A description of all cases of a UFO crash in the USSR

As usual the "flying" technique, UFOs have bad habit sometimes fall to the ground and break, thereby delivering a headache and sleepless night workers of some military intelligence. Much has been said about such accidents in the United States, South Africa and other countries. And if the UFO crash occurred on the territory of the former USSR?

"The Soviet Air Force and KGB have at their disposal five fragments crashed UFO" — wrote in his book in 1991, Marina Popovich, PhD, Air Force Colonel, an experienced test pilot and member of the All-Union Committee on anomalous aerial phenomena of the Academy of Sciences. — "They reviewed the material and came to the conclusion that he really could not be produced on Earth, with the use of the Earth's technology." Marina Popovich called the following places disasters: Tunguska (Krasnoyarsk Territory), Novosibirsk, Tallinn (Estonia), Ordzhonikidze (North Ossetia) and Dal'negorsk (Primorsky Krai).

The last accident occurred Jan. 29, 1986. Shortly after 8 pm, dozens of witnesses in Dal'negorsk observed spherical object flying parallel to the ground. An object has fallen at an angle of 60-70 degrees with limestone hill 611 meters high, located in the city. The object glowed a bright reddish color and had a speed of 15 m / s before it crashed. According to eyewitnesses, the unit several razdernulo up and down, before he finally crashed into a mountain, silently vzovralsya and burned for hours.

February 3 Dal'negorsk expedition arrived Far Eastern Branch of the Research Committee on anomalous aerial phenomena of the Academy of Sciences of the head with Dr. Valery Brier and began studying the crash site.

Scientists have found a lot of debris, including lead and iron balls, pieces of unusual alloy steel and glass, traces the impact of high temperatures, magnetic anomalies, damage to nearby trees. Copies of the iron balls have a very high degree of hardness. They can not be cut with steel tools, only a diamond. They have a very complex structure, comprising almost all elements of the periodic table, such as iron, manganese, nickel, molybdenum, silicon dioxide, cobalt, chromium. In the vacuum smelting, glass-like structure appear unusual. None metal carbides.

The most mysterious discovery was fine "grid", examples of which are made of an inert metal filaments, which is a very complex fusion. "Grid" is composed of amorphous carbon material with a single metal atom. The structure includes the main elements, carbon backbone, zinc, silver, gold, lanthanum, praseodymium, silicon, sodium, potassium, cobalt, nickel, yttrium, titanium alpha and many other elements.

Such a structure does not lend itself to any interpretation. The material is acid. At a temperature of 2800 degrees Celsius, some elements disappear, but instead they are new. When vacuum heating, gold, silver and nickel disappear, but there are molybdenum sulfide and beryllium. Last disappeared after five months. The material contains a large amount of organic matter. All this definitely proves manmade "grid".

"Grid" has the properties of the dielectric, the hot processing is a semiconductor, with vacuum heating — a guide. It took a long time, but the crash still has some effect on people. It acts on the blood causes a decrease in white blood cell count and an increase in — bacteria. There is increased blood pressure, pulse quickens, there is an inexplicable fear. The crash site also acts on the photos, illuminates the film, photo paper.

The collected samples of silicon exhibit magnetism. But magnetize silicon — the same thing that magnetize a brick. It is impossible!

UFO crash site has been exposed to extremely high temperatures, from 4,000 to 25,000 degrees Celsius, and the radiation of unknown nature. This radiation is still affecting the livelihoods of plants.

The chemical composition of steel alloys corresponds to the high content in the peat at the crash site of the so-called Tunguska elements such as praseodymium, lanthanum, yttrium, lead, zinc, iron … type of radiation — is identical.

November 28, 1987, almost 2 years after the UFO crash in the area of Dalnegorsk noted an unusually high UFO activity. In one day, there were 33 sites. They have different shapes: cylindrical, spherical and cigar. UFO marked over 12 localities in 5 administrative regions of Primorye. Objects moving completely silent.

Witnessed massive "invasion" UFO was a lot of people: workers, intellectuals, police officers, military. In total more than 100 people. The span of objects accompanied by powerful 2-minute interference and malfunction in television, on the telegraph lines and other equipment. In computers were also observed strong problem. Store the information in them, and the program deteriorated.

The cause of failure was the most powerful electromagnetic field generated in the presence of a UFO. Incandescent and telecommunications have not suffered from the effects of the field. 13 of 33 UFO flew directly over the Dalnegorsk, hovering over the crash site and illuminating its powerful spotlights. In January 1989, a UFO landed just 200 meters near the crash site. Actions objects indicate that they were searched crashed machine or performed some his "investigation" into the incident.

