A new kindergarten opened in Kirov

The long-awaited opening of the kindergarten was held in Prudy district of the city of Kirov.

Kindergarten has 12 groups. The establishment is equipped with a new kitchen, medical and sports equipment, furniture and toys. The kindergarten will work pool, a winter garden, music and gymnastic halls. Also landscaped neighborhood, street lighting installed, built porches on the playgrounds — new play equipment.

At the end of December this year, is expected to open another new kindergarten — this time in the district of "Sunny Beach".

Nikita White:
— And earlier carried out extensive work on the return of kindergartens, repair, reconstruction works. A lot of work is being done in the area, but so that in the regional capital, a new capital building a large nursery school, was not like this for 23 years. It is clear that the problem is very complicated, important, we thank God rising birth rate, grows more and more little kids, new neighborhoods, here are clean ponds, where we are — is an example of a large community that requires a lot of children's social infrastructure. Therefore, today's event is really the beginning of a long journey, to create a lot of places in kindergartens.



Svetlana Zhurova, a member of the Federation Council of the Kirov region, noted that in kindergarten accounted for all the things that are not taken into account in the construction of, for example 10 years ago. It is particularly noted that the majority of young families with fathers came. 

— It makes me very happy, however, usually come only mom, and now, look, Dad so much, it is good.

Kindergarten has 12 teams, institution stern standard bedrooms and dining rooms, a swimming pool, physiotherapy, reading room, a winter garden, music and sports halls. The rooms are equipped with the necessary equipment, furniture and toys. At the kindergarten lined veranda area with entertainment for children. Behind all this splendor noticed there was a question about how to determine if the staff complement of the new children's center. We can only hope that the city government could do something about the problem.

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