10 ideas that will lead to poverty

"People love lottery, because deep down, believe that this is their only chance to get rich" — says psychologist and author of "How to think rich" Steve Siebold. People do not believe that they can be rich, and their ideas about money limit their financial capabilities. Siebold identified ten ideas that will inevitably lead to poverty.

1. What if tomorrow … I am dead. It is better to spend money without giving up anything right now than to save for the future.

"So you will not be able to save on anything — says Karen Lee, a financial planner. — The probability that a person will die in the prime of a sudden, quite small, so it's best to think about retirement. Not look for excuses his extravagance. Standing in the store, think better about the fact that without some things you may well do today, but in the future, you can not worry about money. "

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Where fly our money?

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2. I can always pay for it later.

This brilliant marketing idea makes you spending money that you have in the moment. "Ask yourself: if I do not have the required amount, from where it will appear next? — Advises Lee. — It is better to wait until you have in your pocket will not cash. Besides the pleasure of purchases made with some delay, it will be much more ".

3. This is a profitable investment.

That's what millions of Americans thought in the mid-2000s about the houses that did not fit into the framework of their financial means. What came out of it, no need to explain. Financial solutions that are backed by a certain amount, lead to disaster. You can promise to buy the perfect house — but not before really be able to buy it.

4. I can not control their spending, because I trust myself.

Excessive self-confidence may be the beginning of the financial collapse, warns Ted MakLiman, consultant at the Institute of Financial Education: "We agree to have a credit card, thinking that we will not use it all the time — only in extreme cases, and take loans left and right. People want to believe that bad financial decisions in the past, and that can not be repeated punctures. And they can — and repeated. "

5. To me nothing ever happens.

Certainly better to think positively, but the world — such a thing can happen with anything. "Thinking in this way, people forget about the safety net and it creates a false sense of security — said Lee. — They think: that I worked for this company 20 years, and I will not be fired because I valuable employee. Or, if I become disabled, I will still be able to continue to work at the same place. Maybe you do not face the worst scenario, but to work out a "plan B" just in case, do not interfere. sense of peace of knowing that you have stuffed at Potbelly rainy day — is priceless. "

6. I do not have to plan the budget, I already know where my money goes.

This — the most common misconception. Probably all noticed that, one has only to "break" a big bill, as by the end of the day in a purse is just a trifle, but nothing that you would not buy. Therefore it is better to find yourself tetradochku where you record your spending — the most money is spent on details that you do not even pay attention.

7. I can spend their retirement savings — always have time spent by the report back.

"Remember why you set aside money for retirement account — clearly not to buy a new car or a vacation in Europe — said the financier Chad Olivier. -" Retirement "money should stay in retirement account, with no options."

8. I deserve to spend on themselves a certain amount.

Nobody doubts that you worked hard and have the right to be rewarded — even from himself. "But the reward system delays: you begin to make yourself gifts after soak diet, out and about, back from vacation, and so on — warns Lee. — The problem is that it is a vicious circle from which it is very difficult to break."

"Ask yourself the direct question: why all these things are so important to you? — Advises Dennis Marvin, a financial planner. — Dig into yourself to find out the reasons why you can not lift your spirits, but to buying something is the latest , the most fashionable and the most technologically advanced. Try to find other ways to pamper yourself, take time off from work early, make a delicious dinner or meet up with an old friend. "

9. I can not save.

The truth is that it is you just can. To be honest with yourself, the ability to set aside money to appear. A statement that the save is by no means impossible — no more than an attempt to get away from having to choose between pleasant and unpleasant postponing spending money.

10. I have to get this.

By focusing on a particular thing, you lose sight of everything else around it. All your thoughts revolve around buying desperately need things — shoes, cars or homes. However, spontaneous purchases are fraught with a sense of the financial hangover the next day. So I was thinking and the results do not have to wait long.

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