5 unusual Christmas traditions

Christmas celebration in one country is not without traditions. Often these traditions alike. But there are unique and striking. For example:

1. In Venezuela, for nine days before Christmas, people go to morning mass. This tradition would seem quite normal, unless you consider how the residents of Caracas get the service that day — they roll through the busy city to Mass on roller skates! First residents awake fireworks, then they wear their roller skates and in a hurry to join the path at a morning service. The streets in this day usually overlap, so that people could freely on the rollers to get to church.

2. In many countries, there is a character who brings gifts to children — Santa Claus or Father Christmas. In Italy, at least brings gifts and good, but scary witch called La Befana. According to Christian legend, she was terribly sorry that he did not see the baby Jesus. The fact that the wise men, going to the place of birth of the Savior, Befane offered to go with them, but she refused because she was busy. Now La Befana comes a few days after Christmas, and leaves presents in every house, in the hope that the baby is still there.

3. While in Italy the children eagerly await a witch on a broomstick, Norwegian children hide all panicles. Legend has it that witches and evil spirits come on Christmas Eve, stealing brooms and fly them around the house, causing all sorts of trouble.

4. In Ukraine, a Christmas tree decorated with gold and silver cobwebs. There is a legend about a poor woman who has absolutely no holiday decorations. While she slept, spiders wove a web of pure gold and silver. Since spiders and Christmas tree decorated, and brought a woman of wealth.

5. In Spain, the Catalans also have a tradition that brings wealth. There is a figure Kaganer which the inhabitants put to the traditional nativity scene. Feature of this figure is that it is a man, who sat down with no pants on need and successfully coped with it. It is believed that the Christmas "liming" in the next year will bring success and wealth. This figure can be made in the form of a monk, a shepherd, a popular athlete or any other famous person.

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