2012 — Beginning of the World

2012 - Beginning of the WorldThis ray lit up the last new year beginning, shining like a phoenix in the revival of …
Peering into the glow ray of equinox
included in the long-range and short-range sight — a deepening on the horizon and a recess in the wall of temple,
Arias thanked their gods for the gifts bestowed upon the year
and inquired grant them grace to the upcoming Summer …
Many thousands of years, they met in the Rosh Hashanah magic moment sunset on the day of the autumnal equinox …
Thus began the summer (year) of our ancestors — the first day of the month Ramhat, named in honor of God the Creator, whose name — Ra-M-X.

Always, at all times, the people cried out to god-brothers from the planet Earth Urai
and always, at all times, teachers have responded to the call of the heavenly people.
When entered Midgard-Earth space of darkness, the gods left the Earthlings
because this is the requirement of the Law of the galaxy Swati.
By the end of the reign of darkness, the dark forces of oppression became unbearable
for humans, but returned in time gods patrons
in order to liberate the Slavic-Aryan from the yoke of evil and teach good life.

Three arias received divine revelations from their god.
The first law of life gave them the god Rod — Son of the Most High.
Law it was that Life is infinite, that the origin of life on Earth
descent of God on the planet, first through God Rod, followed by Svarog.
At that time, the world was divided into three parts: the law, reality and Nav.
Right — this is the space bright spirits Reality — a physical world, and Nav — a world of wicked spirits of the dead.

According to the Vedas, the souls of the dead ascend to the gates of the lunar ray Navi, where they are met by the god Veles.
Pure souls are reflected from the moon and the solar beam go further, to the Sun — abode of God.
Some souls remain for some time on the Moon, in order to pass clearance.
God has opened the world's second Velez Law of Life — Law of the ascent of man from darkness to light.
The third law of God told the people Kolyada.
Some 8,500 years ago, saving humanity from spiritual degeneration, he began to teach the people of Vedic knowledge
telling about the Great Cole Svarog, the Day and Night of Svarog.
At the same time, he established the first calendar eras — the gift of Christmas Carols.

Urs gods gave our ancestors the holy life of good science.
Enjoyed life arias and Slavs began their spring celebration of the rebirth of life.
And then raced on a white horse for a young rider Aryan settlements in white robes,
in a wreath of flowers in spring, and his name — Yarylo.
And people looked at him with joy, for he bore them light and heat, and the crop of the future,
and in the fall thanked him for the gifts tenderly beautiful …

At that time, our ancestors worshiped God and the River of Time — Chisloboga two-faced, who in the guise of the Sun, and the month.
Clerics Chisloboga mastered the art of living to create hours, landing in front of the statue of Perun many different colors,
open their corollas turn — from morning to night.
The beauty of these wonderful hours filled the hearts contemplate blissful delight
and equal them in beauty and variety of flavors anywhere in the world no longer existed.
Has long been considered the flower of Perun mystical fern flower and few know
that the earth is the iris flower Perun.
When the addition of a chronology Chislobog God Carols, reflecting her recurring cosmic cycles,
Carol Dar became known also Krugoletom Chisloboga.
This beautiful calendar captures the life of the Aryans during wise complied with the law of God.

On learning disability gods of light, in the open spaces of the steppe our ancestors created
Sanctuary — the observatory, where he observed the sun-Yarily day, and for the moon and other celestial luminaries night.
Observing the motion of the sun, the priests celebrated Slavic point of contact beams Yarily with the horizon,
which then allowed them to very accurately determine the equinoxes and solstices points.

According to the Vedas Slavic-Aryan world order of the universe operates Svarog — god of fire,
and the path of the Earth and the system Yarily-sun around the central sun of the galaxy Swati
called Svarog Circle, which lasts 25,920 years or 180 Circles of Life
each summer to 144 (years) enfolds.
Circle of Life in 144 determines the duration of the summer course of life of our ancestors.
Year ancient Slavic (Summer) had three seasons Ousen, winter and spring, each in 3 months, and in the month was 40 or 41 days.
The names of months Carols Dara reflected light love child stars to Midgard-earth.
Since the first month of summer — Ramhat, as already mentioned, called the month of the divine Principle, in honor of the god Ra-M-hee
and the initial month of winter — Beylet — a month of white lights and rest of the world, the first
month of spring — Daylet — month awakening of nature, autumn month Heylet called
month of receiving the gifts of nature, etc.
Week Aryans consisted of 9 days: Monday, Tuesday,
triteynik, Thursday, Friday, shestnitsa, sedmitsa, osmitsa weeks.
The last day of the week of the Aryans was a day of joy — "week" when "not doing anything"
but always provedyvali relatives or close friends to enjoy together.

A day of the Aryans was 16 hours and they started in the evening, between 18:00 and 19:00 — daylight saving time, alternating the evening, night, morning and afternoon.
Carols each hour lasts a half hour on the current time,
and had its name, defines its mission:
1st Hour — Paobed (start of the day);
2 — Vechir (the appearance of the star dew of Heaven);
3 — Nich (an odd time of the three moons);
4 — Polić (full path Moons)
5 — Zautra (star comfort dew);
6 — Zaur (Star light, the dawn);
7 — Zaurnitse (end starry lights);
8 — Nastya (dawn);
9 — Svaor (sunrise);
10 — Utros (sedation Dew);
11 — In the morning (way of collecting dew sedation);
12 — Obestina (Mass, a joint meeting);
13 — Lunch or obest (meal);
14 — Podanev (rest after a meal);
15 — Utdayni (end time of action);
16 — Poudani (complete day).

