A date with a mermaid

February 12, 2013 21:03

This incident occurred with my friend Alex. Then we were both fifteen. We lived in the village.

A date with a mermaid

Once our company has gone to bathe in the river. Alex was an excellent swimmer, the water kept the best, because we are very surprised that he suddenly disappeared. The call is not answered. Looking for him — in vain. Is drowned? Had to run for help to the village. Adults ran, climbed into the water. Honestly, no one did not expect to find our friend alive. It was not until half an hour after all the adults have learned Alexis from the water. Artificial respiration — live!

Later, Alex told me that happened to him. It appeared in the bath, he saw a girl nearby with golden hair. He was talking with a beautiful stranger, while noting with surprise that it comes from a strange chill. The girl suggested to dive together. He agreed. But no sooner was under water, Alex felt the girl grabbed him and began to sink. He fought until he lost consciousness. Woke already ashore. How Alex then neither asked local residents described one girl he saw in the village.

Albert Gilyazev, Kazan

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