A new block of Krasnoyarsk CHP-3 shot deficit heat in the Soviet district of Krasnoyarsk

At the end of 2012, the installed thermal capacity of consumers CHP-3 increased by 6% to $ 563.9 Gcal, and heat output increased by 16.8% — up to 1.803 million Gcal.

Thanks to the commissioning of the first unit of the Krasnoyarsk CHP-3 in March 2012, only for 2012 to a heat supply from the Krasnoyarsk CHP-3 were connected to 32 residential blocks of flats, 3 new kindergartens, 1 hospital and 9 commercial real estate. The total heat load of new customers Krasnoyarsk CHP-3 was 38.1 Gcal / h

The new unit will remove the heat deficit in the number of residential units of the Soviet district of Krasnoyarsk, the inhabitants of which previously lacked heat during the heating season.

It is worth noting that the "Siberian Generating Company" conducts systematic work to reduce teplodefitsita and reliability of heat supply in all areas of Krasnoyarsk. So under the "Investment program for the development of heat supply facilities of the city of Krasnoyarsk for 2007-2012." To the various sources of heat in the capital region was connected to more than 120 new residential apartment buildings, industrial facilities, educational institutions and health care.

In 2013, the company will continue to work to improve the heating system in the regional center.

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