A new kindergarten opened in g.Hvalynske (Saratov region).

December 20 g.Hvalynsk opening ceremony of the modern kindergarten "Firefly" with 160 seats, built by investor — OAO "UES FGC". Kindergarten, which is called the most modern pre-school institution in the region, was built in accordance with the schedule of work completed as scheduled. The total investment was 200 million rubles.

This year, in the Saratov region managed to introduce nearly 4,000 additional places for pre-school children. By the end of this year, the order will be completely eliminated in 15 districts of the region, in 2013 — in five, including those in Khvalynsk.

At the end of 2011-2012, were launched in 11 investment projects for the construction and reconstruction of preschool educational institutions. Six of them have already been implemented.

The other five projects will be completed in 2013: the construction of four kindergartens in cities Balakovo (320 seats), Vol'sk (280 seats), Saratov (two kindergartens with 320 seats each) and the reconstruction of the 2nd Corps (260 seats) existing kindergarten in Balakovo.


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