel MSTA-K, but the experience ended in failure due to the instability of the wheels to the load side of the shot.

Gun «Coalition-SV» was developed in Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute «Petrel», deployed to its creation of «MZ» in Perm.
The first time layouts promising artillery systems family «coalition» of different chassis were revealed during the visit of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin to Perm in July 2012.
Then OAO «MZ» took the initiative on the basis of the creation of the federal center artillery technology, which is proposed to include a huge artillery systems manufacturers in the country — Ekaterinburg «Plant № 9» and Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute «Petrel».

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