A new kindergarten for the children of military built in Kemerovo

In Kemerovo district of South held acceptance of the building of the kindergarten "A fabulous city". A new kindergarten for 220 places. It is assumed that children will visit the facility in February 2012.

 Photo source:magicoffice.ru

The building was erected as part of the national project "Education" and the program "Kindergarten — children." Sent the money to build the local treasury and the Russian Interior Ministry, total — 250 million rubles, said the regional administration.

In 2010, the region was built 3 kindergartens and rehabilitated another 20. In 2011, built for 11 pre-school places by 1900, and opened after the reconstruction and overhaul of 26 gardens on 2,600 sites.

Institution will be transferred to the municipal property. This creates 85 jobs. In addition to teachers, it's swimming instructor and physical education, choreographer, teacher of fine arts, speech therapist, psychologist, massage therapist, nurses, physiotherapy.

In the kindergarten form 12 groups. He will visit, among others, the children of employees of internal troops.

For the establishment of purchased furniture, toys, educational materials and teaching aids. In the waiting room set comfortable cabins with heating for clothes. To create a suitable atmosphere for health, agencies often need to buy an air cleaner. It also is equipped with a health and fitness center. For medical office purchased Ultrasonic Nebulizer, ionizer and humidifier bioptron that allow for preventive and corrective measures, treatments for sickly children. There is also a winter garden and a swimming pool. Cooking will use the steamer. Equipped warm electric underfloor Group first floor, self-contained water heaters for the smooth inflow of hot water.

One of the main activities of the institutions — civil and patriotic education. For this purpose it is planned to organize a museum with exhibits of the history of military glory of the military unit number 6607 of the special forces of Interior Ministry troops.

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