An earlier accident occurred March 6, 1983, when the service air defense spotted a low-flying object that maneuvers over the Caucasus mountains near the city of Ordzhonikidze (now Vladikavkaz). On the ground rocket was launched. She hit the object, but did not destroy it, but only hurt. Staggering, he continued flying, losing altitude until it disappeared from the radar screen.

Two months later, he was found two mushrooms in the area of the Table Mountains near Ordzhonikidze. The object was 7 meters in diameter and the same height as the upper part of the dome is made of crystal glass, lower — 4 steel telescopic landing gears and two ladders lowered. At the bottom there were 6 large, powerful jet engines, as well as 4 groups of 4 smaller jet nozzles arranged crosswise to the sides of the dome. On the side — a strange symbol: crescent vice versa with four beams that converge in the center.

It was an inexpensive camera mushroom, which they did a couple of shots. One of them hesitantly climbed the ladder and looked inside. Under the dome, he saw a large pilot's seat, two times more than usual, as if made for a 3-4-meter giginta.

Mushroom pickers are back in town and gave the film to a local photo shop. The news about the strange discovery quickly spread and reached the military. They arrived at the scene and cordoned off the area. After two days of gains military vehicles. The object was transported to a local military base, and then to an underground military complex near Mytishchi south-east of Moscow. According to ufologists, it is on this basis is the main center for the secret UFO research, which receives all information.

According to Valery Uvarov, a member of the Commission on UFOs, the study showed the presence of an unusual device in it two propulsion systems: anti-gravity engine for flight and jet engines for better maneuvering in mountainous terrain. Obviously, when the machine landed, the pilot had left him. Onboard mechanisms functioned well enough to make a landing, to include landing device and lower ladders.

According to Soviet scientists, the principle of the object based on the "neutrino-rays" is very dangerous for a person if he was exposed to radiation over an hour. Indeed, the mushroom hunter and his wife died in 1988 from cancer. According to Uvarov, many participants in the operation to capture and transport of the object died of the same disease.

In 1991, after the dissolution of the KGB, a large number of materials of this department has got abroad, particularly in the CIA. As reported in the prestigious Journal of the Canadian, U.S. intelligence has received a 250-page report related to the UFO incident at a military base in Siberia.

According to the materials of the KGB, silent, low-flying object in the form of plates appeared on a military facility during training exercises on it. For unknown reasons, someone suddenly launched a rocket, "Surface to Air", which was hit by a UFO. He fell not far from, and it seemed undersized five humanoids with "big heads and big black eyes." According to the testimony of the two surviving soldiers, freeing himself from the wreckage, the newcomers are closely huddled together and "have merged into a single entity that has acquired a spherical shape."

The object began to hum and hiss sharply, then turned bright white. Within a few seconds, greatly increased the scope and exploded, emitting a very bright light. 23 soldiers who saw the flash, turned into a … stone pillars. Only two survived. At the time they were in the shade and less exposed to unusual radiation.

The scientists who conducted the survey "petrified soldiers" were not able to determine the nature of this radiation. They noted the fact that the radiation almost instantly changed the structure of the body of people exposed to it and transformed it into an unusual substance with the same molecular structure as that of limestone.

The article by Alexander Bogatikova in "An interesting paper" (No. 11, (49) in 1997, the unit "incredible"), there is information about other UFO crashes in the USSR. Some of the data collected by the author, seem to me very doubtful, there are explicit errors, inaccuracies. For example, the disaster in Dalnegorsk somehow written "near Dnepropetrovsk." The author claims that the aliens with whom we are dealing with, there are planets with Zonneri and Tio (Throne) of Sirius. Although the information offered controversial for the sake of completeness I will quote a few excerpts from the article A.Bogatikova:

In the 70s zonneriysky machine crashed in Yakutia in the near Zhigansk Leng. In the suburbs have taken it as well as the body dwarfs from Yakutsk (or from Magadan?). In 1974, a UFO exploded near Donetsk, fragments were similar Vakshskoy find in the Komi ASSR (an alloy of cesium with lanthanum) … In 1978, the military seized eastern Kazakhstan UFO remotely similar to the plane-isstrebitel. It was badly damaged by fire, the upper transparent cover was ripped off.

In 1981, a UFO exploded on the Kola Peninsula, debris picked up by the military. In the summer of 1983 from the landfill in defense of Sarah-steps (Kazakhstan) of an experimental laser system 'Terra-3' allegedly shot down a UFO, which fell in the north of the Semipalatinsk region near the village of SOSNOVKA … UFO wreckage was moved to Omsk (NGOs "Flight") and biological material (dead dwarfs Zonneri) — a top-secret biolaboratory Defense missile base on the territory of the OTR-23 "Oka", 55 km north-east of the Semipalatinsk …

At the end of August — beginning of September 1987 zonneriysky old hardware raketoid captured near Vyborg and taken to Monchegorsk. October 15, 1987 SAM S-200 air defense "Angara" knocked zonneriysky UFO diameter of 5 meters in the area south west Litsa (Kola Peninsula, Murmansk region.). At night, November 2, 1987 zonneriysky UFO diameter of 27 m with red emitters on the perimeter exploded in the Caspian Sea near-Soviet Krasnovodsk. In the same year a UFO exploded in Dushanbe … In the summer of the same year from Tronsky (Tionskoy) "plates" fell off a piece (an alloy of cesium lanthanum), who found near Donetsk.