The third hour of the day, called Nich meant Time Spent three moons in the sky — the moon Lely,
Moon Fattah and present our moon — Month.

Carols hour Dara has not minutes, and parts of each — 144 parts, and each part — 1296 shares, each share — 72 moments
in every moment — 760 jiffies every Mige — 160 whitefish. The smallest particle — whitefish, which Rune — Lightning
ancestors used to calculate the time of teleportation — the ability to suddenly move, which they possessed.
Recall of the Ancient Sages Rishi from Hyperborea puteshestvovshih the worlds, hence the expression: whitefish, siganut.

The life cycle of our time in material breach of the modern calendar
long and hard to have implemented the forces of Darkness, but during the last millennium, they completely misinterpreted the time course of our lives.
Dark Lord managed to shorten the duration of a week to seven days,
cancel the eighth day and the ninth day of joy.
They failed this a temporary glitch in the rhythms of living arrangement Aryans — the children of God,
turning them into "slaves", shortening the rest time and life itself, saying at the same time, that everything they say, by the will of God!

Mankind has become immersed in the state of spirituality and aggression.
The number of months in the year and increased their names changed.
Ancient rulers gave their names to the new month, so self perpetuating.
So there were two months: July (after Julius Caesar) and August (in honor of the Emperor Augustus)
and September (Latin septem — seven), October (Latin octo — eight), November (Latin novem — nine) and December (Latin decem — ten)
moved to new locations that do not match their names. The order of chronology broken.
Start the day Satanists moved to midnight, aligning it with the beginning of a Sabbath,
and the number of hours in a day increased to 24 by changing the duration of an hour and thus losing
Concepts part lobe Mige, instantly, Shiga. Hour divided into 60 minutes, and a minute into 60 seconds.

Gift of Christmas carol has been banned in Russia by Peter the Great,
who decreed the abolition of the true calendar Slavs
introduced the European calendar, denoting the start of his date — January 1, 1700.
In the Christian world December 25 (old style), there is Christmas, and January 1 — Circumcision of the Lord.
On the eighth day of Christmas, according to the Jewish rite, God the Son — the baby Jesus was circumcised.
A word of God in German sounds like a year (God).
So again intervened, the demons made people righteous congratulate
each other with a "cut-off" of God and to live by the law of the time of darkness.
Circumcision — demonic ritual cutting off one of the sixteen Adhar,
deprive men to attain spiritual perfection and resurrect.
Adhara (from the root "dhr" — support) in yoga means — a support, a vital part.
Because the Great Messenger of the Son of God — Jesus Christ came into the world of the Jews, to prove to the universe,
that the man who took the scientific world, the Son of God become effective and able to rise even after circumcision.

Many elements of the hidden ancient Slavic yet reached our days.
So, with the events of antiquity, called vaults still — Annals,
call girls and brides navydani, as in the old days.
But in ancient times, the girl got married after 16 years, before she vestvovala, learn the news, only after becoming a bride.
Seven forty (months) pregnant with his child's mother and forty times forty breast-fed him breast milk.
In nine years, began stage of spiritual education of children Slavs began their great introduction to the ancient divine wisdom,
at age 12, after 108 months from birth, perform sacred rites of naming,
and another 108 months — 24 years, they are initiated into the true meaning of being a kind.
At 33, it was time for spiritual development.
And in 41 years, began a time of spiritual insight.
So the gods of magic worked on development of spirituality Slavic Aryan,
in order to carry out their souls through many lifetimes to the most crucial moment,
on the threshold of which we were with you and …

According to the Old Slavonic Carols Daru in 2012 there is a change of epochs
and there will be "end of the world for the dark and the end of darkness to light"
The solar system will move from the dark sleeves Milky Way in the light of his sleeve,
flying out of the temple (constellation) Foxes, ruled by an evil Mara,
Wolf in the hall under the protection of the god Veles.
The current Circle of Life, which began in September 1868, over 144 years later, in September 2012.
So Carols gift — the oldest system of chronology reveals the veil of secrecy determination date for the beginning of the New Era.
In Centuries of Nostradamus about the saving role of the spiritual teachings of the Slavs said:
"The Slavs quickly approached the covenant, which is feared something and do not have,
There is no danger of a new disaster, a lot of the Living only in taking water.
Cases heard by, and the covenant was revived, the Messenger of God opened the planet … "

About the great event — the arrival of God's light as reported by the ancient Vedas
"How in the city of the Gods in Asgard Erie,
at the confluence of the sacred rivers Iria and Omi
near the Great temples of Ingle,
at the Sacred Stone Alatyr
came down from heaven Wightman divine chariot …
Great shine and fire around her,
when it fell to Earth …
And he opened the Wightman out of it in the flesh
Bright God of heaven …
Rivers God vechnoprekrasny:
"I came from Urai-Earth
Svarga of Heaven flowing Iriy light,
Vyriya gardens, near Asgard heaven
I Perun the Thunderer, son of Svarog.
Listen to the people and the soldiers human species to my words,
Hear my voice lesson … "

Turning their hearts Slavs, as before, to the ancient Vedas
and awaken in them the desire for spiritual life,
and the head of all the deeds of the people's conscience is light …

© Copyright: Irina Jurassic

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