A new deep-water dock opened on the southern Kuriles

A new deep-water dock is open for South Kuril island of Kunashir, it will greatly improve the comfort of travel to the island.

"Construction of the pier has been pending for two years under the federal target program" Socio-economic development of the Kuril Islands in 2007-2015. " The cost of the project — more than 900 million rubles ", — told the agency.

According to him, earlier due to the shallow depth, the court could not approach the pier. People and goods are transferred to the pontoons, and then delivered to the South Kuril. The approach to the newly built ships berthing at first been worked on cargo ships. This Saturday the dock moored cargo ship "Igor Farkhutdinov." While that approach is a trial berthing passed through a small water, it was successful.

Length of quay wall constructed, which will be able to moor vessels with a draft of up to 2.5 meters — 380 meters. Of it goes into the ocean pier length of 125 meters, which can accommodate vessels with a draft of more than 5 meters. The new waterworks already performs the function to protect the inner waters of the bay from the strong waves.

"This is a special event for the Kuril Islands, and for professionals who are preparing for it for several months. Ability to handle ships at berth will greatly enhance the comfort of a trip to Kunashir. First of all it will appreciate kurilchane. Seriously reduced costs for handling loads, "- said the head of the agency for the development of the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin investment programs Sergei Ababkov.

According Ababkova, Kunashir under way for the construction of the second phase of port complex — building the marine station. It is planned that in the future, after everything, there will be parking small vessels: yachts and pleasure boats. This will open up new opportunities for tourism. With early funding from the federal budget construction passenger terminal building is scheduled for completion by the end of 2011.

The draft federal target program "Socio-economic development of the Kuril Islands in 2007-2015" provides for the allocation of 17.942 billion rubles. The program is implemented in two phases. The first — from 2007 to 2010, the second — from 2011 to 2015. It is expected that as a result of the SFP will be provided budgetary self-sufficiency in the region, increased physical indicators of the efficiency of the fishing industry in half, and financial performance — by 2.5 times.

In 2011, the Kuril Islands in the Federal Program will continue the construction of more than a dozen objects in the program for the development of the islands, for these purposes will spend more than 754 million rubles.

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