September 16, 1989 in Perm watched as six UFO chased and tried to knock down the seventh, "saucer", and she, fought, wrote out unbelievable pirouettes (in this case around the river port of Perm, shut off electricity). Allegedly, "plate" still was hit and fell into the forest, where she captured the military and taken (by the river) in Zhitkur.

May 28, 1990 as a result of operations by luring UFO military seized zonneriyskuyu "plate", which crashed near Omsk, 7 bodies found inside the dwarfs. In 1991 isstrebitel zonneriysky accidentally knocked the machine in a cool, inside there were 2 dead dwarf, and a third captured alive. The object was taken to Zhitkur (this slip Chief Hydrometeorological Center of Ukraine, Colonel Yu.Lunev in an interview with "The Mirror of the week" from 30.12.95 city).

In November 1991, as a result of air combat UFO shot down another one object that fell near the town of Ekibastuz. The next day there was flying UFOs and fumbled beam on the ground. Another "plate" is in the flow of the waters of the Bratsk hydroelectric power station.

In the same "An interesting paper" (No. 12 (50) 1997) published another interesting article related to the topic under consideration. In his article, "The hunt for UFOs in Ukraine" Boris Chekmasov claims that Ukraine is actively pursuing a secret scientific and research and development (R & D) aimed at mastering the technology of flying aliens. Excerpts from the article:

Demonstrating the wonders of ingenuity, it [the new military command of an independent Ukraine> completely altered the project. Network of radar stations that were used for the detection of UFOs, has replaced a geostationary satellite, disguised as an ordinary weather satellite — tracked down his equipment in the airspace of objects moving with an abnormal rate.

Isstrebiteli interceptor used for this purpose were equipped with instruments to survey the UFO, including which later played an important role "snake". "Snake" — a scanning laser. During the Vietnam War, it was used to blind, burn the retina at the Vietnamese anti-aircraft gunners, firing on the aircraft …

In summer 1993, Air Force Colonel Korobkov looking for isstrebitele UFO suddenly saw a glowing object hurtling towards. Boxes used a "snake." Obviously, "snake" blinded pilot UFOs, he lost control. Boxes tried to avoid the collision, but the speed was too high. In the land of fallen debris of the aircraft mingled and frisbee. This allowed later to easily mask the UFO crash at a military catastrophe isstrebitelya. The military brought in a helicopter wreckage portion located near Kherson. To this day, there is the main point of the study, "little green men".

Since that day, using the "snake" in conjunction with rockets, six managed to shoot down flying discs … Currently, military specialists captured samples collected its own analog of a flying saucer. Its launch is scheduled for 1998.

The possibility of holding of secret research and development in the technology of UFOs seem real enough. It is also possible that Ukraine is engaged in this project, in alliance with other countries with the same by the United States, for example. In this regard, it is interesting recent visit to Ukraine is very famous American politician and experienced diplomat Zbizhneva Brzhezhinskogo. In addition to its direct work, this certainly is very smart and distinguished man was repeatedly mentioned by American ufologists, as a member of the design team of the infamous "Madge" ("Majestic-12"), known as the supreme executive body coordinating all the secret work in the field of UFOs, carried out in the United States .

In this regard, the purpose of the visit Z.Brzhezhinskogo can not only discuss its future policy towards Russia and NATO, but also issues related to the coordination of U.S. and Ukrainian UFO research. According to the American ufologists, Z.Brzhezhinsky chairs the group "Madge" for external relations and relations with other states. This work of his, a Pole by birth, brought brilliant diplomatic skills, vast experience and extraordinary intelligence.

Concluding the article, I would like to note that on the one hand a list of said disasters may be incomplete, and on the other — because of the secrecy of the proposed information may be inaccurate. Some disasters can be hoaxes or gross fabrication.

The fate of the UFO topic disasters depends entirely on the future policy of the countries with which the topic is related. This is, first and foremost, the United States and Russia. Although the hope for a quick declassification of the topic, I think, is not necessary. Any government is interested in improving the scientific and technological potential and the defense of their country, and UFO technology is suitable for this purpose perfectly. These techniques tend to always run under the secret vultures. In that time we have to make sure intelligence is very good for a long time and know all the details, it is a UFO and from where they come. What's so surprising? Intelligence agencies always know more than others.

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